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    He is gonna become a beast

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    i hope he wont turn to become your enemy later in life

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    next please

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    You just created a beast

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    Naaaa, this is bad

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    Horluwa~p1 {•_•}Horluwa~p1 {•_•}
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    THE CHOSEN ONE {the beast of GEVAUDAN}
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    •••••Episode 36•••••
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    I cut myself deep with the small
    knife I always carry around and made him drank my blood, Victor only stood there looking at me with terror.
    After I’ve made him drank enough of my blood, he started shaking furiously as if going into shock and I saw as his last breath escaped him and he died
    ••” Dandy “•• I shouted his name thrice tapping him on his cheek when I noticed he wasn’t breathing again and he didn’t respond
    ” is he dead “? Victor asked in a tone that consist of many feelings which I couldn’t decipher. ” I think so ” I replied him standing up with tears forming in my eye, I couldn’t just believe it, all felt like a dream, or is this another dream, I asked myself rhetorically pinching myself to confirm if I’m in reality or wonderland, and my greatest fear was confirmed when I knew I was in reality.
    How could such happen, why with me, and I even aided his death, maybe if I had called the ambulance, he might have a chance at survival. All different sorts of thought was popping in my head while I stood there looking at Dandy’s lifeless body.
    Victor was busy pacing up and down the road like someone whose mind is disorganized.
    He wasn’t crying and he doesn’t seem he will do, maybe it because we just started getting along with Dandy after a year of terror from him.
    ” I think we should leave him here and run away, since no one knew he was with us ” the words flew to me in a music note and I raised my head up to see who played it and it no other person than my friend ,Victor.
    I knew he was a coward but he wasn’t last year, his cowardice attitude started from the day we visited the ancient in search of treasures we didn’t kept there. But I didn’t know that his cowardice has gotten to the extent of leaving dead body of someone we called friend a while ago.
    ” why did you say that ” I asked him in a tone which spell out my anger towards him, ” you know I hate getting involve with law officials and if my dad know that am involve in this, he will definitely disown me ” he elucidated in a tone that made me feel his pain which let me freed all my angers towards him but I wasn’t going to concur to his idea.
    ” okay I get you, but we are not leaving him here ” I retorted and brought out my phone and dialled the emergency number,
    ” hello, what’s the status of your emergency ” the sweet voice of a lady asked me, ” a friend of mine ” as I wanted to complete the statement, I heard someone coughed out louder, that I thought the person’s throat must have broken due to the hardness of the cough. Victor was directly in front of me and I was sure as hell that he was not the one who coughed.
    He met my surprised gaze with his, telling from his facial expression, he also heard the cough and he was also surprised about, we both turned our gaze towards Dandy at once and I almost ran into the bush when I saw Dandy looking at us, he was still on the floor and he looked tired ,
    ” a friend of yours what ” the voice of the emergency recipient asked and I told her not to worry as I hung up the call .
    when I looked at Victor, he has already move some distance away from where we were, I smiled as I assisted Dandy up, all the injuries he sustained started healing at a fast range right in front of us, Dandy was also marveled at what was happening to him , after some minutes, all his body were completely healed,
    ” tho it’s not the first time I’m experiencing this but it isn’t easy not to be awe by it ” Dandy retorted with a bright smile on his lip which kind of sooth my soul as I felt my body muscle relaxing.
    Victor closer back to us and use his finger tip to touch Dandy on his face,
    ” gosh, I can’t believe this, you aren’t a ghost ” he elucidated with an awed expression, ” your powers are really awesome ” he added winking at me,
    After thorough inspection of of Dandy’s body to see if there’s no injury left, we set to continue our journey, but Dandy’s bicycle was already damaged beyond repair,
    ” I think we are going to need every drops of blood in your body in order to revive this bicycle ” Victor elucidated jokingly as we
    all bursted into laughter.
    Victor and I picked our bicycle while we dispose Dandy’s own, we didn’t ride it, just trekking alongside with it and discussing about the accident, we took turns cursing the hit and run driver.
    After some minutes of walking, we finally saw the ancient tomb in front of us.
    Victor suddenly hopped on his bicycle and pedalled to the entrance of the ancient tomb, I was surprised to why he did it not until he started shouting ” I won, I won, I won ”
    that was when I remembered about the bet and I forgot to call it off when the accident occurred.
    I was very angry with myself as I handed him the sum of 1500 francs, I thought I was going to win it and already had some plans in my mind on what I was going to use it for .
    He smirked as he collected the money from me and was displeased by it and seeing the expression of Dandy, he was also displeased by it.
    When we go to the entrance of the tomb,all the memories of what happened the first time I was there came flooding my memory, everything seems like yesterday, ” anything the problem or you’re scared of entering ” Victor asked me when he saw that I wasn’t making an attempt to enter as I stood there.
    I replied him no and we made our way in,
    it was very dark in there and we couldn’t see anything,
    Victor brought out his phone and switched on it flashlight, Dandy also brought out his phone only to discovered that it has destroy, courtesy, the accident, the phone screen and calibration was not in a piece again as.
    I handed him mine and they asked me how am going to see,I replied them not to worry, I smiled to myself as switched my beast eye on.
    The atmosphere inside the tomb was the opposite of pleasant, on the floor were skulls, tho I don’t know if it was human’s own or animal because I wasya medical student and telling from the face of my
    friends, they are also ignorant of it.
    I felt Jovacik pain as we kept exploring the tomb, nothing of interest was inside it,
    I imagined how he would have lived his immortal life in this place,
    staying for even a day alone can be added to the top of the list of 1000 ways I can die.
    I would rather end my immortal life than spend my days in this vain tomb,
    My dad was really good at handling punishment, I thought to myself as we kept exploring the room.
    Then I noticed some writings on the wall.
    I called the attention of my friends to it,
    it was inscribed on the wall with claw, which am sure was Jovacik’s own,
    We tried to read it but couldn’t, it was written in a language which I don’t understand,
    The writing gat me wondering if our ancestors spoke different language from French and English which we are using now.
    I collected my phone from Dandy and record it through video recorder on my phone.
    Then I noticed some sketch below the writing,
    pictures of three people were sketch on the wall, I recognised the first one, it resemble the sketch I got from Chris, the figure on the wall looked exactly like it so I knew it was my dad, then the next one was
    that of a lady,
    that must be my mom, I elucidated in my mind before I switched to the last one, and alas, it was the sketch of when I was still a baby, I have lots of pictures of when I
    was still a baby at home so it was easy recognizing that I was the one on the wall .
    I record everything before proceeding to the exploring of the tomb to see if anything that will help in my quest to finish Jovacik will pop up.
    The tomb was big from the exterior view but the interior doesn’t define the exterior view well.
    I knew there must be an hidden room somewhere in the tomb and all I gat to do was locate it if possible.
    After searching thoroughly and our search wasn’t yielding any result, I told them that we should take a break before we continue searching.
    They agreed and we started heading outside,as we were going, I tripped and fell down,
    as I was about to stand up, I noticed the same pattern of hand shape key hole that I inserted my palm into that led to the release of Jovacik on the floor.
    it was moulded on the floor same way it was moulded on the tomb entrance.
    Victor and Dandy also saw it, I tried to insert my palm but Victor held it reminding of what happened the last time I
    inserted my palm into something of such shape.
    I agreed with him on his thought but I don’t I have a choice now,
    I was ready to face the implications of whatever lies in inserting my palm into it.
    But I was sure the answer I seek for in the tomb lies in inserting my palm into the palm shaped keyhole.
    I assured Victor that nothing bad is going to happen and I inserted my palm into it, it fit perfectly and I felt something stung me like last time, immediately I was stung, everywhere started shaking, I was surprised that Victor and Dandy didn’t run, they stood there looking at me as the earth beneath them was trembling under their feet.
    High current of Wind which almost swept Dandy and Victor off their feet if not for their tight grip on the wall gushed in.
    After some minutes, everything settled and I started hearing some metals clinking beneath me,
    the place I was standing on started splitting into two and I quickly ran away from there.
    We were surprised to see the ground split opened.
    And stair which lead down into the ground appeared inside
    We started looking at ourselves, waiting for the first person who will go inside.
    When nobody was trying to do so, I descended on the stairs and started going downward, I looked up and saw that Dandy was not able to descend on the stairs likewise Victor.
    It was like there was an invisible cover on the opened ground and they weren’t able to go through it,
    it allowed them to defy the law of gravity as they were standing on the opened ground and they didn’t fall down or go through it.
    As I made to go back up and find out what was happening
    the top floor closed back leaving me trapped inside the ground
    To be continue

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    Hmm hope this is not the trap that was used to keep Jovacik

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