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    Once a woman was in labor;
    she was having a really tough
    time dealing with the pain. The
    doctor came to her husband
    and her and told them of a new
    experimental drug that allows
    the woman to transfer 25% of
    the pain to the father. The
    husband feels really bad for his
    wife so he decides they will try
    The wife takes the pill and a
    few minutes later the husband
    says, “I don’t feel a thing. You
    women are babies.
    Take another pill I can handle
    this.” So the wife takes another
    pill. Same thing happens. Her
    husband tells her to take
    another pill. Same thing. By
    now she has transferred 75%
    of her pain to her husband. She
    is feeling a little pain but her
    husband is still feeling nothing.
    He is convinced that women
    are complete wusses.
    He tells her, “Take another pill.
    This isn’t hurting me at all. Let
    me take all the pain away.” So
    she does. Now they are both
    feeling great. A few hours later,
    the wife gives birth to a
    beautiful baby boy.
    The next day they take their
    newborn son home, and there
    they find the gateman dead on
    the doorstep.
    God is watching you
    You’re eating bread and akara
    yet you’re updating your status
    with “I love this Burger” – God
    is watching you.
    Your account balance reads
    N0.20 yet you’re singing “She
    must chop my money” – God is
    watching you.
    You go buy pant for alaba-suru
    market (bend down select), yet
    you come write “I love my new
    Victoria Secret” – God is
    watching you.
    Your mom sells stock fish and
    your dad changes money, you
    turn around and say your
    parents are into stock
    exchange! – God is watching
    Your home is having a night
    vigil with some folks and you
    write down “Clubin Thinz” on
    your PM – God is watching you.
    18 years old and you’re dating
    a bros of 41 years and your PM
    says “Can’t wait to see my
    baby” – God punish you – Is that
    your baby or your daddy?
    You and your friend are on
    seperate okada and you
    tweeted “Convoy Thinz” – God is
    watching you
    Your mother and your sister
    have pot belly and you insist
    your girlfriend has a flat tummy
    – God is watching you.
    You update your BBM status
    with “I love ONLY you boo” and
    45 girls/boys message your
    privately with “Thanks luv” –
    God is watching you.
    You’re 34 and you’re still
    playing for the Nigeria’s Under
    21 football team – God is
    watching you.
    You know the baby belongs to
    that youth corper at your office,
    but you told your husband
    “Honey, I’m pregnant” – God is
    watching you.
    You travel go Togo, come back
    Naija dey speak British English –
    God is watching you.
    Only real Nigerians:
    1. Check the expiry date of
    gala after eating it
    2. Go to church wit extension
    and bb charger (charging
    in His presence)
    3. Update on BBM “about to
    cross” get hit by a car and
    still update “dying tinz”
    4. Say an opening prayer at a
    night club
    5. Go to a supermarket, buy a
    bottle of coke and spend
    30 minutes snapping wit
    champagne bottles
    6. Wear sunshades at night
    7. Wear complete rainbow
    colours like its rag day and
    call it colour blonding
    8. Count money after
    withdrawing from an ATM
    (we trust no one, not even
    9. Wear head warmer at 45
    degrees celsius
    10. Call a fat Hausa man “Alhaji”
    and a thin one “Aboki”
    11. Travel to china for 2 days
    and come back with a
    British accent.
    12. Go to an eatery and buy
    bottled water just to watch
    a soccer match.

    Are you a real Nigerian? I’m a
    full blooded Nigerian and I’m
    proud to be One.
    Lesky wishes every coolvaler a very happy weekend.

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    Ugochi SundayUgochi Sunday
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    Kukukuku @Lesky thumbs up..

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    @lesky to badt… I dey feel ur swag, #ongba lori ree base on logistics

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    I Dnt Check D Gala Wrapper Afta Eating Bt B4 Eating

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    we wish u same bro

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    same to you

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    John OscarJohn Oscar
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    Mr Fancy™Mr Fancy™
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    api easter


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