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    Jason face the pack and be concerned with the security of the pack

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    next update…

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    lil tunchilil tunchi

    is Richard some sought of a wizard

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    Peace at last.

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    Next please

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    I finally caught up wt u guys

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    Avatarashiko ben

    Episode 11

    I watched as Angel ate, it’s been a while since that happened. The crumbs of the biscuit stayed at the sides of her lips and made her look like her baby, I chuckled at the sight of that,
    “What? ” she asked after she heard me chuckle.
    ” Nothing” I replied.
    As soon as she was through with eating, I led her to the shower where we had a bath together, it was fun and she was really happy to have things settled between us.
    After the shower, I told her she needed to get some rest while I go prepare for today’s training. After cuddling her in bed and watch go to sleep, I wore my training kits and said hello to Audrey who was still on her bed.
    I did some press-ups and was on the treadmill when Lucy came in her usual training wear. She greeted me for the first time in what’s been like ages but I refused to reply her which didn’t augur with her as she switched off the machine.
    Well, she had my attention and I gave just what she wanted to release the rage and hate she has towards me.
    It worked because she came after me with malice but the unbelievable happened ; the moment Lucy was about to get hold of me, something surged within me so fast, I couldn’t stop it and the next thing I saw was lightening so vicious springing from my hands and blasting her into the walls of the barns.
    I screamed and went after her, but the sight was horrible. The skin of the top half of her body was smeared by the lightening and was tar black. Her whole chest region received the full impact of the lightening and unfortunately this was no ordinary lightening. Her bosoms and stomach were totally ruined by the close impact, not even Audrey’s lightening could do such damage. The reaction on Lucy’s skin shows the lightening was more than 3500v in power. The lightening was bright white and had a little of blue in it. I have seen such lightening before, I looked at the walls and it came rushing to my head, the walls, yes.. The prison of Ollie.
    It all makes sense now, I know I can’t conjure lightening, it must be the work of Ollie. But why did she have to do that?
    I had to leave such thoughts when a groan left Lucy’s mouth, I quickly went over to her and gently Carried her to the house.
    Her breathing was heavy and she was already healing though at a very slow rate, which was quite unusual.
    “Audrey, please come down here, I need your help.” I screamed.
    Putting Lucy gently on the couch, I ripped the remnants of her sports bra and the sight of those once lovely bosoms were now more like an horror movie.
    “What the Fvck happened Richard, what did you do? ” A surprised Audrey asked.
    ” We are having an argument when Lucy came after me but just as she got too close to me, lightening came out of my hands and did this to her. It happened so fast, I couldn’t control it.”
    “When did you start conjuring lightening? What aint you telling me Richard? ”
    ” Not now Audrey, just help with a shirt for her, please. ”
    She gave me a weird look before leaving to get the shirt.
    Lucy was still healing slowly and her breathing was getting stable. I was really sad and pissed at the same time,I am so gonna kill Ollie today.
    Audrey brought the shirt and I helped Lucy in wearing it. She still haven’t opened her eyes, I decided to stay with her, resting her head on my thighs.
    “I know all about the strange woman, Richard ” I heard Audrey say. How did she know that, I haven’t said a word about it to anyone save Mrs Keller.
    ” What do you mean? ”
    ” Oh please, don’t play dumb, the woman who has been tormenting you and I am sure she is the same woman who made me kill you . ”
    “How did.. Wait….. The kiss, the kiss of this morning. D--n it! I didn’t want anyone to know, anyway I have it under control.”
    “Indeed, you do. She pushed you to nearly take your life, and now she made you almost smoke Lucy to death I really don’t think you believe what you just said. ”
    ” Everything is fine, you have nothing to worry about. I need you to stop worrying. ” I said.
    Audrey later left when she saw I wasn’t in the mood to talk anymore.
    I sent a text to Jason telling him to tell his boys that the training has been cancelled, till next week for personal reasons.
    By noon, I got tired of sitting and decided to carry Lucy to her room. I laid her on her bed and sat beside her. I looked around and saw pictures of Lucy and I when we were still together. I don’t remember taking these pictures with a Camera, she must have gotten it printed from her phone.
    At the bottom of the pics, she wrote “I am sorry” I couldn’t tell if she was referring to me or something else. Lucy still feels guilty about what she did but her pride won’t let her admit it, I hope she comes through, we still have a lot to talk about but I just couldn’t wait for night fall for me to do some tongue lashing.
    Angel later came and had this strange look on her face, she looked both happy and sad at the same time. After doing some checks she left, I moved Lucy’s shirt to check how her healing was going. Her skin was returning to its previous state but I couldn’t just stop wondering why the healing is taking so long.
    Soon night came and quickly I sat on the end of the bed and laid on my back falling asleep in no time. I opened my eyes and found myself in Ollie’s Prison and with the burning rage I have been hiding since morning I unleashed my fury on Ollie.
    “You soulless demon, how could you do something so vile and wicked to an innocent woman?”
    “I had to, she had intentions of hurting you”
    “She didn’t, it was just her way of expressing her anger, a harmless move from her. But how would you know when you have never been in a relationship before, locked her for almost eternity. Aren’t you tired of ruining my life……. ”
    ” Watch your words with me Mortal, or.. ”
    “…. Or what, you will strike me too with lightening” with each words i advanced towards her, about three feet from her, she screamed,
    “Stop, Richard, stop!!! Don’t come any closer. ”
    ” I won’t if you apologize ”
    ” I don’t apologize to beings below me ” She shot back at me, The Fvck does that mean?
    ” Fine, I will force you to. ” Despite her warning, I came closer and just as I was about to grab her shoulders, lightening came out of the wooden floor forcing a circle around her, unfortunately I was midway through the circle, I guess I wasn’t supposed to be in there and the lightening blasted me with so much force I landed at the wall of the prison where another bolt of lightening sent me across the floor. I was toasted from my legs to my neck, like really smoked. I smelt like burnt flesh.
    “You stubborn mule of a human, I warned you not to come closer….. ”
    Ollie was just ranting, I guess she didn’t know I was still conscious and so I used my remaining strength to stay upright by resting on my elbows and I met the face of Ollie talking and looking down, she was beautiful, words cannot describe her beauty.
    Her nose,…. I was unable to finish my observation because she suddenly looked up and our eyes met, and then I realised why she didn’t want to reveal her face because of her eyes.
    Her eyes were so black, it was like a hole in her sockets and the moment you look in them, one seems Lost in them.
    I heard a faint “no oo…. close your eyes” but it was too late, the damage had already been done.
    I woke up in Lucy’s bedroom, i knew this because I could feel myself on something soft, but when I opened my eyes, I couldn’t see anything, everywhere was black. I have lost my sight,
    “Oh my God! I can’t see, I can’t Bleeping see ” I screamed along with the pains that came from my smoked body.
    To Be Continued…

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    Avatarashiko ben

    Episode 12

    I watched in disbelief as Richard in his wolf form tore George apart limb by limb. Mrs Keller left her husband and decided to save me, which to me was a strange decision, she said she couldn’t have both George and I perish at the hands of Richard but why she never gave her husband the benefit of the doubt still baffles me till today and I haven’t found an answer to that question, but I guess she was right in her strange choice that day because George was totally humiliated.
    Each of his agonizing screams brought tears to my eyes and finally it was all over when his head was separated from his shoulders. But the worst was yet to come when I watched those little wolves scratch, dragged and eventually rip the hearts of my crew including those of my brothers and finally a mixture of lightening and fire made sure I had nothing to bury or mourn when it was either of their birthdays.
    Right there, I swore I will get my pound of flesh, I will rip each of those wolves heart out and then I will torture Richard for all eternity.
    After the battle, Mrs Keller took us home where we found few vampires including Damien, how and when he left the battle was a mystery but he made the right choice. We never expected that much power from Richard and most importantly we never expected a witch, that just ruined our strategies.
    Damien had already broken the sad news to everyone but I reconfirmed it and show everyone the ring George gave me a day before his death. Immediately they saw the ring, they are went on their knees, Damien inclusive and that was the only humorous thing on a day that has to be the worst day of my life.
    News went out that the all-father has been killed by a werewolf and that I am now the one to helm the affairs of Vampires worldwide.
    Surprisingly, I didn’t get any objections or an uprising but I think that has to be the work of Mrs Keller.
    For the past three months, I have been obsessed with Richard and his pack, I had people watch him but we still haven’t found his house, all we know is that he lives outside the city. Bugs have been planted on his car on several occasions but they seem to stop transmitting signals whenever he is outside town. People who have followed him say they do not see his car anymore after he has left town, he is protected by powerful magic and he is a very careful fellow but that’s obviously not the case with his wolves.
    We have watched the few who didn’t transform on the day of battle and when we got word that there will be a party at Luke’s place, I sent some of my best hands headed by Damien who has somehow become more ruthless these days.
    True to our suspicions, all of the wolves were from the football team Richard was heading, because as soon some of the wolves we knew were taken down, the rest ran behind a big Brown wolf who we believe is Jason, their team captain. We now know his entire pack and their identities and if we can’t get to Richard directly, we will get him through his wolves.
    Mrs Keller have been very helpful but I still don’t trust her and I never have. I got word that she visited Richard in school and whenever I mention killing Richard, she always has this weird look on her face like it was a taboo to utter such.
    Well, whatever the case maybe, I still need her help to enact my vengeance on Cypher and his dogs.
    Richard’s sudden scream of him being unable to see woke me up and quickly I ran to Lucy’s room where I saw something that doesn’t look like the Richard I just saw a few hours ago.
    He looked like a barbecue gone wrong and I couldn’t help but scream, whenever happened to Lucy who was still in coma has happened to Richard, only that his was a lot worse.
    He looked like he was fried by electricity from a substation, his skin was like a volcano destroyed earth that later dried up but his face was fine, I didn’t know how he was still breathing but his eyes, they looked smoked.
    “Audrey, is that you? “he asked.
    ” Sweet Theresa, what happened Richard, what did you do that made that evil woman do this to you? ”
    ” It’s not her fault, it’s mine. She warned me but I didn’t listen, please access my eyes.”
    I did as he asked and discovered that his cornea was totally destroyed by whatever happened to him. From what I saw, it was more like he was exposed to something extremely bright, he was lucky that his optical nerves weren’t affected, else it would have a different story all together. His body was healing quite rapidly unlike that of Lucy’s but no matter the speed, he won’t be able see for at least a day.
    “You should be fine by tomorrow morning, but Richard, you need to start talking. You can’t handle this strange woman alone, she is obviously extremely powerful and might destroy you again. There is something entirely different about that woman, because from the memories, I could sense her aura, and I can confidently tell you that hers is not earthly, this woman is not of this world, so the earlier you start talking, the better.
    I heard someone open the door after my screams and asked if it was who I thought it was, It was no other but Audrey.
    She screamed immediately she saw me, I guess I really look like an horror scene. After accessing me, she said I had a day to recover, which was quite fast but that means I won’t be in school today and I didn’t let the principal know before today. I begged Audrey to help me take care of that and I that I will be needing two days off. I know she would ask for something in return and so I told her everything that has occurred for the last three months. She was quiet after my speech and then she said,
    “You need to find out more about her, she obviously cares for you and I think she has her own way of displaying her emotions. Your speedy healing is actually because of her, I can sense her aura around you, her powers are in you but her presence isn’t, which is quite strange, but you need to bring out more of such emotions, win her heart and find out everything you can about her, let her do the talking while you listen because she obviously haven’t had someone to talk to for countless centuries. You need to know the sort of person you want to release into this world, there is a reason she is still there, there is a reason why her dad hasn’t released her. You must find out quickly, there isn’t time much left. ”
    ” I will do just that, take me to the Library, and please do not allow Angel to see me this way, please. ”
    She nodded and helped in walking me to the Library. She was right, no sane Father will leave his daughter in such a place except if she must have done something really despicable, and that I must unravel.
    To Be Continued…

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