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    Dan had just moved back home with his parents. He
    had been away for almost ten years. He and his
    girlfriend broke up recently. He wanted to clear his
    mind. Dan was twenty-five and did not mind living with
    his parents again.
    He worked at the hospital which was walking distance
    from his parent’s place. But it wasn’t just the
    convenience. He had missed his mother’s home
    cooking and could help his parents care for the house
    and the mortgage. After all he was their only child and
    his parents were getting old. He slept in his childhood
    room. On weekends and holidays he would hang out
    with his dad in the basement. They would drink and
    watch ball games. Just like old times.
    After dinner Dan went for long walks around the
    neighborhood. So many things had changed in the
    neighborhood. His school friends had moved away.
    There were newer, younger families. The School looked
    the same though. As did the church and the cemetery
    behind it. Although the manager of the cemetery had
    passed away. Dan remembered how he and his friends
    spent their time in the cemetery after dark and how the
    old cemetery manager chased them away.
    Dan’s mom was friends with the new cemetery
    manager’s wife, Mrs. Hill. They visited each other’s
    homes. The Hills had five daughters. They all visited
    Dan’s parents on the weekends after the Sunday
    One evening when Mr. and Mrs. Hill and the kids were
    visiting his parents, Dan went to the graveyard. It felt
    kind of sinister now, visiting the graveyard for no
    reason. Not like when he and his friends spent hours
    here at night telling each other spooky stories and
    trying to scare each other.
    He went outside and stood leaning on the railings of
    the cemetery. There was a restaurant across the street
    from the church. It was lit very brightly. He saw a young
    blonde in the restaurant. She took a sip of her drink,
    looked up and stared at Dan. Five minutes later she
    was out there next to him asking him for directions.
    She said she was not from here and was looking for a
    job. She told him she got off the bus at the wrong stop.
    Now she was looking for a place to spend the night
    because it was late. She asked Dan if he knew of a
    decent, reasonable place. Dan told her about the motel
    that was about two blocks away and volunteered to
    walk her there.
    On the way she tried to walk close to Dan a few times.
    He kept his distance. He was not ready for a
    relationship yet. When they reached the motel she
    said, “Thank you,” and paused. “Dan,” he said. “My
    name is Dan.” He extended his hand. “Mine is Annie,”
    she said and shook hands with him. “Good Night
    Annie,” he said and quickly walked away.
    The next day at the hospital Dan was at the cafeteria
    checking his phone and eating his breakfast. He heard
    someone say, “May I join you?” He raised his head and
    saw Annie standing there with a tray. “Sure! What are
    you doing here?” he asked. “Oh, I just came here to
    check out the job postings,” she said. “The clerk at the
    motel told me there was a job available at the hospital
    cafeteria.” “I decided to have breakfast before I talk to
    the manager.” “Well I am almost done and am late for
    my rounds,” Dan said and excused himself.
    It was a busy day. He forgot all about Annie.
    As he walked back home in the evening, he bumped
    into Annie again. “Did you get the job,” he asked. “They
    tried me out today,” she replied, “I am afraid I wasn’t
    any good.” “I’m looking for a place to crash tonight,”
    she said. “What’s wrong with the motel,” he asked. “I
    don’t have the money for the rent,” she said. Dan
    checked his wallet and gave her a fifty dollar bill.
    “Thanks,” she said and hurried away.
    Dan was busy the next day. But on his way back he
    heard Annie shout out to him, “Hi there!” “I got a job
    and they advanced me some money,” she said. “Here’s
    your fifty.” “Thanks,” Dan said. “Would you like to have
    a drink with me,” she asked. “Why not,” he said and
    they walked to the restaurant in front of the church.
    After his first drink Dan noticed Annie was a pretty girl.
    He asked her where she was from and wanted to know
    all about her folks. She told him she was not on talking
    terms with her family and did not want to get into it.
    They both had a few drinks and Dan walked her to the
    motel. He kissed her on her cheek and said, “Good
    Night.” “Good Night,” she replied sweetly.
    That night in bed Dan thought about Annie. She was all
    alone in the city. That worried him.
    They met for a few more evenings. Every time she just
    appeared next to him at the same spot as he walked
    home. They would have a few drinks, chat and he
    would walk her back to the motel.
    Slowly they started going out to the parks together.
    Then to the movies. She would always politely refuse
    when he asked her to come meet his parents.
    As Christmas came the store windows on the way from
    work were decorated. Dan noticed Annie loved to gaze
    at the windows. “Window shopping,” she would say.
    Dan invited Annie to come spend Christmas with his
    family but she politely refused, saying she had made
    plans to visit her friends back home. When Dan asked
    about her friends and where back home was she
    changed the topic. He made plans with her to meet on
    New Year’s Eve. Dan spent Christmas with his parents.
    Strangely he missed Annie. He waited eagerly for
    December 31st.
    On that morning he got a haircut and bought a gift for
    Annie. He got her a pair of boots that he noticed her
    eye in the shop window when they were strolling back
    from work one evening. He wrapped up the box and
    put his clothes out, showered and got ready for the
    evening around 7 PM. He offered to come to the motel
    and pick Annie up but she said she would meet him at
    the restaurant opposite the church. So he walked to the
    church and across to the restaurant. There she was.
    Waiting for him. He thought she looked prettier today
    with her hair up. He walked up to her and kissed her
    on the cheek. They ordered their drink and talked
    about how they each spent Christmas. Both tried to
    hide their emotions and not mention to how much they
    missed each other. Dan gave her the gift he had
    brought for her. She quickly tore the wrapping, opened
    the box and tried the boots. “They fit,” she exclaimed.
    She stood up and walked up to the bar. “Perfect,” she
    said when she strutted back to the table. “They are just
    perfect,” she said and kissed Dan on his forehead. They
    decided to go dancing. She left her old shoes right
    there under the table, put her arm in Dan’s and said,
    “Let’s go. I love dancing!”
    They danced the whole night. At midnight when the
    church bells rang, they kissed and Dan thought this was
    the woman I was waiting for. They kept dancing.
    Around 4 in the morning Annie said she was starved.
    So they went back to the restaurant opposite the
    church to eat. They sat at the same table. Annie said,
    “Look my shoes are still here. This is a city with honest
    people.” Annie ordered pancakes and Dan asked for
    omelets. Annie finished her pancakes within five
    minutes and excused herself to go to the ladies room.
    Dan dreamily sipped his coffee waiting for her. An hour
    passed but Annie was not back. He asked the waitress
    to check the stalls. The waitress came back saying all
    the stalls were empty.
    Dan was surprised. He thought everything was going
    well. He noticed her old shoes were still under the
    table. He looked outside the window and could not see
    her. He paid for the breakfast, took Annie’s old shoes
    and left the restaurant. There were some people
    outside the restaurant. He described Annie to them and
    asked if they had seen her in the last hour. Nobody saw
    anyone like that.
    Then as Dan approached the church he saw an old man
    smoking outside the church. “Looking for somebody,”
    the man asked Dan. “Yes, a blonde. She’s about 5 feet 6
    inches with a red dress,” he said. “Oh I saw her walk to
    the graveyard,” the man replied.
    Dan rushed to the graveyard. He did not see anyone
    there. As he kept looking, he thought he smelt Annie’s
    perfume. He followed the scent. Eventually he saw the
    boots he had bought her on top of a grave that had an
    angel on it. There was another grave exactly identical
    next to it. He was furious. What kind of games was she
    Dan slept all of the next day. When he woke up it was
    four in the evening. His parents had gone out. He saw a
    note saying, “gone to visit Mr. and Mrs. Hill.” He
    checked the fridge and found some leftovers, warmed
    them up and ate. After finishing his meal he quickly
    dressed up and went to the graveyard. The boots were
    still there on the grave. There was a note under one of
    the boots. It said “Sorry buddy. Carol said I couldn’t get
    the boys anymore. So I had to check it out myself!”
    He moved the boots and looked at the tombstone.
    Engraved on the tombstone was “Annie Isabel Hill. May
    14, 1988 –January 1, 2005.” He looked at the tombstone
    next to it. It had “Carol Alex Hill. May 14, 1988 –
    January 1, 2005.”
    Da called his mom. “Mom what were Mrs. Hill’s
    daughters named,” he asked. “Annie and Carol,” his
    mom said. “Could I come over to Mrs. Hill’s, “he asked
    his mother. “Sure,” she said. “I am sure the Hill’s won’t
    When he reached the Hill’s home. All five girls came to
    the door and welcomed him. This was the first time he
    visited them. They ushered him to the living room and
    there on the piano he saw a framed photo of two
    identical young ladies. They looked exactly like the girl
    he danced with all night long. Dan could not believe his
    eyes. He stood there staring at the photo. Mrs. Hill
    walked over to him and whispered softly “my angels.
    They passed away on new year’s eve two years ago in a
    freak accident”.

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    Hmmmm. New years eve

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    is dat d end?

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    am sure its nt

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    Nana Aisha
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    Gud work

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    Woow nice story pls continue

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    so interesting
    nice one dear

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