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    Avatarashiko ben

    here starts the season 2 of the last wolf, stay tuned and enjoy the story

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    the link for season 1

    Link to Available Episodes
    Scroll down for episode 1-2

    Episode 3-4

    Episode 5-7

    Episode 8

    Episode 9-10

    Episode 11-12

    Episode 13-14

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    Link to the 1st episode please

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    I can’t wait anymore ooo

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    Avatarashiko ben

    Episode 1

    This time, I was able to see the prison the strange woman was being held. The prison was made of something wooden and what looked like pillars held the prison. These pillars held the weird Prison, the prison was hollow with no sign of Windows or doors, I wondered how long she has been held in here. Three of these pillars were blackened like they were burnt by a fire that went off after completing its task. Only one of the pillars took the it’s original shape and color – – a tree root that descended from seemingly no where and went really deep into the ground.
    A tree root acting liking like a sort of pillar, with the other pillars smoked from inside out, I knew they were also tree roots. From this, I could tell this woman’s Prison was beneath some kinda tree.
    All this while I took note of the prison for the first time in over three months I have been dreaming of this place, the prisoner backed me as she always does. She has never shown me her face despite my repeated requests, the same set of clothes was on her – – a Chiton. She was tall about 5,10, she was slightly built and her skin seemed to glow a little. She had this Olive skin color and her hair was a mix of blonde and black.
    It seems she knew I was through with my observations so she began the speech that has tormented for the last three months. The speech that makes me run from sleep, the speech that seems to be everywhere, sometimes I doubt my sanity. I have tried various means to get it out of my head but the harder I fight against it, the harder it comes.
    Only the woods around the house keeps me sane, whenever I am in there, the torment stops, a sort of calm rests upon me, it’s more like the woman’s agonizing pains stops.
    Although, she never seems to be in pains, since she wasn’t bounded by any chains or tormented by someone but I couldn’t tell for sure since I couldn’t see her face but her voice carried all the pains I couldn’t see.
    ” ??????????? ?? ???????????? ”
    Which when translated in Greek means” complete the rituals ” were the words that have tormented for three months now. I wonder why she is speaking to me in Greek.
    I opened my eyes and the same routine followed, I got up and left a sleeping Angel on the bed. I ran into the woods transforming in sprint, I felt peace like no other after that . I decided to stay beside the lake and ponder on my why the strange woman decided to reveal the prison where she is being held today. In previous dreams, all I get to see is her beautiful hair and the voice of pain coming from her.
    If only I could see her face, I might just recognize her from somewhere, though I really doubt if I could recognize her face but at least I would be able to see the woman tormenting me.
    I couldn’t share my ordeal with anyone well because, I still wasn’t in good terms with the pretty women living with me.
    Lucy still had a grudge against me because I didn’t cuddle her after killing her dad,after three good months.
    Angel, my mate still won’t talk to me after what happened on the Fields of Nolan. I have apologized endlessly but she wasn’t moved, this has resulted in a sort of gap between us and has denied me S£x from her although that’s one of the least of my problems now. She has looked worried for the past few weeks now because of my constant screams and my repeated movement from the bed into the woods but her pride won’t let her discuss it with me.
    Audrey barely talks to me, sometimes she doesn’t sleep here, probably she crashes at Jason’s.
    I felt rejected and depressed and that has seen me stay back at school even if I don’t have anything to do.
    The Town has been quiet after the gruesome battle some months back, there haven’t been any attack from the Vampires but I knew better, they will surely attack, they were just bidding their time.
    Soon, morning came, I got back to my room, showered and got dressed for school.
    Angel has stopped schooling because of her protruded stomach and so I drove to work alone since Lucy won’t even look at me.
    “Morning ” I heard Angel say but I pretended i didn’t her greeting. I took tea and was on my way to the garage when she pulled me back,
    ” Listen, I know we haven’t been the best mates on the last few months but you need to know this, I am……. ”
    ” I am not interested in hearing anything from you, you are speaking to me after what – – – three months and you think I am gonna stand and listen. You want this, let it remain so. “I said in anger cutting her off.
    ” Oh, you are angry, do you know how it feels to know that a part of you still loves the woman that betrayed you, and I am always reminded by that fact every time you transform. Do you how it feels to know that I am not the only woman you love and might not be the only woman to bear your children. ”
    ” Bullshit!, it’s that your excuse for your negligence and coldness these past few months. Please, you can do better, you are my mate, the one I have chosen and despite the fact the woman you hate so much risked her life to save mine, I haven’t swayed from you. My wolf might want something else but I, Richard, the one who houses the wolf in me loves you, is that so difficult to understand.
    Do you know that I planned on having a proper wedding for us but I have pushed that aside now because of your childish attitude. These past few months, I have been tormented constantly in my sleep and I fear that I am edging towards losing my mind but have you showed any concern despite the fact that I sleep beside you. So forgive me if I am not interested in hearing whatever you have to say, I am late for work ” I released myself from her grip and turned away from her and headed to my Mustang.
    ” Richard, I am carrying… We gonna have twins ” Angel said in between tears.
    ” I know ” I replied, not stopping and dropping my bag at the back seat of my car.
    ” What do you mean by that? ”
    She asked,
    ” Elijah called some time last week saying he saw you at the local hospital. He said you had an appointment with Dr Eaton
    I knew you must have gone for a scan and when I returned that day from work, I noticed you were constantly smiling even if you weren’t talking to me. While you were asleep, I read the report, I Have been expecting you to tell me the good news but you had to wait till today. I am the father of those unborn children and still you withheld such news from me up until now. Please Angel, just stay away from me. ”
    I opened the door and pressed ignition and drove out of the house with Angel crying and calling me.
    I was really sad from what Angel did but the pain is nothing compared to what I feel during the night.
    I got to school right on time but the snow was a bit of an hindrance, Christmas is fast approaching but I didn’t want to experience this one .
    I Was teaching the twelfth grade when I was told I had a visitor.
    A visitor?, after the class, I went to check who my visitor was, it was no other than Mrs Keller. I was taken aback, she noticed my shock and smiled, “I know your troubles, William, Meet me by 10pm in Church.”
    She Said before taking her leave. She knows about my dreams, but how? What does she want from me? Why can’t she leave me be? I pondered as I headed back to my laboratory.
    To Be Continued…

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    Avatarashiko ben

    incase you missed season 1
    The Last Wolf season 1

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    Avatarashiko ben

    Episode 2

    Fvck!!! I screwed up, screwed up big time. Richard knows all about the report, d--n it!, that was supposed to be the card I will use in making amends for my childish misbehaviors the past few months. But I was right in my own misgivings as Richard saw it. I wasn’t happy he didn’t allow me fight beside him in battle, yeah I know I am pregnant but it was a few weeks old then. Richard just made me feel like an old lady, the way he relegated me to the background wasn’t funny at all and it took him almost two weeks to apologize. By then, my mind was made up.
    I am used to getting what I want but that attitude hasn’t really work for me with Richard, I mean, he apologized nearly almost everyday but I think it was because he was Hot and needed to lay it off.
    I also hated the way he sometimes starred at Audrey, it was so disgusting. I know she was his wife in times past but I am his now and I deserve more respect than what I seldom get from him.
    I started having a rethink last month when almost every morning I wake up to an empty bed and watch Richard come out of the woods smiling. But during the day and just before he sleeps, he always seems to be in pains and lost in his thoughts.
    Since last month, it has gotten a lot worse with him, he wakes up screaming at night and if he is not screaming, he is murmuring some funny words. His situation became even more worrisome when one night he woke up, his eyes glowing and he looked like he has lost his mind. He Looked out of depth, he seemed like he was gonna do something very silly, so I followed him as he headed for the kitchen. I hid myself behind the stairs and watched him take the black book and started reciting some spell. He was shivering as the recitation of the spell continued, he struggled to stay on his feet and soon fell to his knees.
    I didn’t know what he was doing, what whatever he was doing, it was killing him. I could hear his struggling heart from where I was but I just didn’t have the strength to stop him and I couldn’t scream for help. He gasped for air and that stopped him from completing the spell as he fell back to the ground and tried to breathe in every air he could.
    “I can’t take this torment anymore, I can’t take this pain anymore. “I heard him whisper as he tried to stay upright but he couldn’t and he remained laid back and remained so till morning.
    Then, it struck me that this was what Audrey was actually warning me about. Just after William’s victory, he became restless and distant from his wife and he became Lost and this pushed Audrey to kill her own husband in a desperate attempt to save him.
    But in his Time of pain, Audrey left him to wallow in his torment and self torture until it was too late to save him. I was doing the same now, using a silly excuse to allow the one I love more than my father wallow in pains so unimaginable he decided to take his own life. I haven’t been doing my part as a mate, in this troubled times I should be at his side, cuddling and encouraging him but I have only added to his frustration. The day which was supposed to be his best day in his two hundred years of existence quickly became his worst because I allowed my emotions overrule my sense of reasoning.
    The sight of him deciding to take his life was a gory one and if he had succeeded, I would have been a widow and my unborn kids would never know their dad because of my stupidity. How will I even protect myself from the angry vampires if Richard were to die, I have been very silly and myopic in my decision making. I cried my eyes out that morning and I patiently waited for him to sort himself out and went after him to put some sense into his head using the twins card.
    But I was shocked when he said he already knows about it and I just sat on the floor and cried again watching him go to work. I wasn’t crying because of what he said about me leaving him alone but the fact that he was willing to take his own life despite the fact that he knows he will soon be a father of twins. Richard is lost and I aided him in losing his way.
    I just couldn’t stop smiling after seeing what transpired between Richard and Angel. Her tears brought some kinda relief to me and I knew there and then that this was my chance to get back what I allowed Angel take from me.
    Angel is a very egocentric person and sees competition in the slightest event, I knew that from the moment I threw my body to save Richard, she won’t be able to handle the fact that she wasn’t the one. I actually took a risk and it paid off because I appealed to Richard’s emotion and resurrected a love that was always there.
    Richard is a very unpredictable and emotionally unstable person, he acts like a kid sometimes and so one needs to know when to be mean and when to be like his mum but Angel doesn’t know that, she just wants to be the centre of attention every time. She made a huge mistake leaving her mate to wallow in pains and now it has bounced back negatively on her.
    I want my Richard back and she just opened that door for me.
    Almost three Millenniums old, I still wasn’t bored of the chaos and countless wars I have caused and I was on the verge of creating another. I know she has been communicating with Richard and this wasn’t the first time she is doing this. She is eager to get out of that Prison after being there for approximately three thousand years but she has to be patient else she might kill the one person who could help in getting her out.Richard is a very fragile person and must be handled very carefully. I must free my creator but If I don’t have a discussion with Richard soon, I might not be able to know the damage she has already done to him because from what I saw in Richard’s eyes today back from my visit to Aidenville’s high, he might not last long for the battle I am planning. Ivy has something planned up tonight for the werewolves, while Richard will be distracted having a discussion with me at St. Christopher’s cathedral. If all goes well, it will trigger another war, the one that will finally set my Creator free. Oh I love this!!!
    To Be Continued…

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