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    Tracy… Wise bae

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    dat gal na sharp gal, sharp shooter

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    Hmmmm d ting be lik, u dnt knw wat next @ben

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    Episode 30

    I paced the room furiously as soon as my
    father was gone; my brow saturated with
    sweat. I was as confused as hell on what to
    do; my dad buying the idea that Tracy was
    my girlfriend and the affability he showed to
    her never helped matter and it was very
    strange of my dad to be happy with wrong
    things about me. Instead of being mad at
    me, he was shockingly accommodating;
    acting like someone whose fifty year old
    son finally brought a girl home.
    ME: What the hell did you just do? Crawling
    into my father’s heart and making him
    believe that you are my girlfriend? Do you
    ever think for once what your faith will be
    when I deny you where it really matters?
    Where you will be left marooned unaided
    with your despondent life? *I screamed as I
    yanked the tiny material of her top*
    TRACY: Come on sweetheart, you know that
    I love you and will never do anything to hurt
    you. Everything that I ever do have being
    for your gains but your hatred for me made
    you blind about the real side of me. Come
    to think about it; which girl will ever bring
    herself so low to be with someone who only
    affront and hate her? How many girls will
    be willing to guard and trail a man who
    doesn’t care about their existence? How
    many girls will be willing to forfeit even
    their family for the sake of someone who do
    not care if she lives or dies? Answer me
    *She shouted angrily*
    ME: The only girls that can do that are
    prostitutes; all they care is money and
    nothing more, they are so egotistical that
    they don’t care sacrificing their family to
    achieve an end and I don’t want such a
    girl, I don’t want such a girl as a girlfriend
    or wife *I retorted*
    TRACY: Going by your designation; I am
    not a prostitute because I have never asked
    you for money. I am the one that has being
    spending here. All you do is request like I
    am now a money making machine. Do you
    in anyway know how it feels when your
    efforts are never appreciated? *She asked
    ME: I don’t give a d--n about your feelings
    because I never asked you for anything. I
    have being pleading with you to find a good
    life but all you do is chase for someone
    that doesn’t need you. I will keep on
    repeating it; you have no place in my life….i
    don’t love you anymore *I shouted*
    TRACY: That is where you are wrong; you
    know that the truth is the opposite of what
    you just said; I am the only one you love
    and all your efforts to change that will
    always remain fruitless. I am your love, I
    have always being and you have got to
    embrace that. Your father knows about us
    now and you know that he will always listen
    to me; you better embrace it and enjoy it to
    the fullest because you have nothing to
    loss; no expending *She replied and
    slumped to the sofa*
    ME: You are only bluffing; all you have
    done is inflate your ignominy. My father
    might pay more attention to you but there
    will be abrupt stop to that the day I
    announce my engagement with another girl.
    Do you think that my dad will force me into
    marriage? Better think wisely to avoid much
    disgrace *I replied and made my way into
    my room*
    The moment was upturned for me; it was
    an event I wished never happened. My
    dad’s extreme nature was the last I could
    have imagined to be manipulated by a kid
    of Tracy’s age and the point that the same
    girl was the one that extorted 1million from
    him was so embarrassing. She was playing
    her games smartly, manipulating every
    single person that came her way. Her
    simple and innocent nature made her
    seemed not to be a treat to flies despite
    being more dangerous than a tigress.
    I decided to speak with Timmy on how to
    get rid of the girl immediately before she
    spoils many things. Yeah, I really needed to
    speak with Timmy because I was not
    myself; I could not think of any way out at
    that moment, maybe because I was
    thinking of Evelyn or for the bitter truth that
    Tracy was strongly connected to me that I
    could not think against her which was
    where the presence of Timmy will be more
    useful; to snap me out of her oblivion.
    TRACY: You have being standing here for
    some minutes *She said as she walked into
    the room* Stop worrying about me; I am
    not a treat to anyone but for now, you
    really need a warm bath to keep you in
    check. *She added and began to unbutton
    my top*
    ME: Why are you doing this? *I asked
    TRACY: Because I love you *She replied
    without looking at my face*
    ME: I don’t mean why you are helping me
    to off my shirt but why you are haunting
    my life *I retorted*
    TRACY: I am not haunting you life Ben; I
    am only helping you to discover what you
    really want; so that you will not live the
    rest of your life regretting ever letting me
    go. My desperation aside, can you deny not
    enjoying every other thing that happens
    between us? Can you deny not enjoying
    seeing me by your side? Watching me every
    time? *She asked with her eyes piercing
    into mine*
    I couldn’t stare at her much longer; her
    words struck me hard, forcing me to look
    away. Aside her past, I enjoyed everything
    about her; the worst being that I could not
    be angry with her for long. All the hatreds I
    had for her was due to her past and fear of
    the real aim of her new behaviors; nothing
    comes for nothing they say. Does she really
    mean it when she said that everything she
    was doing was for the sake of love? I
    simply don’t have the answer due to her
    unpredictable nature.
    TRACY: I noticed that I meant everything for
    you but you don’t want to admit it and I
    am not forcing you because I believe you
    will understand everything sooner or later.
    But for now, let’s head to the bathroom; I
    will personally bath my baby *She smirked*

    To be continued

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    nawa ooo…. indecision z a great disease

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    I pity both of you

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    Big one at dat “indecision” @onahsunday631


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