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    Before I start I have a few questions for you supporters. .
    1. Where
    did the Niger Delta Struggle go to in the last 6 years?
    2. Why
    is there so much vandalization
    of oil facilities off late?
    3. Is it
    true you don’t want Tompolo
    4. Is the allegations
    leveled on Tompolo true’ If no, why has he not honoured
    the invitation and if yes, then
    the so called development
    money you are looking for
    was outrightly swallowed by
    him. .
    Thank you, permit me to roll in my mind on the issue
    on ground. . Before the
    emergence of Goodluck Ebele
    Jonathan as president, the
    likes of Ankio Briggs, Asari
    Dokubo, OpunaboNkot ‘Tariah, Ledum Metee, Edwin Clark etc
    were always on Television
    telling Nigerians and the
    world how the South-South
    has been marginalized by the
    North and the West despiteher oil. . By divine and
    metaphysical error, Goodluck
    Jonathan from the South-
    South, the presumed Nazareth
    of Nigeria became the
    president of Nigeria after President Umaru Yaradua’s
    death in 2009.His emergence
    came as a joyous daybreak to
    end our age- long
    marginalization . . There was a
    beacon light of hope for my region. Immediately, the
    Niger Delta struggle stumbled
    and died or gone Comatose. .
    The Niger Delta activists
    mentioned above became
    Jonathan’s spokespersons and abandoned the struggle. In
    2011, Nigerians, Hausa,Yoruba,
    Igbo, Christians and Muslims
    voted massively for Jonathan.
    Thereafter, administrative
    thieves were appointed Ministers and head of federal
    institutions,- Convicted
    criminals received presidential
    pardon.- Militants were given
    contracts running into billions
    of Naira.- Impunity and corruption became the norm. .
    All these and many more
    replaced the Niger Delta
    struggle for resource control.
    The need for constant
    electricity, portable water, good health facilities, good
    road network, massive
    manpower development etc
    went into oblivion. Even the
    recent Ogoni UNEP report that
    would have changed the live of an average Ogoni man was
    not implemented by their
    regional brother – president.
    Recall that NDDC was
    established by Olusegun
    Obasanjo a Yoruba man. Ministry of Niger and
    Amnesty Office was
    established by Late,President
    Umaru Musa Yaradua, a
    Northerner. Regrettably, this
    two federal agencies including NIMASA and NNPC became
    conduit pipes for Jonathan’s
    Wife, Nyesom Wike, Deziani
    Allison, Godswill Apkabio and
    many cronies of Jonathan to
    Molest and siphon funds meant for the development of
    the Niger Delta region. .
    Credibility died. Equity died.
    Competence died. Due process
    died. Conscience died. . And
    the Niger Delta struggle died in their son’s hand. . Former
    Governor Rotimi Amaechi,
    knowing that the South –
    South may not have the
    opportunity of Producing the
    President of Nigeria again cried out and they called him a
    betrayer. They fought him
    with federal might and
    pushed him out of PDP, a
    replicate of what Joseph’s
    brothers did when they sold him to the Ishmelites. . But
    today Amaechi is laughing
    because they pushed him to
    stardom. . Even the East/
    West road that was awarded
    by former President Obasanjo and inherited by Yaradua and
    later Jonathan is still not
    completed. . Bayelsa State
    today does not have an
    airport or a strong federal
    government institution that can generate employment
    opportunities for Bayelsa
    youths. Few months to the
    Presidential election, Ankio
    Briggs, Asari Dokubo, Edwin
    Clark, Nyesom Wike, Tompolo Government, Kingsley Kuku,
    etc awaken the Niger Delta
    struggle. . What a shame,
    What an irony’ . For five years
    nobody heard them because
    they were swimming and sleeping on money. When
    Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
    eventually contested and lost
    the 2015 Presidential election
    to Gen. Muhammadu Buhari of
    the APC,the House of Assembly of all South-South
    states became a compensation
    point for militants ( Former
    and Active).Everything was
    done with the police and INEC
    to ensure that cronies of Jonathan and his wife were
    declared winners of the
    governorship and House of
    Assembly elections in the
    South-South especially Rivers
    State and Bayelsa. . And if Jonathan had won the last
    election and ruled for another
    ten years, there won’t be any
    hope for the actualization of
    the Niger Delta Struggle. . Go
    to Oloibiri and other villages in Ijaw land and see the level of
    environmental degradation
    yet their son was president of
    Nigeria for six years. . People
    are living a stone-age life over
    there, no land to build a house, no pipe burn water, no
    hospital, no school and no
    road yet some people will seat
    in Abuja and Portharcourt
    collecting billions of Naira as
    Champions of the Niger Delta struggle. . I read some few
    days ago that the President
    has directed the release of the
    funds meant for the clean up
    of Ogoni Land. What their
    own son was reluctant to implement after spending a
    whole six years in office, but
    here is a man in less than 1
    year set up a committee to
    look into the delay and now
    they are ripe to implement. . Who is fooling who? Are they
    fighting for the cause of Niger
    Delta or their pockets? . When
    you bomb an oil installation,
    you put your own people at
    risk health wise. . Your waters in the village is
    contaminated . You reduce the
    federal allocation to the state .
    You reduce power supply
    capacity. . Buhari does not
    stay in your village, he does not need water to drink from
    your village, the power
    supply any where he is will
    not blink a second even if you
    decide to bomb your whole
    village. This is a compendium og foolishness. . The people
    who will suffer from the
    mental selfish exercise were
    not empowered the last 6
    years, those who benefited
    from the loots have squandered the loots on
    women, drinks and landed
    property if not why has
    Tompolo even after his bank
    account was frozen and some
    of his property sealed by the federal government, he still
    choose to be in hiding. . Niger
    Deltans Be Wise! . What Good
    luck could not give to them in
    the last 6 years, they now
    want Buhari to give them in 1 year, madness indeed

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    Etz Froshberry
    Etz Froshberry
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    Hmmmm, nice write-up.

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    Certified Bae
    Certified Bae
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    Wetin concise me….
    Na dem sabi

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    Certified Bae
    Certified Bae
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    True sha..

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    waoo…. what a great piece…. but d niger delta youth are ignorant of dis or dey are paying deaf ear to it….. but according to d avengers press release yesterday, dey are now trying to open up 4 negotiation…. i believe in a month’s time everything ll be settled

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