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    And now Sean will be able to get his memory back

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    next pls

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    Chilled to the bones

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    hmmmm..truth is always the hard way

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    chapter 36
    He didn’t know how long he was out for, but when
    he wakes Zachary is helping him up and putting
    him on a chair, his vision was blurred but he could
    see Zachary smiling.
    ”Dude you fainted” Zachary teases him
    ”I didn’t faint!” Sean rubs the back of his head, he
    thanks the nurse who gives him a patch of ice to
    put to his head
    ”Yes you fainted, like a girl you fainted !!” Zachary
    ”Shut up fool!!”
    ”I swear it was like in the movies, they tell a girl
    some kind of news and she swoons… awwnn
    falling flat on the ground, you freaking fainted like
    a b---h, I knew you was a girl, a disgrace to the
    entire manhood, give me your dxxk… we need to
    send it to Jesus to change it for a Gina!” Zachary
    bursts out laughing
    ”Shut up Zachary, I hate you!!”
    ”I love you too” He says laughing helping Sean up
    ”So while you were taking a brief five minutes
    snap, I have been brought up to speed… first,
    doctor said you are okay, he checked you out, just
    a brief electrical shock and then he checked your
    head, you remember that fall, years ago did
    something to you, he said something about
    looking through your MRI scan, due to your fall,
    you had temporary amnesia you remember? A
    while back years ago? When you got back your
    memory a few others were blocked and he said
    since it was temporary amnesia you should
    remember everything but you didn’t..he said it was
    as if you were blocking some memory…
    Unconsciously without doing it on purpose..maybe
    out of shock, whatever it was, caused you to block
    out some selected memories under 24-72 hours
    lost, he said some medical mumble jumble and
    adds that it’s the reason why you are unable to
    remember certain incidence. Yes, I told him you
    had a fall right out graduation, after that crazy
    party you dig.. so I told him it was my fault and
    that I got you high and stoned on drugs and he
    says that’s the reason some memory was
    suppressed; Intoxication of intense alcohol plus
    drugs and then after the fall, see how it was hard
    for you to remember anything? Because it felt like
    it never happened… you was blank from the
    beginning..kind off”
    ”I have no idea what you are talking about” Sean
    rubs his temple
    ”Stupid!! You remember one time years ago you
    told me about some chick who showed up at your
    door step claiming she was pregnant with your
    kid? You called the name then but we didn’t know
    who that was because… well who the hell was she
    right? So you kept being bothered about it for a
    couple of days and that is it. Now I remember, I
    remember that the name you called is the same
    name, the same Megan Philips!! How come it
    didn’t click?”
    Sean is staring at him
    “I know you are confused so Let me refresh your
    memory. Megan explained it to me, that night, at
    that party, you were pretty knocked out, I know
    that because we were juiced up right? I gave you
    them pills..I always give you pills” he scratches
    his head
    “Anyways, I remember us going gaga all over the
    place, and then poof you ran away somewhere into
    the house and you remember telling me the next
    day you remember, that we couldn’t remember
    jack of what happened and then well, Megan said
    that she too was high and stoned that night and
    then you guys..were ..erm in the same room and
    ”Dude! dude stop, you are making my head hurt”
    Sean says
    Zachary smiles broadly ”Its official Sean, you are a
    baby daddy and I am an uncle. To the little
    monster!! What was the odds of that ever
    happening…!” he laughs slapping Sean’s head
    When he fainted, it wasn’t because of the news… it
    was because everything Megan’s father said
    brought back memories… it was a blur, it hurts his
    head… then he blanks.
    He shakes his head as he steps away from
    Zachary, to Megan who is staring at the window,
    away from her family..
    ”I am sorry Sean, but I couldn’t do anything,
    Megan made me promise not to” Tonia says ”And
    with good reason”
    Sean shakes his head, “‘I know Tonia, I don’t
    blame you.”‘
    Her parents are seated together holding hands,
    Megan is hugging herself, away from them all
    facing the window.
    She turns “Why didn’t you tell me?” Sean wanted
    to know, he was dying to know why she choose to
    keep it away from him. His Child, his daughter.
    ”I did, but you didn’t believe me, I tried to explain
    how it happened, but you didn’t want to give me a
    tiny moment of your day… you laughed at my face
    and you left me chasing after you on the streets, I
    thought you would come home and I went back to
    check a couple of times, but they said you
    relocated, they wouldn’t give me a number either…
    I did tell you”
    ”I don’t mean then, I was stupid and young then, I
    know… I meant when I came back?”
    She sniffs chuckling, ”What was I supposed to do
    running into you in her school? Hey Sean,
    remember me Megan, the girl at graduation party
    who got stoned and high and was stupid enough
    to have sex with a total stranger who was equally
    stoned and high and hey guess what..that four
    year old girl you are talking to is your daughter,
    hurrah!” she raises up her hands and then drops it,
    turning away
    ”Don’t please, I had a right to know Megan, she is
    my daughter”‘
    ”No, you lost that right the moment you didn’t
    ”You can’t hold a young boy over something he
    had no control over, like you said I was high and
    stoned, hell Meg I didn’t remember what happened
    that night, I didn’t remember it all at all… I had an
    accident that period, with my head.. I had
    temporary amnesia for a bit, but after a few days it
    was gone, returned later but graduation period was
    a blur… up until now, and every time I try to think
    hard about something , I know it hurts..but, that is
    no excuse Megan, that boy Sean was messed up,
    immature, careless. That boy Megan made
    mistakes but I know that if I knew for sure then,
    that I was going to be a father, I wouldn’t have

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    Hmmnn …… At last!

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    You guys should iron it out

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