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    I f----d her.
    Chapter 1
    “”Ushhhhhhhh… Ashhhhh”…. Take it easy, you are hurting
    She sang into my ears.
    What I heard was:
    “Do it faster, I need it faster… Harder!!!”
    Me just stepped on the pedal and pumped away. I was
    hitting her deeply, paying with her inner cacus. The
    sensation I was receiving was really worth all the suffering
    I had gone through just to get her.
    “I will sue you for Molesting me o”
    She said breathlessly as I turned her round and began the
    canine style on her. Sue who? Me? She never jam. I would
    be the first to sue her. I know you guys might think I am
    crazy, but I am not. Oya, let me rewind it so you will know
    why I would want to sue her.
    I had met her in an internet cafe. I was already done
    browsing but the time still remained. Internet cafe these
    days no longer install that software that automatically
    shuts you down when your time is over. It was really that
    I lifted my head to look at the cafe attendant, just to
    determine his position. He was seated concentrating. Lol,
    my mind went back to when I was a cafe attendant. All
    my spare time were used in watching por’n online. I
    believed that was the exact thing he was doing.
    “How much is 30 minutes”
    I heard a lovely voice said. I looked up again to behold
    the loveliest face I had ever seen. She was not fat and
    was also not on the slim side. Just my exact kind of
    woman. I was perplexed. Now, I wanted to approach her
    but my liver had ran away from my body. It was just me, I
    and my world.
    She had settled down after purchasing an hour of
    browsing time. I was watching her. The first place she
    entered was facebook. I was excited. I peeped and saw
    her name, searched for her immediately and added her.
    She received me almost immediately. I sent her a
    “Hi, can I have your number please?”
    She replied.
    Bleep it. I was trying to put words together in my head
    “Oga, you time don finish o.”
    Chineke. No problem. I was happy I had established
    contact. What remains is to go through her ABOUT and
    and find out if her number is there.
    I got home and could not sleep. I could not even eat and I
    had sweat pouring all over me. Wait, no mind that
    statement there, I am only trying to sound poetic. I ate all
    I wanted, had a perfect dream and was so relaxed my
    sweat glands began protesting.
    All through, I was busy thinking about this girl. Her
    beautiful features. Her smile, don’t ask me how I got to
    know how her smile looks. Owk, I will tell you. When I
    requested for her number, she looked at me and smiled.
    Which green light green pass wetin she gimme abeg?
    I got to the office on Monday morning and quickly went to
    the history of our chats. Like say we even chat many self.
    I clicked on her name and whoosaa, her page flew open. I
    did the first thing. Scroll through her pictures. They were
    all stuning and I was busy clapping in my mind. I had
    landed jackpot.
    “Attai, why are you smiling like a fish na?”
    My colleague asked me. I looked at him. He was always
    this pastor type and me was always thinking and feeling
    that he is a virgin. Lol, a man being a virgin.
    “O boy, na one babe wey I hammer o. Her own don finish”
    I replied him.
    “See, Attai, you need to change. Following women is not
    good. You have a bright future ahead of you.”
    He advised.
    “See this man. Tell me say you no fuucckk pass me for
    your past life na”
    I asked him.
    He just shook his head and wanted to walk away. I
    stopped him with my speech.
    “If na Jesus now, him no go give up on me like you just
    do o. Your hell fire go so hot pass my own because I go
    lay allegations for your head on judgment day wella”
    I said. He shook his head the more, like he was planning
    to clear it.
    “Attai, may God forgive you”
    And in the catholic fashion, I replied..
    “And also you”.
    Now that is bad. I kept looking at the pictures, imagining
    her lying on the bed Unclad. Her would her K---y-Cat look
    like? Kai, I was already fuucckking her before I got my
    hands on her. My dicckk from all those thoughts had
    become as hard as iron and I ws sweating under the AC.
    See me o. Me wey no sweat before, na me wan begin
    sweat now, no lele sha.
    “Attai, madam dey call you”
    Me? Yesu, I don enter. How I wan carry go face that
    woman now. See as my pole wire just tanda dey salute
    my tight plain trouser. No ask me o, I dey like make my
    trousers dey hug me sometimes. Sha, the girls for my
    office don teach me lesson. Anytime them see me, na to
    dey look my preek.
    “Ma, you sent for me”
    I spoke in my oyibo-film induced English. Who would not
    want to impress an American-trained professional? Her
    English self and the way she dey carry talk am make me
    know say Ishilove and Princesa still dey kindergarten for
    Use of English.
    “Yes I did”
    Imagine say na Queen Elizabeth dey yan this one. You
    know how Englishmen dey speak their English na. That
    kind Harry Potter them. Well, Naija women wey school for
    America dey speak Britannica, me wey school for Kano
    and don watch all the American gangster movies must
    speak like them na.

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    mystique austine
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    scroll Down for episode 2

    Episode 3

    Episode 4-5 lb

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    F--k em all

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    korect guy

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    senator daniel
    senator daniel
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    carry go

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    Mikael Greathill
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    I don c dun gidigba de wait for de next chapter “onyisi”

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    Chapter 2
    She come dey look me for face, na small small her eyes
    wan go where my dicckk just pam for inside where the
    dicckk dey frustrate dey stretch imself. I just carry style do
    like say I wan fold my hands for front make she talk wetin
    she wan talk make I go continue my work. Na so I adjust
    my face like say I be the most serious person for this
    world. My mind walai, dey recite psalms and hymns make
    the preek go down but for where?
    “I want you to check my mailbox, there is an an
    attachment there. Print it for me.”
    Na so I nod head waka comot from her office o. I no wan
    hear say person poo come ask me make I smell am. I
    know my pidgin English is really difficult to comprehend
    but how will I put it for you guys to understand my
    feelings better.
    I went back to my table, opened yahoomail and logged in
    Madam’s account. It was filled with more than a million
    emails. Most of which were sent by scammers. I wonder
    why them crazy scammers would want to scam someone
    who is a lady and still use,
    “I am Miss Trisha P. I lost my father in the war in senegal
    and he left 200 Billion Dollars for me”
    Seriously, it is foolish to scam someone with such a huge
    amount of money. I can’t fall for such scamming. Instead
    I will fall for far lesser amount.
    If you use facebook well, you will understand this sound. I
    always have my earpiece on my ears whenever I’m in front
    of the system. This is to alert me whenever there is a
    message. I jumped madam’s task and browsed facebook.
    “New Message from Perpetual”
    Was boldly displayed on the tab above. Hmmmm… Great.
    I quickly clicked in order to see the message.
    The message read. I was confused o. Is it that this babe
    has fallen for me? Hmm… I am not priding myself as
    handsome o, but I have one weapon. Being fair. You know,
    your colour can break barriers. Yeah, put 6 people and let
    one be fair among them. You will notice the fair person
    first. Such was it o. I chose only dark guys as friends so
    babes will always see me. Kapish?
    I did not wait for her to reply, I quickly composed this and
    “I dreamed that power was given to me. I was meant to
    do something with it but with all the power something still
    I stopped there.
    “Are you a poet?”
    She asked me. Bingo!!! Yellow fineboy and also a poet,
    you see combination? I only hid the being a Writer aspect
    from her.
    “I won’t say yes but looking at your pictures inspire me. I
    could become the president of Nigeria by just meditating
    on your pictures”
    I replied.
    “Haaaaaaa… You are flattering me oo”
    She screamed-typed.
    “Me? No o. I am saying the truth as was just revealed to
    me by an angel just now. He said you left them in heaven
    and he has been sent to monitor you. Guess what?”
    I typed.
    “….Wat (with a squeezed faced emoticon)
    “He said I am the right person for you”
    I typed back. Next thing I saw on the screen was…
    “OK.. Bye!!!”
    Yeah… Una know the reaction. I was shocked and for
    once, regretted being a poet. If only I had known
    I just dey look blankly at my screen. What happened?
    What did I say wrong? Well, I shrugged and went back to
    checking Madam’s mailbox. I printed what she wanted
    and took it to her. She smiled, collected it and told me to
    be careful with women. Since she was the superior and na
    Madam-Staff relationship, I just muttered OK and walked
    back to my table.
    My day was as spoilt as rotten egg, the computer self
    was looking at me with a scowl on its face. Na small, I
    for break am but I no get anger problem like Sexkillz, so I
    just maintain. I was in that state when my phone started
    ringing. I looked at the screen and discovered it was a
    new number. I had never seen it before. Ok, let me break
    it down for you guys.
    NPA, Nigeria Players Association, back me up on this. I
    have multiple girls that gives me toto when ever I am
    conjigated. Now, calls come in all the time and I have to
    be on the safer side. How do I achieve this? I don’t save
    their numbers with names. All I do is look hard at the
    digits and the combination gets into my brain. Me I sabi
    cram o but I no too good for maths. Another thing, I call
    everybody baby. Even if I am speaking to my sister on the
    phone, the moment I pick it up, I say…
    “Baby, what’s up?”
    So the babes just get used to it.
    “Hello, Attai on the line”
    I do this most time to avoid saying hello and passing
    through interrogations o.
    “Hy, it’s me”
    Celine Dion na learner where this voice dey o. I opened
    my mouth but not a sound came out. I was trying to
    process the musical notes I had just heard into words.
    “Sorry please. Who?”
    I was fuuccking polite. Who knows, it could be Agbani
    Darego calling.
    Now I was more stunned than any stunned person. My
    brain went into hyper-drive, I needed ideas.
    I cleared my throat.
    “Your voice sounds different”
    I said into my mouth-piece.
    “Yeah, I had cough that day”
    Kai… Now I gats play my ball well.
    “If the voice I heard that day had cough, this is just
    recovering from cough, what happens when you recover
    She laughed silently. That blew my breath away.
    “You are funny and I like you.”
    Una know the rest na…. To BE CONTINUED

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