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    Hope Richard’s attitude towards his other half won’t go over board. You guys need to learn how to forgave each other else u all will end up pocketing “Had I Know”. I just hope it won’t be too late then. Ride on bro! I’m trailing keenly.

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    Avatarashiko ben

    Episode 9

    I listened keenly to the conversation between Richard and Angel and I actually understood his point of view. He was right by saying he expected far better decision making from his mate but putting a pregnant woman under that sort of pressure is never a good thing. I was also shocked when Angel said he almost took his own life, and it was there and then I concluded that whatever happened to him while I was still his wife was no coincidence. It was deliberate and I still didn’t know why but for the past two days now, Richard was looking more and more himself. He is getting his groove back but he doesn’t want to talk about it, which he will if I keep pestering him.
    As soon as he left for the woods in what has become a regular routine, I left my room and entered theirs where I met Angel seated on the bed crying.
    I closed the door behind me and approached her,
    “Stop crying dear and listen to me ”
    ” I don’t know what’s come over him, he is the forgiving type but now he just keeps saying vile things. I told him I am so sorry.. I am sorry ” she said in between tears.
    ” I know you are sorry but he won’t believe you now because you are only desperate to get him back which is quite different from when one is sorry. Richard behaves like a kid sometimes and you have to be mean a little to him once in a while but you over did it and in the process he now thinks you are a wicked mate.
    There are things we can do and get away with but you don’t have such privilege, he still loves you which is a plus and I think your hormonal changes due to your pregnancy might have been part of the reasons . I will speak with him on your behalf because you can’t do that now, since he doesn’t believe in your remorse but please promise me this won’t repeat itself again, promise me. ”
    ” It won’t, I promise and thanks for everything. ”
    “Alright, get some sleep.”
    I watched her sleep before going outside to wait for Richard, I sat on the bench facing the woods reading some story on my surface pro.
    I remembered what happened earlier today and I felt a little sad. Jason decided to break up with me because he couldn’t understand the relationship between me and Richard. I didn’t even bother to explain myself because I got to see his new girlfriend right there with him at his place, she is a beauty though and I wished him a successful relationship. He can’t understand the bond between me and his coach and I can’t just let go of Richard, I think the break-up was ultimately for his own good.
    At few minutes past five, I heard the crushing of leaves and I knew it was Richard and so I stopped my reading and walked towards his direction.
    I told him we needed to have a talk.
    “Alright, lead the way. ” he said.
    I led him to the bench and we both sat down.
    ” Richard, you need to forgive Angel and let that matter die. I know she……. ”
    ” Wait..wait.. Wait.. Is it because I answered your questions earlier, you think we are cool? ”
    ” I care less about that, I knew you were in pains and you think I was happy to see the very reason why I was forced to perform a spell that eventually killed you happening yet again. I haven’t been myself since it started manifesting again and it’s one of the reasons things didn’t work with Jason and I because you were constantly in my thoughts. I couldn’t discuss it with you because the one person who should actually be bothered about it wasn’t and so I kept my worries to myself.
    But your childish attitude cannot continue, you need to need to start acting like an Alpha. If Angel is misbehaving, you are to put her in her place and I am sure if you weren’t apologizing like a teenager who cheated on his girlfriend, this feud between you both wouldn’t have lasted this long.
    Angel is your Mate, you chose her, she didn’t choose you. She should be the one fighting to hold on to you and not the other way round. Your past behavior made you look like a weakling that she felt she could do whatever she wants to, but now that you are acting as you should, she is finally coming around.
    But for now, end this once and for all, she is pregnant, she doesn’t need all this from you, rather you need to show your fatherly attitude and all. Moreover you do not want your enemies to know that there is a misunderstanding between you both, it can prove very disastrous. Will you do this? ”
    ” I will do what you want on one condition”
    “What is the condition? ”
    ” Tell me why you didn’t say anything about having a second son for me. ”
    ” Oh.. That…. Um…. I had my reasons ranging from Jealousy to many other things. Yes, I was jealous because I couldn’t have you to myself anymore. Also, I hated myself for denying My son the privilege of knowing his father because of my desperation. I think that’s all. ”
    ” So how was he like, our son ”
    ” He was just like you then, tall, blue eyed, and mischievous. But surprisingly, he didn’t get to be a wolf which I still can’t explain up to this moment. He died a natural death at age eighty-five and I named him after you. ” I said smiling.
    He was crying after my tale , Jeez!! He is just so emotional.
    ” Alright, I will visit Angel now.”
    “May i ask who told you about that and why does your eyes look dazed whenever you return from the woods. ”
    “Don’t worry, we will discuss about that later, I can never seem to hide anything from you.”
    His countenance changed after I told him about our son and then he did what he has been holding on to for quite some time now.
    He kissed me fully on my lips but I wanted more and so I held on longer but he managed to free himself from my hold.
    “Nah.. Nah….. I got a mate to cuddle, some other time. ”
    With that he left for the kitchen.
    I smiled because I have achieved my aim, I now know the reason why he keeps having these pains and why he keeps going into the forest just from that kiss.
    Seeing Audrey wasn’t what I was expecting but it was worth it, sometimes I just wish I could Marry her all over again. She has that maturity Lucy and Angel might never have.
    I got to know my son was named William, probably William the second but I didn’t ask the number of children he had, will ask some other time.
    I needed to make amends, I don’t think Angel ate that much yesterday, so I must prepare something for her this morning. Hmm, what could that be??
    I know she is not a huge fan of Apple pie, she only eats it because of me, well that’s one of only the meals I know how to prepare properly, except for Spaghetti.
    I decided to keep it simple and prepare Tea and Biscuits.
    I did just that and Carried it off to our room. Angel was still asleep when I opened the door, so I kept the tray on a drawer close to the bed and sat gently beside her sleeping frame.
    I tickled her gently and that woke her up,
    “Hey, morning ”
    ” Morning, how are you feeling now? ” she smiled before answering,
    ” I am well, I should be asking you that question. ”
    ” I am Alright, I don’t think you ate much yesterday, so I prepared this for you. ”
    ” Waoh!! Thanks”
    She turned her gaze to the ground before saying,
    “Richard, I am so sor……”
    “Shhh…. That’s okay.. It’s alright. Come here ”
    I pulled her closer to me and kissed her hair, I inhaled deeply and I regretted doing so immediately.
    ” Your hair stinks, you need a shower “I said smiling.
    ” Jeez, couldn’t you have said it in a nicer way. Let me eat, I am so hungry “she replied, hitting me mildly on my thighs.
    To Be Continued…

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    Avatarashiko ben

    Episode 10

    I covered my genital and ran upstairs to wear some clothes to cover my unclothedness. I came back downstairs to bring in Coach since the house was on lockdown. Coach didn’t look happy when he saw the injured among us, he went straight into the business of fixing them and he did quite well but he was a bit brutal in his execution. I guess he was really pissed that we could be so dominated by ordinary vampires, although I won’t say Vampires like Damien are ordinary.
    The screams from the Injured must have gotten into April and that made her come to me for comfort. She hugged me so tight and before I could say Jack, her lips were on mine. She knew I couldn’t refuse her in public, and I didn’t. Her lips were so soft, I didn’t want to stop and she was a very good kisser but a cough from Coach forced me to stop. Coach was really angry, my wolves were just beaten silly by vampires and coach was fixing my mistake, the least I could was show remorse but instead I was busy eating Sanchez’s lips.
    I guess that’s what pushed him to ask Luke to get something hard and the crazy dude went for an aquarium, I just couldn’t stop laughing because I thought I was gonna smash the d--n thing, but I was wrong because I ended up with a broken wrist like the rest of the wolves. It was embarrassing to say the least and Coach was beyond mad, he spoke of how he disappointed in us, he even doubted my Beta abilities Which was a huge slap on my face. He left after conversing with the scared humans and then calling for training on Sunday which I know won’t be business as usual.
    “Isn’t that the chemistry teacher? Gosh! He is so hot when he is pissed ” I heard Sanchez say.
    I gave her a” What the Fvck ” look, and she said,
    ” Hey common, every girl in school has a crush on him. So, is he your wolf leader or what and what did he mean by vampires. He was joking right? ”
    I turned my gaze away from her and replied,
    ” I wish he was. ”
    I wasn’t happy one bit, I mean I should have known that there was gonna be an attack, why did I even think all will be well after what we did that day ; killing the best among them and most especially their Creator. What was I thinking, banging Sanchez or getting her to say yes. My stupidity could have cost lives and what was I and Luke gonna tell the police, that we were attacked by Vampires. We will just be thrown into an Asylum, and how would Luke’s parents take it all, that I was a bad influence on their son, the blame will finally rest on me. Luke’s parents were filthy rich and quite influential, they will find a way out for their only child but who will stick their neck for me, no one will. My scholarship will be revolved, jeez!! What was I thinking?
    I haven’t been training as I used to because of Audrey and now Sanchez, d--n it, this has to stop. I need to stay away from love and women now, they are no good to me.
    Soon, morning came and everyone found their way Back home including me.
    I was on to some press-up when I heard the bell, someone was at the door and it was Audrey.
    “Morning beautiful “I greeted.
    ” Morning Handsome “she replied.
    ” I heard about what happened, are you Alright ” she asked.
    ” Yeah, I am okay. Just a scare attack from the Vampires, minor injuries, nothing more. ”
    ” That’s good, I was a bit worried after how Richard came in this morning. ”
    ” About that, um… Audrey, I really like you but I think you have your mind somewhere else. You are worried about your brother and I have been too for quite some time now. I think he needs you more now, I am not sure he can handle what’s happening with him but you can help him. He is our Leader and if he is lost, then we are screwed. I have had it to tell about this for a while now, I think we both need a break from all this. I haven’t been myself for the last three months and Coach is really mad with me after what happened yesterday. I really don’t have another family apart from this werewolf pack, Coach has been like a father to me and I don’t like to disappoint him. ”
    ” It’s alright Jason, It’s my fault, I kept a lot of pressure on you because I couldn’t check my emotions. You are still quite young and soon you will be able to manage both a relationship and a family. Do take care of yourself. “She said before kissing me fully on her lips and then she took her leave.
    She didn’t even try to dissuade me, guess she has been expecting it. Just as she opened the door to leave, April was there standing. I wonder how long she has been there listening.
    She greeted Audrey, who replied and she entered with a scowl on her face asking,
    “Who was that, your girlfriend? ”
    “My ex.”
    “Yeah, your ex-, you just broke up with her that’s why she was a little sad when I saw her. So you had a girlfriend and you were all mad at me for sleeping with Luke, you fvcking hypocrite! You know what, stay away from me, Freak!!” she said before heading for the exit, slamming door in the process.
    “Oh Jason, I thought I warned you against doing such… Slamming the door. ”
    ” Sorry ma’am, it won’t happen again. ” I replied my next door neighbor.
    Waoh, what a day this has been, I have lost Audrey and now April, and Coach is pissed with me. What a blessed Saturday!
    Argument the previous night, makeup breakfast in the morning, oh how sweet is that. So what happened between the space of four hours that changed Richard’s mind towards Angel.
    After they both showered together, Richard came downstairs alone but not before greeting Audrey who was still in her room. What the hell happened? , why the sudden change, if he is cool with both of them, it remains just me who he is still having a feud with.
    I got dressed in my training kits because I knew that he was going for his morning training and I want a private discussion with him.
    I found him on the treadmill and greeted him. He didn’t answer, he just continued running, that got me Pissed and so I switched off the machine which made him look my way, although he wasn’t smiling.
    “What do you want with a Jerk? ”
    ” Love and respect. ”
    ” Yeah right, what you are not capable of, you want it given to you. ”
    ” What do you mean by that? ”
    ” Everything it should mean, let me ask you something, what does being mated, I mean being married means to you?”
    ” Um.. Nothing special, just two compatible people living together. ”
    ” That’s why it was so easy for you to sell me out to your father, because after all, I was just a means to an end. Marriage to me is putting someone above everyone and everything else. I guess you saw that in me, that’s why I was so easy for you to fool.
    You were rejected that’s why you came back and it baffles me to think that you think that you still have a say in how I behave towards you. You saved my life, true and I killed your father, also true. But you were no longer a daughter to him, you were just who you are, a rat, yes… A rat. You betrayed the one you loved and at the end, you lost two loved ones. You should be grateful i accepted you back and how do you thank?. …. by acting like a bittch… Do you think I feel happy when I kill people, do you……..”
    I couldn’t take his insults anymore, I growled and went after him but just as I was about to touch him, lightening, bright white lightening surged from Richard hands and blasted me deep into the walls of the barn.
    The last thing I heard before I lost consciousness was… Richard screaming
    “Jesus!!!! Lucy!!!!”

    To Be Continued…

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    hmm Richard using lightening isn’t that weird

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    Lucy i hope u survive this one

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    Audrey i hope u know something about this

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    finally the mates have settled their issues

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