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    keep my cake for me

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    H’BD buddy!

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    yea we legends are born on may

    happy birthday bro wishing you long life and prosperity

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    hapi birthday bro

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    HBD bro.

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    Episode 9.
    When we slept off,
    Maryann cuddled me so tight as we were sleeping.
    In the morning,
    I called the guy again to know if he’ll pick my call but he didnt.
    I prepared to church, omo na dat day wey
    I know say I be man of God.
    I prayed all the whole prayers in my mouth with the guy’s name.
    After Sunday mass,
    I drove home but Maryann hasn’t come back home yet.
    An hour later,
    Shola called me and to invite me to her sister’s birthday party.
    I told her that I’ll come if I’ve chance.
    Around 12noon ,
    Maryann came back from church.
    I helped her to prepare our sunday food.
    I drove to Pascal house and we used his phone to dialled the guys number but he still didn’t pick up.
    I couldnt even attend the birthday party shola invited me.
    Through out that day,
    the guy didnt pick my call,
    I was restless and doesnt know what to do.
    In the morning,
    after I’ve finished preparing to work,
    I decided to give him a call again to know if he’ll pick up.
    I called him the first time and he didn’t pick up.
    I redialled the number and he picked up immediately.
    Me: Hello bro…..
    how are you doing?
    Sukka: **Thats his name** I’m doing ok.
    Me: I’m igwe from MMM, I hope am talking with Sukka?
    sukka: yes. I’m so sorry for what happened.
    I haven’t been with my phone for the past three days now.
    we were in the camp so it was my brother who has been with my phone all this while.
    He was the one, who uploaded that teller so that I wouldn’t be block from the forum.
    Me: But he
    should’ve pick my call and tell me what happened.
    sukka: So sorry.
    I’ll transfer the money to you when I get to office.
    Me: There is no problem bro.
    Sukka: Thank you for your patience.
    Jah bless!
    **He aborted the call..
    I breadth down in happiness. I drove to work with Maryann.
    when I got to office,
    I called Pascal and told him that the guy has finally picked my call and we discussed.
    I started with work.
    At about 10am, I got alert of 100k from sukka.
    My happiness increased with a maximum speed.
    Sukka called and told me to confirm the teller.
    I logged in and saw that it has been automatically confirmed by system.
    I started thanking God because if Sukka didn’t pay the money eeh!
    aru aka-eme.
    I continue with what am doing.
    After work,
    I drove home with Marryann.
    The next day,
    pascal called me and told me to make another PH against December.
    “Omo I no go do MMM again dis year before they chop my money.”
    said to him.
    He told me that MMM is giving out promo on xmas period that I should invest.
    “even if they’re giving 100% of what you invest,
    bro, am not interested again.”
    I replied him.
    ” why did you said that?” Pascal asked.
    Me: Alright,,, lemme tell you something.
    Don’t you know that many Nigerian will invest in this MMM of a thing this xmas so that they’ll use the money for Christmas which you know that Nigerians are greedy and because of that,
    the site will be over crowdy and it may affect the system.
    If by January and its still be working,
    I’ll invest with huge money.
    Pascal: Alright. I’m gonna invest.
    Me: Wish you good luck.
    After the call,
    I dropped my phone and got relaxed on the bed.
    Marryann entered with a cup of tea.
    Maryann: Here is your breakfast.
    Eat lets go, we’re late.
    ME: Are you through?
    Marryann: yes.
    **As I was enjoying my tea, My phone beeped and it was a message from Shola.
    when I opened the message,
    I was shocked!**
    To be continue

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    Omo she is pregnant for u thats d massage.


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