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    Please someone should help me out with the link to SEASON ONE biko! I just can’t afford to miss out from this spacious story.

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    I hope this will be fun as season 1
    let’s go

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    Avatarashiko ben

    yes just find season one on the list of competed stories, season 2 is gona be fun, stay tuned

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    Wow this is awesome. I never knew that it was same old story. Until I went to see for myself SEASON ONE which I’d read some time back. I hope this is gonna be more interesting than season one. Ride on bro, I’m trailing keenly.

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    Richard tread carefully

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    Angel stop crying and act fast…Lucy is making a move on Richard

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    Avatarashiko ben

    Episode 3

    I was restless all through in school, I kept wondering why Mrs Keller would want to see me. I know she is the architect of my misfortunes from past time on this earth to this very moment after she took the form of an Angel earlier on. I stayed in school till very late in the night before deciding to go meet Lucy’s mom.
    Angel called and sent very text there is but I wasn’t in the mood for romance right now, she has had her chance but she felt invisible and it’s my turn to return the favour, I want her to know she can’t always get away with everything.
    I drove to the location I was told to meet her, I parked the car a few metres away from the church and checked for any impending danger, satisfied with what I saw around the church, I moved in.
    There was no one in the stands when I entered, I thought I was a little early and decided to use the opportunity to pray when something moved from the eastern side of the building and stopped right in front of me and before I could do anything, whatever it was which turned out to be Mrs Keller grabbed me and fused her lips with mine.
    I pushed her back and cleaned my lips of her saliva.
    “Sweet Jesus, what the hell!!! Mrs Keller! You are my mate’s mom! ”
    ” Oh please, cut the bullshit, I can read everything about anyone just by looking into such a fellow’s eyes and from the first day you saw me, that want to have me has been there, so stop the pretence already ”
    I shot her a glare before Turning my gaze away from her.
    “Anyway, I kissed you because you are now a very difficult person to read, your power seems to grow daily and you have a very strong resistance towards Magic. I had to taste one of the fluids that carries your essence, though I would have loved to taste the thicker white. ”
    She winked after uttering such nonsense from her lips, this woman is sick.
    ” I am sure you didn’t Call me out here to talk dirty, why am I here, Mrs Keller? ”
    ” You are here because my Creator has been reaching out to you and if I do not help you in deciphering her messages, she will kill before you are able to fulfill your destiny….. ”
    ” My destiny you say, my destiny has always been to play your sick games, so just cut the intro and get to the point. You nearly killed me and your daughter in battle and three months later, you suddenly care about my welfare and by the way, why did you save when I was just a kid? ”
    She took a worried look, took my hands and led us to a seat.
    ” I can’t tell you everything but I will tell you enough and please no more interruptions.
    About three thousand years ago, a powerful woman who hated men and never wanted to submit to any authority except that of her dad finally found love. Her fellowship comprised of women only as she hated men, she was a virgin and deemed it necessary for her members to be of the same too.
    While hunting one day, she met a fellow hunter who was a man and one thing led to another, they had S£x and she lost her pride. She thought she was in love but actually she was under a spell enacted by her Father’s jealous wife, who of course wasn’t her mother. She hated the fact that my creator was a virgin and countless men sought her hand in marriage.
    When my creator discovered that she has been tricked and her pride gone, in a fit in of rage she killed her once loved lover and left him in the woods.
    Her Father got to know and decided to punish her by keeping in a prison just beside where her lover was killed but after pleas from her members in her fellowship, her father decided to give conditions on which she can be released. He prophesied of a man who My creator will fall in love with genuinely and that man must show a display of three rare virtues which I won’t say their names.
    Her members were granted eternal life as one of the benefits of being in her fellowship but since she was in a prison, her powers were restricted and soon each of her members died till it remained just me. I was close too till my Creator decided to break the first seal, her stubborn pride and that paved way for the release of some of her powers to me. Ever since then I have waited patiently for the Fighter of prophecy to emerge as he was fondly called but you didn’t show up until about a thousand years ago when your Dad dabbled with Magic beyond his understanding, he wanted eternal life and he sought it through becoming a werewolf. It didn’t work and of course he died a natural death but when you were born, I knew Immediately that you were the Fighter of Prophecy because…….. I am sorry I can’t tell that.
    Anyway, the only way for you to display those virtues that will please her father would have to be in battle. So I had to create one, the undead army was me and after you took my offer then, you accepted your role and your eventual destiny but that was cut short because of your naive wife, so my Creator had to wait another Millennium before you showed up again in the Mikaelson family, and yes the whole George stuff was me, you killed him and displayed another virtue and that meant three of the seals have been broken, the last battle, you will fight me because by the time you discover the evil I have done to you, you will have the needed motivation. ”
    ” Your story has a lot of gaps, you know you are not taking to a five year old, I am not silly but since you say you can’t tell me everything, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. From what I know the perfect reincarnation works only if the person to be reincarnated had a generation. I didn’t have one because my only son died in battle so how come I was reincarnated without such?”
    ” Oh… Audrey didn’t tell you, she was pregnant before she killed you, although she was trying to save you so that you won’t neglect your family as you did with your first son. ”
    ” I had a son and Audrey didn’t tell me. ”
    ” Calm your nerves, I am sure she had her reasons. You should know that what is happening to you now, the torment and pains happened In your previous life and my Creator is the one behind it.

    “But why is she tormenting me, I am doing her bidding. ”
    ” She is trying to remind you of what she truly is to you. ”
    ” What do you mean by that? ”
    ” When you transformed on the battlefield that day, your fur was with three colors: silver, white and Jet black. All three representing your mates, who do you think owns the dominant black color? ”
    ” I don’t know, do tell if you do ”
    ” And I thought you were smart, remember where I said my Creator will fall in love genuinely, well she has now for a thousand years. You belong to my Creator, she is your first mate, she is your forgotten mate, Richard ”
    To Be Continued…

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    Avatarashiko ben

    Episode 4

    I had it coming, I just knew that it was just a matter of time before he finally figures it out. The torment that drove William away from me was back in two-fold, Richard’s case was far worse. Each month that passes, Richard got closer to his breaking point. I have been unable to pinpoint exactly what was causing this pain and his mates haven’t helped him in any way.
    I warned Angel about this but sometimes she can be very stubborn, this was her chance to cement her place as Richard’s one and only but she screwed up and now his mind is made up. From what I heard this morning, It will take a while for Richard to return to Angel, Richard doesn’t play with kids and more importantly he hates secrets especially from someone he loves, I just couldn’t understand the game she was playing but it’s obvious she didn’t win.
    I wasn’t going anywhere with Jason because I just can’t let Richard go, no matter how I try to hide it, it shows. He knows this and that’s why he keeps staring at me at the dining which usually sets Angel off.
    I decided to stay indoors today putting some final touches to a spell I created. I was Close to sleeping when I felt this powerful energy in the air. The energy was of pure rage, I thought we were under attack and change from my pyjamas to something more flexible when I heard Richard screaming,
    “Where is Audrey, where the fvck is Audrey?? ”
    I left my room quickly and found my way downstairs, but as soon as He saw me, Richard came for me. It took me by surprise and before I could react, he had me and held me by my throat.
    “You wicked, soulless witch, How could you hide something so important from me, how could you? ”
    He snapped and threw me from where I was and I landed on my left arm, dislocating it from its shoulder.
    I managed to sit upright amidst pains,
    ” What have I done Richard to upset you? ” I asked as Lucy and Angel tried to pacify him but he was having none of it.
    ” You still have the nerve to ask me that, huh? I really don’t know what I have done to you ladies. I have been the good Alpha, the good husband, and the good brother but have you all reciprocated the same attitude towards me? no.
    Every time, I get to hear valuable information from foes rather than those I call family. Do you know how embarrassing that is, For the last three months I have been my Orator and audience because you all held grudges against me, grudges that couldn’t be forgotten. Angel left me to my torment, Lucy called me a jerk and wished for my death and just a moment ago I got to know I had a son just before my death in my previous life. I have shared everything I have among you all including my body but it never seems to be enough. From the moment I knew I was the cause of my son’s death, the guilt haven’t left me and that’s what pushed me to kill George but Audrey knew she had another son for me but never uttered anything about it.
    You know what, as soon as I am done with my upcoming battle, I will leave town and move Somewhere y’all will never find me. None of you deserve me, absolutely none!” he screamed.
    Almost immediately, a call came in, he answered,
    “What is it Jason?….. What!! !! !!! !! !!! .. An attack from the Vampires,….. What is the situation? …. Critical.. Alright, I am on my way. ”
    With a scowl on his face, he said,
    ” This conversation is far from over, when I return, you will spit every d--n secret from your lying lips. ”
    Here I am, staring at her again, it’s freaky but I can’t help it. Ever since April Sanchez stepped into this school about a month back, I haven’t been myself. I know I have weird Aqua eyes but hers was something else, her eyes was like Liquid blue that’s the best way I can describe it, her perfectly crafted nose seats fine on a well sculptured jaw, her lips: I think Angelina Jolie will be Jealous and then all that pretty face complimented a well figured body frame.
    She was a rare perfection and I wanted her to myself, at least I feel like I have a purpose after the battle three months back.
    I wasn’t myself until April’s arrival because the little thing I had going with Audrey hit the rocks a while back. I don’t understand the relationship she has with Coach anymore, she seems too into Mr Richard for a brother and sister relationship. Whenever she crashes at my place, we don’t get to have S£x because she is so worried about her brother, and it’s super difficult to sleep side by side with someone as hot as Audrey and not feel h.orny. I have lived with torment like such for the past two months until April arrival and the timing couldn’t have been better.
    I smiled at her at the eatery during break before my guys came to join me at the table : Luke, Eric and Chad.
    “Hmmm, The player has gotten another game, right?? ” Luke my best friend teased.
    ” Common, y’ll know I am a changed dude, don’t do those stuffs no more ” I replied.
    ” And that’s your d--n problem, dude you are cute, Sekxy and very intelligent, you should be getting your fair share of holes before going to college. I hear girls giggle and tease themselves about dying to lay with you just once and you are here stalling.” Luke said.
    “I think there is more to a girl than her womanliness, besides at this point in my life, I should be thinking about where I am headed. ”
    ” Psssh, Fvck that bro, you are what, eighteen and you owe who any responsibilities, last time I checked, it was zero. You have been your own man since your parents death and I have known you to be the bad guy, that’s who you are bro, that’s why girls can’t stop talking about you. You are not this smiling sheepish sack of shiit you have turned yourself into lately, you are the football team captain, for Fvck sake act like one. ” Luke shot back at me.
    ” Alright, Enough of this talk, Jason have you listened to Thomas Rhett latest single? It’s nice. “Eric asked.
    ” Yea, I have, at least he didn’t start with “hey girl” this time. ”
    I replied and we are laughed.
    ” D--n, I can’t stop looking at her arse, are Latinas this arsefull? ” Chad asked.
    We all turned to look at who he was referring to and it was no other but my Sanchez. I was mad but I did my best in hiding it.
    ” Oh her, guys you need to work that arse on your sticks and I swear you will appreciate the work Nature did on her.” Luke said.
    “Wait, you banged her already? “Chad asked chuckling.
    ” Sure, there ain’t no girl with booty I haven’t banged in Aidenville and hers won’t be an exception “Luke replied laughing.
    ” You bloody arse hole, how could you? I had it in mind for her to be my girlfriend and you did what, bang her. How will I be able to look at her the same way again ” I said, my temper rising with each word.
    ” Jeez!!!, relax pal, I didn’t know you had something for her. But seriously I don’t get this new personality of yours, what the fvck is wrong with you? Who did this to you? Are you expecting your April to be a First timer or what, do you how many c.ocks have gone through her hole? This is a free world dude, if you want faithfulness, you are so on your own, Fvck these bittches mehn and stop being this romantic shitt you are at the moment.
    Dad and Mum travelled last week so I am organizing a party, I am sure she will be there and so you can take your pound of flesh back. Are we cool now?? ”
    ” Fvck you Luke! “I said before leaving the table and headed for my classroom, I caught Sanchez looking at me but I rolled my eyes and fixed my gaze on where I was going.
    She seemed to notice my displeasure towards her and she followed, calling my name but I didn’t answer her. She pulled my arm and turned me around
    “What’s up with you? Why did you look at me like that? ” she asked.
    ” Why not ask my best friend Luke, whom you fvcked last week. Stay away from me, bittch ”
    She suddenly moved back and back,her face suddenly reeked of fear, what’s going on with her.
    ” Jason, Ja…….Jason…. . your eyes.. .. they. . .they are glowing, ”
    To Be Continued…

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