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    Henry Sanctus
    Henry Sanctus
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    abeg come update oo

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    Please come and update

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    pls come and kontunu

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    ( EPISODE 49)
    WESLEY : kinsley, those words are too harsh on her na
    CHARITY : no leave him oo, let him support Rita, I told you that Rita called me a barren woman, and you are saying maybe she is right, what of the impotent she also called you
    WESLEY : please charity let us forget this issue
    CHARITY : no I will not forget it, fine I am barren, what of you, I also agree with her that you are impotent
    WESLEY : charity please forget this issue, dont cause confusion
    KINS : no leave her oo, let her talk, God knows I am not impotent, how which you are not barren, you would have show the world that I am not impotent
    CHARITY : is it the world that said you are impotent, Rita said it
    KINS : Rita said it
    CHARITY : Yes
    KINS : you must have provoked her to say that, Rita dont talk anyhow like you, only God knows what you told her to make her say it, and I can swear she dont mean it
    CHARITY : kinsley, what do you have with rita
    KINS : she is my brother wife to be
    CHARITY : no I dont think so, there is something going on, because you cannot be supporting her and putting all the blame on me
    KINS : really, do you think something is going on with between the two of us
    CHARITY : Yes
    KINS : you might be right ooo
    WESLEY : ehm, please I have to go now, because I dont think all is well with the two of you
    KINS : all is well bro, calma
    WESLEY : I still have to go
    KINS : no problem, call me when you get home
    WESLEY : ok bro
    KINS : greet Rita for me, tell her I love her pranks
    WESLEY : ok bro (Wesley stood up and collected the chain)
    KINS : wesley, where are you going with the chain
    WESLEY : the chain
    KINS : Yes
    WESLEY : I want to go and use it on Rita, because I think Rita is not well too (he started laughing )
    KINS : (Kingsley started laughing ) you funny oo, please drop the chain jor
    WESLEY : no, let me go and use it to chain Rita, so that she will know how it feels to call somebody a mad girl
    CHARITY : wesley thank you, go and use it on her, the chain cannot waste nah
    WESLEY : no problem, my wife
    KINS : wesley please drop the chain for me
    WESLEY : but you dont need it again nah
    KINS : do you know if I need it, I need it oo
    WESLEY : what for
    KINS : I want to use it to chain charity, can’t you see she is really mad
    WESLEY : hahahaha, kinsley please dont kill me with laugh oo, what did charity do to you
    CHARITY : ask your brother oo, because me I dont know
    WESLEY : I have to go
    CHARITY : ok, please dont forget to use the chain oo, I dont know why you want to marry a mad girl
    WESLEY : because I love mad people
    KINS : have you seen why I need the chain, see what she is saying
    WESLEY : that’s nothing bro, she is just kidding
    KINS : kidding, ok oo
    WESLEY : alright nah, take care of yourself, I will call you (Wesley walk away )
    ( I was in the sitting room, when I heared wesley voice, so i ran out to wellcome him)
    RITA : sugar, you are wellcome (has I embrace him, he held my hands and called the gate man)
    WESLEY : please help me use this chain to tie is hands
    OLU : ok sir
    RITA : what is wrong with this one, my friend will you leave here, who do you want to chain
    WESLEY : olu chain her
    RITA : (I started laughing ) baby leave me alone oo
    WESLEY : why will I leave you, olu are you afraid of her, I say chain hee
    RITA : hahahaha, baby is no longer funny oo
    WESLEY : it wasn’t funny
    RITA : hmmm (then he leave my hand, and went inside, I followed him) baby
    WESLEY : mother
    RITA : why were you trying to chain me
    WESLEY : because I think you are the one who is mad
    RITA : hahahaha, I am not mad oo
    WESLEY : what kind of prank is that, even when I was asking you, are you sure, you kept on saying yes
    RITA : prank, baby is not prank oo, charity is really mad
    WESLEY : you are still lying
    RITA : how, is she not mad
    WESLEY : she is not mad, and you know it
    RITA : baby I know you are lying, tell me which psychiatric hospital, did you and your brother took her to, I need to go and greet her ooo, hmmm, my only sister
    WESLEY : Rita will you be serious
    RITA : I am serious ooo
    WESLEY : you are not, why did you have to say such illness upon your sister
    RITA : baby, I thought charity is mad, to be serious
    WESLEY : why will you think of that
    RITA : someone with her right sense, will not utter the words she said, especially about her own blood sister
    WESLEY : what did she say
    RITA : that she will try her best to stop my marriage with you, that she will never allow me to marry you
    WESLEY : as what
    RITA : ok, that was the reason that made me think she is mad
    WESLEY : hmmm, that’s not enough reason na, but why don’t she want it
    RITA : she just hate me, that’s why
    WESLEY : I dont think she hate you, she is just being jealous
    RITA : jealous
    WESLEY : Yes, so tell me did you also call her a barren woman
    RITA : she called herself barren, then I supported her
    WESLEY : how
    RITA : she said I am not ashamed of myself, that I got pregnant outside wedlock, then I decided to use the pregnancy to tie you down
    WESLEY : really
    RITA : Yes, that was when I told her that, I just did it once and got pregnant, that is the sign of a real woman, but she has been making love since she got pregnant, nothing to show, then when my mother was trying to sort out the issue, she said i called her barren, I have to support it
    WESLEY : did you also tell her that his husband is impotent
    RITA : God forbid, I never said that ooo
    WESLEY : but she said you told her that kinsley is impotent
    RITA : what kind of accusation is this, baby believe me i did not say it oo, why will I call kinsley an impotent man
    WESLEY : is okey, kinsley has already denied for you
    RITA : really
    WESLEY : Yes
    RITA : I did not say it
    WESLEY : is okay
    RITA : do you also believe me
    WESLEY : why not, if my brother can believe you, why won’t I also believe you
    RITA : thank you
    WESLEY : world pranker
    RITA : hahahaha
    To be continued. …………

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    Joshua John
    Joshua John
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    Funny couples

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    next pls

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    Sisters wahala

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    Next Pls


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