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    Episode 8

    Richard once again ignored me and replied Audrey’s questions which wasn’t cool at all. I am his mate and Audrey is his sis, I mean I have apologized endlessly and still he won’t forgive me. I really don’t know what else he wants from me, now he has gone to the woods to sleep yet again and leave me to sleep on that king size bed all alone.
    I can’t continue to watch things fall apart and ignore the fact that Richard is slowing moving away from me, once he comes back from the woods, I am gonna give him a piece of me.
    But the moment he came, he didn’t even look my way or any of us, he just went in, showered, took his laptop and locked himself in the Library. Audrey later left to see Jason and Lucy left the house later on. I was lonely and knocked the library door several times but got no reply, I tried calling him but it went straight to voice-mail. I became restless and frustrated, I lost appetite and couldn’t eat even if I knew I should because of my present condition but everything had lost meaning because of Richard. I wish I wasn’t mean to him those past few months, I wish.
    Eventually in the evening, he came out looking frustrated, it seemed more like he didn’t get whatever he was looking for, he saw me and just smiled and then he went up the stairs. He smiled at me! , well I guess that’s a good thing and so I followed him, he was sitting on the bed when I entered, immediately I jumped on him, teased him by playing with his hair and stylishly unbuckling his belt. I tried to kiss him but he just turned his face and stopped my hands from completing it’s mission. He gently carried me off him and dropped me on the bed, got to his feet and buckled back his belt.
    “What more do you want from me Richard, I already apologized.” I said, crying between.
    “Oh.. Oh.. Now you wanna have S£x, when I seemingly begged for it weeks past, do you yield to my request, nah you didn’t. You know what Angel, I might actually forgive you if you actually show genuine remorse for the hell you made me past through for good three months. You are not sorry for what you did, you are only sorry because you are scared that you might lose me to someone else, tell me I am wrong. ”
    ” Isn’t that a good reason, I watched you nearly take your own life some days back and then I realized the sort of damage my negligence may have done to you……. ”
    ” You know what just stop, hearing you talk this way breaks my heart, so you wanna tell me you didn’t know how much pain I was going through that month, you didn’t feel I was close to my breaking point. Angel, for Heaven Sake, we are telepathically linked, whatever I feel you feel also except you deliberately ignored the signs and warnings. I fell in love with you because you were crazy Alright but you were direct, I am an emotional wreck but you stabilize me because of your direct personality but maybe that got into you and you felt you could behave like everyone else Be extra mean and keep grudges but the thing is, you are not everyone, you are my mate and so if Lucy and Audrey decide not to talk to me, you shouldn’t do the same because you are far more important to me than they are but I guess you don’t know that. I still love you, there is no doubt about that but I want to see the woman I fell in love with not this mean, desperate person in front of me who thinks she can get away with whatever she does, right now, I do not know you and until I feel genuine remorse from you, our differences remain. ”
    With that, he left for the woods again, Richard doesn’t want me again, he has left me in a far worse state than before probably I shouldn’t have indulge him in any conservation but still I guess I deserve whatever I am getting from him now.
    I searched for hours but nothing concrete came forth, I read various stories that had a Greek speaking female hunter in Prison but all I got were nonsense about Greek and Roman gods. If only I could see her face it will help a great deal. I gave up the search without getting any answers to my questions and Angel didn’t help by constantly disturbing my focus knocking tirelessly, I just don’t know what’s with her, she doesn’t want to talk and now she suddenly does.
    I came out of the Library because the strange woman said she wanted to talk, now she wants to talk, guess she is lonely. I smiled at Angel to keep her at ease because of her pregnancy but that gave her the needed courage to come for me
    and begin her irritating moves for S£x. I really don’t get why some women think they can get feuds settled by making moves for S£x, most times it doesn’t work that way and now was one of such times.
    I am trying to find solution to a problem and at least I expected her to ask what I have been doing locked up inside the library all day but instead she jumps on me and starts unbuckling my belt, it so reeks of desperation. It’s so obvious she is scared of losing me to someone or probably she thinks I am already seeing someone else. It just irritated me and after telling her the truth to her face, I left for the woods.
    I erected my tent and soon I slept off, waking up inside the strange woman’s cell.
    She was putting on a very beautiful Chiton, that hugged her body More than it should. Her hair was tied in a pony tail and I just wished I could see her face.
    “Are you still angry or is it mad at me, I really don’t get your ur English language ”
    ” Is that your way of saying you are sorry? ”
    ” You sound angry, had a fight with someone? ”
    ” You know, saying you are sorry won’t kill you, gosh! you are so annoying. ”
    She laughed, before saying
    ” I won’t give you what you want, such teasing may work on humans but certainly not me. I won’t show you my face because I know that’s your aim, so you might want to try harder. ”
    D--n!! How did she know that?
    ” Why do you mean by that, aren’t you human yourself? ”
    ” How is your wife, you said earlier that you will soon be a father, I take it that she is pregnant,
    Right?? ”
    Once again, she skipped my question.
    “Yeah, you are right but we have a little misunderstanding, I and my mate.”
    “Misunderstanding, anyway, I wouldn’t know, I have never been in any relationship before. ”
    ” Really, I thought that was what brought you here. ”
    “You know nothing about me, William. Whatever you might have been told is a lie. I heard you say you have a mate, you can only have one mate Richard and unfortunately you are not the one to choose. In a normal wolf setting, the female wolf chooses her mate and not the other way around. Soon, your fur will return to how it should be. ”
    That took me by surprise, if what she just said is true, it’s means I have already been taken long before I had a choice, what nonsense. I thought Mrs Keller was spewing thrash when she said this strange woman was my forgotten mate.
    A woman can’t just pick me, I have to fall in love with her and I am sure as hell ain’t in love with this woman. Who will love someone who hates men anyway, is such a person capable of love in the first place.
    “Well, if it works for animals, it sure doesn’t work for humans. I have chosen my mate and I love her. I think we have had quite the talk, I need to go now. Lovely dress you have there though, shame I don’t get to see your blush, see you later Ollie. ”
    “My name is not Ollie and you can’t run away from the truth forever.”
    I just ignored her and returned back to the woods. I Still don’t understand how she gets to change clothes, or probably it’s some kind of Illusion. I got up from the tent, and was on my way back to the house when I saw Audrey approaching my direction.
    “Richard, we need to talk. ”
    To Be Continued…

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    this woman is really disturbing

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    this one don turn Indian marriage pattern wey female wolf go choose male as mate

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    this false soulmate should do and show herself

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    NICE 1

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    time to bookmark myself

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    Bring more

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