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    Annabella was all party, she loves midnight outing as she always goes to the club.
    She’s the only daughter of her parents. She had only one sibling.

    Cynthia, her friend was throwing a mid night party at her place and had invited Annabella.
    Bella, for short was a graduate from unilag. She is 24 years old with a fair complexion and a oval shaped face, she was the most beautiful girl in her prime.

    That night she got prepared and headed out to the party at 10:00 am.
    She got there and saw some of her friends, and they got engaged with chats.
    A figure with horns sitted at a rocky throne.
    As a demon sought of man by name, Hades came forward and bowed down at him.
    Hades: Lord Lucifer, you sent for me.
    Lucifer: Yes Hades, you are the gate keeper of the underworld and my trusted advisor, I sent for you to seek an opinion over a matter that has been disturbing me.
    Hades: What is it my lord?.
    Lucifer: I seek a bride, someone that’ll reign by my side. A girl that can cause havoc on earth.
    Hades: My lord, yes! My lord, it deems fit for a king like you to have a bride.
    Have you seen any female here in hell or in the underworld?.
    Lucifer: No, I have made my choice. I want her.
    He said pointing to a small round object with black somes clouding around it, Annabella’s image came up.
    Hades: My lord, indeed she is pretty, but she is human.
    Lucifer: I know but she’s the one I want.
    Hades: But my lord. You cant have a mere human as a bride. It will tarnish your image to the lesser gods and demons.
    Lucifer: I don’t care. My mind has already been made up.
    Hades: But. . . .
    Lucifer: Enough!!
    He shouted as his eyes were now red.
    Lucifer: She will be my bride.
    Hades: Okay my lord. Should I bring her here?
    Lucifer: No, I shall go and seek my bride myself.
    He said with finallity in his voice as he stands up.
    Hades bowed down and exit the tartarius.
    (NB+ Tartarius is the chamber of Lucifer)
    Lucifer dissappeared from hell and appeared on earth.
    He then twisted like a whirlwind and changed to a handsome guy an headed towards the party.


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    Well seated

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    next please

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    damnn I can already imagine Hw it gonna go

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    Lucifer’s Bride. Story by T.J

    EPISODE 1.

    Lucifer came into the party, then he went to sit at a corner as girls now were staring at him.
    No doubt, they considered him cute.

    He ordered for Ice cold drinks which was brought to him later on, without no further adue, he opened his mouth and poured the drink into his mouth.
    He spotted Bella with her friends talking.
    He smiled and walked to their direction but was blocked by a guy who was about 4.7ft tall and dark but was still beautiful.
    She dragged him to the dance floor without allowing him say much.
    He watched her whined her waist but couldn’t react until the girl took his hand and put it on her waist.
    Lucifer kept staring at Bella, as he tried to move, the girl whose name was Favour Peter dragged him to a room where she placed him on a sit and sat on his laps, she was rocking her waist on his d-k, he tried to stand up but she held him down, she didn’t find it strange that he hadn’t spoken a word ever since he was with her.
    She kept twisting her waist then she stopped, looked at him then kissed him wetly, he didn’t reciprocate, then she forced his mouth opened with her tongue, then he gave freely as he starts kissing her back, then it was more than kissing, he was taking the air out of her mouth, the energy and her strenght, she felt it leaving her, she wanted to stop but couldn’t, it was like magnetic force was holding their lips together.
    She began looking old and wrinkled as she was now white as snow, there, her life was taking away from her, she didn’t have any strenght on her again as she fell to the ground dead.
    Lucifer smiled, stood up and arranged his cloth then came out of the room but then, there was no sign of Bella anymore, she had left the minute he came out.
    Lucifer, tried to see if he could see her but couldn’t, then he came out of the party and headed towards the path Bella had took.
    He followed her trail and got to her apartment where she stayed with her brother, Rolland.
    Then he dissappeared into hell.

    Bella had that feeling that someone was watching her from afar.
    She turned around but couldn’t see anyone.

    The party has ended, and Favour’s friend,Tobi were looking for her, she saw when She and the guy entered the room. Only the guy came out and she hasn’t.
    Tobi entered the place and saw the dead body of her friend and screamed. . . . .

    Invite your friends to read this story titled ‘Lucifer’s Bride’

    God Bless.

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    [email protected] I have already position for my front seat, so don’t keep me waiting.


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