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    Episode 5

    ******** ***********
    D--n!!!! I overreacted, this shouldn’t be, I am the Beta for Pete sake, I should be in control always. I walked away from her before she stirs up attention although no one is gonna believe her tale of glowing eyes except for the Vampires among us.
    I couldn’t wait for the closing bell in order to get the hell of this place. The moment it rang, I took off but not fast enough for April not to call me back.
    “Um, can we talk? ” she asked after catching up with me.
    ” I am not in the mood for talks now, some other time. ”
    ” Common, some few minutes won’t kill you. “she said batting her eyes.
    ” Look Sanchez, we ain’t even dating, so you have every right to screw whoever you want. I simply overreacted and I am sorry about what you saw earlier, let’s pretend that never happened. ”
    ” I won’t just sweep that under the carpet, we are gonna talk about it, here and now. ”
    ” Well, you will be doing that alone, right now I have a place of I should be. ”
    With that, I left her standing there and found my way home. I showered and took a nap but I woke up to several messages on my phone. I read them and it Was Luke all through telling me about the party and how it was gonna go down.
    I wore some short and a round neck, well, it won’t hurt to be a bad boy for one night as I found my way to Luke’s house.
    His dad is one of the richest men in Aidenville, maybe just after the Kellers and well respected but unfortunately they had a son who Cared less about that as any opportunity he gets he ruins his family name. Twice, Luke has been arrested for drunk driving and countless times for drinking in a bar as an under eighteen and now he is organizing a party for his birthday which was last week. The guy is a psycho because despite all his misbehaviors, he is on very good grades and so there is little for his poor parents to complain about.
    I got to the Mansion and I could hear music blasting already, d--n I am late to the party, it was just 10pm.
    I got in and saw my boys grinding and doing whatever to those poor girls in the name of dancing . Luke screamed my name and I walked up to him.
    “Hey, common join the party and stop being a womanliness.”
    I smiled at him and went to the bar, took a bottle of whiskey and went to Luke’s room to play some video games. I just couldn’t stay in that party any longer, ever since I became a werewolf i have hated where there were too many people because of the swell so party hasn’t been my favorite social stuff.
    One direction’s Drag me down started playing downstairs where the party was being held and that made the crowd screamed. I loved the song too and sang along as I raced through the tracks in the Nascar Game I was bossing.
    I heard a knock and I told whoever it was to come in, it was Sanchez.
    “Before you scream, Luke told me I could find you here. If I had known Luke was your BFF I would have turned him down, I am sorry for hurting you and I don’t care what you are, I just want to be with you right now. ” She said in one breath.
    I tapped the bed, signalling her to come sit beside me. She was putting on ripped pants and a t-shirt with black lipstick.
    I didn’t say anything because I had nothing to say, you know it’s so easy to be angry with someone but when such fellow apologize, you realise the resentment wasn’t worth it.
    I dropped the game pad and faced her. I just stared at her perfect face for what seemed like eternity and then I turned away.
    I can’t do this, I can’t betray Audrey, I said to myself. April stood up and came in front of me. She pulled me forward and attempted to kiss me but I turned my face away. She tried again and I did the same thing. She got irritated and her eyes watered as she turned around and was already at the door when I heard a scream and then screams.
    “Jason, bring your silly arse here, vamps are on rampage!! ” Luke yelled.
    Vampires, WTF!!!
    Quickly I removed my shirt and short with just my underwear remaining. I started transforming.
    ” Whatever you are about to see, please don’t freak out ”
    April nodded but after my transformation she did more than just freak out,she ran for her dear life.
    I raced through the stairs pushing Sanchez outta my way. I landed on the dance floor and howled. The remaining werewolves who could still walk ran and stayed behind me. The place was now a mess of blood and bodies although I couldn’t tell if they were actually dead.
    “Tell your Alpha, this is just the beginning, we will make sure we end your k
    every one of your kind. Ivy sends her greetings. ” A voice spoke, the voice sounded familiar and I then realized that it was Mr Damien.
    He and his crew left after ruining the party.
    ” Luke, lock the house down, no one is to leave except they are vamps which I am sure they are gone by now. ”
    I ordered, I transformed back to human and checked on the injured. Five of the werewolves were gravely injured with Parts of their body in weird angles, I couldn’t handle this, I had to call Coach, which I did.
    I turned around and told the rest of the wolves that the Alpha was on his way.
    “You know you are Unclad, Jason, might wanna put some clothes on. ” I heard April say, I quickly covered my genital as my folks chuckled.

    My head was pounding both from rage and hurt, why would Audrey do something so vile to me. What more is there for me to give these women that I haven’t given, what more. Although Mrs Keller can’t be trusted and she spoke so much nonsense earlier, especially about an inevitable war and me finally fighting her. If she is truly behind all of the battles I have fought then I wonder what the price will be this time for me to win.
    The first price was my son, the second was my parents and I do not have the faintest idea what the third will be.
    She said when I get to know what she has done, she was talking in the past tense, she has already concluded her evil plans but I am still in the dark about it which just adds to my rage.
    I parked and got down from my Mustang screaming Audrey’s name. She showed up and when I saw her, I ran after her and held by her throat, I really wanted to rip her head from her shoulders but I couldn’t, her innocent face wouldn’t let me hurt her and I just threw her off the stairs.
    Lucy and Angel saw what happened and both decided to intercede on Audrey’s behalf but I was having none of that, both were even worse than her. I pushed them aside and faced Audrey.
    I gave her a piece of my mind and not even her innocent face could stop that from happening. I was on a roll but I had to stop due to a call from Jason calling about a vampire attack in Luke’s residence, I wonder what they were all doing there in the first place.
    I left the three lying women and set off for Luke’s residence. Jason opened the gates for me since according to him, the house was on some sort of lockdown. I walked in to find some of my wolves in horrible plight, parts of their body twisted in weird angles and slowly, their heart were beating to oblivion.
    I saw some group of humans at the extreme end of the hall, shivering and fidgeting, although the place was warm.
    “Did anyone call the police? ” I asked, they all shook their heads and I wondered why, probably they were taking substances that could have implicated them.
    ” Who did this? ” I asked Jason.
    ” Damien on orders from Ivy” he replied. I knew this was beyond Ivy, it was Mrs Keller in disguise, as George brilliantly said before his death, we were just pawns in the grand scheme of things which is just to release her creator although it was too late for him to turn a new leaf. I walked up to the wolves in distress, I looked around for more bodies but they were none, seemed more like the vamps came only for the wolves.
    I walked up to one of wolves and kept back the left femur bone that had pushed out from his thigh. His screams were horrible and I heard tears at the extreme end but it had to be done else he won’t heal.
    The other was his right elbow twisted— I couldn’t even tell the angle, it was just so horrible. I had to twist and turn the elbow several times to put it how it should be. The kid couldn’t even scream anymore just opened his mouth as no voice no came out to show the extent of his pains.
    The third was a stabbed knee, breaking his knee Cap and preventing it from healing properly. Unfortunately for him, his knee had started healing already even with the knife there, so I had to remove the knife and break the knee cap again. I cried along with him too as he screamed and tossed and smacked his head with his free hands. Jason and Co had to hold him still.
    Next was a dislocated tendon which was easily fixed and the last was an ankle twisted 270° to the right, he screamed too but not as much as the rest.
    I was very angry and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Damien but I was even more pissed because of the wolves carelessness and now we were forced to reveal our identify to humans.
    To Be Continued

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    Next pls

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    Where Is The Link To Seaseon 1

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    Avatarashiko ben

    check on the first page, you will see the link for season 1 @Frankling

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    Avatarashiko ben

    Episode 6

    I waited patiently for the injured wolves to heal because I had something in mind for all of them. During the wait, I walked over to where the humans were and asked if they were Alright, they nodded, they looked afraid and so I decided to talk them out of their fear.
    ” I know you are scared and you came out here to have fun even if some of you shouldn’t have taken some of the things you took unfortunately, you found yourselves in the middle of a feud between supernatural beings. I want you all to know that this world we live in isn’t as simple as we have been told, there are things moving and walking on this earth that science cannot explain but be rest assured that we won’t you harm you in any way, we do not hurt humans because we are still humans. So, do not freak out from what you are about to see and as soon as it is morning, you will all be allowed to return to your various homes. Are we cool now? ” They said yeah, which was a good thing since they didn’t say anything earlier.
    I smiled and then turned back to start what I had in mind when I saw Jason sharing a kiss with a very pretty girl, hmm, I thought he was dating Audrey, guess things didn’t work out between them just as I predicted it won’t.
    I cleared my throat and they quickly disengaged, I called for the whole crew and asked Luke to bring me something very hard and big that can withstand some real punches, he went in and brought an aquarium which caused the lot of us to laugh.
    He didn’t seem to share in the humor and explained
    that the small aquarium can withstand whatever will be thrown at it because it was reinforced with some material I can’t seem to remember.
    Anyway, I kept it on a platform and asked each of the wolves to punch it. They are all tried but none one of them did any significant damage instead most ended up with broken wrists even Jason. I was more than disappointed with what I saw.
    “Transform to your wolves “I ordered.
    They started their transformation, the screaming and the sound of broken bones filled the hall and the time range of their transformation was one to almost twelve minutes. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so for three good months, these kids didn’t even bother to train themselves and improve on their transformation rate.
    “Your sync with your wolves is very poor that’s why you can’t do the same damage you can do when in wolf form in your human form. I still can’t believe that the same way some of you were three months back is still the same way you are now, no improvements whatsoever. Imagine if the Vampires actually meant to kill you lot because I am sure that wasn’t their plan because of the sort of injuries I saw and most of you were unharmed. But if they were actually here for war, you mean to tell me it will take you ten, twelve minutes to transform before you can defend yourself because I am sure by then you will all be singing with the Angels . They were only here to see how prepared you are but it’s clear you ain’t and when next they attack, you sure won’t be lucky. It’s so pathetic that they could do so much damage yet none of them were hurt because you all have been very lazy, it’s so shameful. Jason, I think you need to get your head sorted out quickly before I start doubting your Beta attributes because what I just witnessed is shameful to say the least. We are in the early hours of Saturday and so training begins on Sunday, I guess I have been too lenient with you all. ”
    I turned away in anger and urged the humans to pretend like they never saw or heard anything and make sure no other person hears of this, with that I left to carry out a plan of mine.
    Since Mrs Keller has explained what the woman in prison is to me, I should be able to talk some sense to her to stop the torment and pain she is making me pass through. I will sleep in the woods, probably next to a tree since she doesn’t torment me while in the woods.
    I got back home around 4am in the morning, I still have about two hours to get some sleep and start my plan.
    I met the three most important people in my life waiting for me in the living room but I wasn’t interested in talks right now.
    “Is everything alright, how are the wolves? ” Angel asked but I just ignored her and went upstairs to get some sleeping materials.
    When I came downstairs, I saw her crying,
    ” Is Jason Alright ” Audrey asked.
    ” He is very much well” I replied.
    “What do you mean by that? ” she asked.
    ” Why not call and ask him if there is anything he needs to discuss with you. ” I shot back at her.
    I ran quickly to the woods and found a big tree, didn’t bother to know which species, I just arranged my little tent, entered and went off to dreamland.
    “Did everything go as planned?” I asked.
    “Yes my Queen, everything went as planned. ” Damien replied.
    ” I hope you didn’t kill any of them ” I asked because I know Damien’s tendency to get carried away when it comes to killing.
    ” No my Queen, just Inflicted some injuries, nothing that won’t heal overtime. ”
    ” Good, you have done well, you can leave. ”
    The Vampires were eager to avenge George’s death but I won’t allow them, I want to kill each of those dogs with my bare hands and I couldn’t wait to rip out their leader’s heart, the one who killed the only person I knew as my Father, the one they call Richard and thanks to Mrs Keller, things are going as planned.
    To Be Continued…

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    Avatarashiko ben

    Episode 7

    I soon fell asleep, I woke up and found myself inside her Prison. I became afraid instantly because whenever I dream about her it’s more like I am an observer viewing from the outside but now I find myself inside her cell and I don’t why she wants me in here with her.
    The cell seems to have this air of depression, regret and a bit of remorse about it. I started seeing people I have killed, from the days I fought as a Soldier in the Vietnam War to the time I killed a man who was molesting his daughter and then the battle at Nolan Fields where I killed George. I began hearing a voice telling me I could have done it another way, I could have spoken to those soldiers I killed, I could have taken the crazy dad for counseling and I could have just forgiven George and let bygones be bygones.
    The longer I entertained the strange voice , the more depressed I became. I had to do something and fast, so I gave the voice very good reasons why I killed those people. A battle is not where speech is given, you either kill or get killed. The man who molested his daughter was beyond counseling because he tried to kill me after I got to know of his evil deeds, so I had to defend myself or get killed. George had to go, it was either him or me. After giving those reasons, the strange voice left me and I came back to myself.
    I looked around me and touched the walls of the cell which were as black as death. The moment I touched the walls, Lightening flashed through, forcing me to remove my hand. Lightening running through wood? That’s beyond weird, so it was the lightening that smoked the rest of the pillars inside out, I wouldn’t want such lightening near me.
    I turned around and looked above me but despite my good eyesight due to me being a werewolf, I couldn’t see top of the cell, it seems to have no ceiling and no beginning. I knew that was impossible, it was just very powerful magic at work, magic that seemed very ancient.
    The strange woman still haven’t said a word since I got into the prison which of course I knew it was her doing. I haven’t heard the usual tormenting voice reminding me to complete the rituals, I wonder what’s keeping her quiet..
    Her Chiton was shorter and now fastened around the waist revealing her beautiful legs. Does she get to change clothes? She still backed me and I wondered if she has been told not to face me or look at me because it’s getting annoying.
    “Hey Ollie, “I tried starting a conversation since she won’t talk and I called her Ollie because of her skin.
    She didn’t respond and so I decided to move closer to hear and touch her. I was about three feet from her when she spoke,
    ” Stop! do not come any closer. I do not like to be touched especially by a man. ”
    “Waoh, see who is talking! So you can speak English and yet decide to torment me with that annoying Greek language, that’s not fair and to think I am the only one who can set you free from this depressed hole.”
    “I didn’t mean any harm, I only sought to remind you of your destiny and my native language is not annoying. ”
    ” I nearly took my own life because of the constant migraines I had that my healing powers couldn’t heal, there are better ways to remind someone of something. ”
    I expected her to apologize but she didn’t even say a word after that.
    ” You know this is the part where you say I am sorry I didn’t mean to be that hard on you. ”
    ” I won’t apologize to a mere mortal, much less a man. If you had succeeded in killing yourself, someone else will simply replace you, I am in no hurry, I have eternity to wait.
    “She said in an angry tone.
    ” Alright, you won’t apologize and since you are in no hurry and you do not care about what happens to me, then I suppose you leave me alone and stop the torment or I will find other means to shut you out. I have a life and soon I will be a father, I do not need this constant distractions, you hate men so much yet, we are your salvation. Screw you! and just so you know, I am immortal. ”
    I didn’t wait for her reply or probably I wasn’t expecting her to reply me. I closed my eyes and opened them and found myself back in the woods, I looked at the time, it was 6:30 am. It was a Saturday, I decided to make good use of it by finding as much information as I could about this strange woman. Why does she hate men so much? Why did she say Greek is her native language? Why wont she look at me? Is she a monster or what? I needed answers to these questions and I know just the right place to start searching.
    To Be Continued…

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    Avatarashiko ben

    here it goes

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