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    Richard u loosing ur sight for a day or so is weird

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    Audrey u should look for a way to know this woman well before it gets too late

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    hmm team captain u look for a way and take care of this pack of wolves by watching each others back and being extra careful

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    Oga Richard tell Audrey everything

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    next update….

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    Avatarashiko ben

    Episode 13

    I woke up to find myself on my bed, I tried to sit up but I had difficulty doing that because my back was a little stiff.
    “Hey, careful, let me help with that. “I heard Richard say.
    He helped me and then returned back to his sitting position.
    ” What happened? How did I get here? ”
    Richard twisted his lips before replying, meaning I am likely gonna hit him after hearing what he is about to say.
    ” Um, I provoked you at the gym and then you came at me, my body defended itself by blasting you with lightening. You were smoked from chest to your stomach and it took you approximately 60 hours to heal. ”
    ” Wait,.. I have been here for almost three days now. Waoh! You really defended your self well. ”
    ” I am sorry, I swear I didn’t mean to, I only wanted you to pour out that anger that was slowing eating you away… I… ”
    I didn’t let him finish, I pulled him closer and kissed him on his lips. I missed this and this was the reason I was mad at him and not the bullshit he was uttering three days back.
    I didn’t know where the strange energy came from because I felt really weak earlier, but I was soon on my knees tearing Richard’s clothes apart but suddenly, he stopped and moved away from me after his wristwatch ticked, some kinda of alarm I guess.
    “waoh, that was fast, I really want to continue but I have to be in the woods now, we will continue another time. ”
    He said then he kissed his goodbye.
    It was Eleven in the night, what the hell is he doing in the woods and why did that silly clock tick just when we were about to start.
    D--n it, I have been envious of the special treatments he gives Angel just because she is pregnant, I want that too. I want to have a child for Richard after all, I am his first mate.
    I woke up and showered immediately, I called out Richard but he didn’t answer me, not once. I mean before he goes to work, he usually greets or kiss me even when we had our differences.
    I looked at the clock, it was past six in the morning. I went down to the kitchen, he wasn’t there, called out for him, there was still no reply. I checked for him in Lucy’s room but he wasn’t there.
    I saw Audrey coming out from the library and asked about Richard whereabouts.
    “Have you seen Richard, he doesn’t go to work without letting me know. ”
    ” Yeah, he is in the Library, he has taken two days off and doesn’t want to be disturbed.”
    “What do you mean by he doesn’t want to be disturbed. I am his wife and I want to see him now!” I screamed but she held me back from going into the library.
    “Will you take your hands off me, I want to see my husband. ”
    ” I can’t let you see him because he said so, now move along. ”
    I was mad with rage but I had to control myself, I know I am no match for Audrey, only Richard I have seen match Audrey toe to toe.
    I just turned away and went to the kitchen to prepare something for myself. I later went off to my room when it seemed Audrey didn’t want to leave her new duties of Manning the library door. I patiently waited and soon fell asleep. I woke up the next morning to find Richard staring at me.
    Immediately, my rage returned and I went after him, but he pleaded with me not to touch him that I could call him every bad name in the world but I shouldn’t hit him.
    Hmmm, was it because of what happened to Lucy,but he can’t hurt me, I am his wife.
    “I am your wife Richard, you can’t possibly harm me. ”
    ” It doesn’t work that way, at least for now. Honestly, I don’t think I own my body anymore. Something bad happened to me yesterday morning and I didn’t want you to see me that way because it might have the wrong effects on you. I know you feel I am hiding things from you but I swear you don’t want to know what’s going on with me now, just trust me on this. I love you,my Angel. ”
    He kissed me after saying that before he leaving for his jogging, he still wasn’t going to work today and he won’t tell me why and yet he calls me his wife.
    Few minutes after Audrey walked me into the Library, Angel came calling. I was tempted to answer her but I didn’t as Audrey left the library to confront her. I know Audrey to be kind and I am sure if Angel had picked her words better than she did, may be Audrey would have allowed her see me. Angel’s constant use of “my husband” irritated Audrey and that forced her to dismiss Angel quite rudely. Anyway, my mind centered on Ollie and the various angles I will kick start my conservation with her. I stayed that way thinking till the next day, I couldn’t sleep because I know where I would find myself. By Five the next morning, my eyes stopped aching and I tried to open them again. I did and it was all blurry, but soon things became clearer and by I had my eye sight back, Audrey was the first person I saw that morning and I gave her the kiss she deserved. I went upstairs to see my wife but she was still asleep and I used that opportunity to take a shower.
    I checked my skin and everything was back to how it was, no scars and marks.
    I sat beside Angel on the bed and waited for her to wake up which she finally did two hours later.
    The moment she saw me, she came after me with her eyes glowing, I smelt trouble when my hands began to vibrate again, meaning another bolt of lightening was getting ready. I can’t allow my wife carrying my unborn children to get smoked, she might not be that lucky.
    Immediately, I moved away and begged her not to touch and thank the heavens she listened. She was disappointed I couldn’t tell her what’s happening with me, but it’s for her own good that I don’t.
    I left for my morning exercise and later spent the rest of the day talking with Audrey and Angel. In the evening, I checked on Lucy and discovered that she was fully healed, although I couldn’t resist the urge not to caress her bosoms a little which I think eased her out of coma. She later woke up and soon she gave in to the heat i started few minutes back, I wanted it too because in truth Lucy brings out another side of me in bed, her eyes, her stares, her moans, Christ! She is the reason S£x was created.
    But I had to go when my alarm rang, meaning it was time meet Ollie.
    Lucy was not too happy about my sudden leaving but I had to go. I ran into the woods, set up my tent and I had no problem falling asleep since I haven’t slept for a while now.
    I woke up in Ollie’s cell but I couldn’t seem to find her. I walked around the cell but she was no where to be found.
    Suddenly, I heard her whisper,
    “Hmm, I can smell a woman all over you. You had S£x before coming here? ”
    ” Will you reveal yourself, when do you suddenly care if I have S£x. ”
    She didn’t speak for a while and soon she appeared inches away from my face. She is suddenly now my height and I was looking directly into her eyes without getting smoked.
    ” What’s going on, how are you suddenly as tall as I am, and why isn’t my eyes burning out. ”
    ” I know you are here for answers to questions that has been eating you up. Whatever you were told about me isn’t true, I will answer your some of your questions today but not all. There are some I won’t be able to answer else I will remain Here forever. ”
    I barely listening to what she was saying because of her perfect face. I just wanted to kiss her lips and as soon as she was through, I went for her lips but she immediately disappeared again, laughing.
    “Well, that isn’t funny Ollie. ”
    ” Well, you need to control your urges, you don’t have to act on everything that arouses you. ”
    She appeared once more but she was seated on the floor, still putting on her Chiton, although this time, it was pure white . I dont know the reason for her sudden happiness,
    ” I still hate men, William but I don’t hate you. Well let me begin by saying, my name isn’t Ollie. My name is Artemis…….
    To Be Continued…

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    Avatarashiko ben

    Episode 14

    “Artemis, the the proud and vengeful goddess, the sweet pie of her Father,….. How the Fvck did you end up in prison? Who still believes in all these crap about Greek and Roman gods and their dumb goddesses with such shitty names. ” I scoffed just to spite her because I just didn’t want to believe she is a goddess.
    She didn’t look amused after what I said or probably she was pissed that I cut her off.
    ” Let me finish William. I am Artemis the goddess……. ”
    ” Yea.. Yea, I know okay, Artemis the daughter of Zeus and Leto and half sister to Apollo. You helped your mum give birth to your brother, how that was possible still remains a mystery to me
    You are the goddess of the hunt, wildlife, natural environment, protector of women, childbirth, virginity, chastity and the goddess of the moon. I know all about you and the countless evils you have done to men, women, gods and goddesses who were either more beautiful or better than you in one aspect or the other,that’s if you are telling the truth about who you are.
    So please, skip the d--n intro and tell me what the Fvck you want from me and what you did and why I should complete the ritual that releases you into the world again. ”
    I was talking and walking around and I didn’t get to see her face while I did so, when I stopped, I looked and oh boy, she was fvcking pissed. I should be afraid but instead I wanted to see more of that anger that has destroyed countless lives. So I continued to tease her,
    “What are you going do, turn me to a stag, make me dumb, shoot me with your Arrow and turn me to a serial killer. Oh…. You look surprised, I do know everything about you. By the way, you are far from being the most beautiful, I have seen much more beautiful women than you. Christ!!!!! I expected to see a face more beautiful than this, but you look just like the average American girl……. ”
    That did it, she stood up and came after me with lightening speed, I managed to evade her but when I turned, she had a bow and an arrow with her.
    Oh shitt!!!! She aint joking, she is truly Artemis and I read she doesn’t miss. I should be begging but I decided against her, I need to show I am equal to whatever abilities she possesses. If I don’t, she will never give me that respect a mate should be given because if she is truly Artemis, then she is the mother of pride.
    She released her Arrow in a fit of rage, lightening followed the arrow, so it was kinda double punishment for me because if I don’t get hit by the arrow, the lightening should hit me.
    I wanted to twirl in the air and evade both but something crazy happened, the arrow moved eastwards and the bolt of lightening moved westwards just when they were very close to me. It was obvious they were still being controlled by her even after releasing both. It’s why she never misses because she still controls the arrows after their release. What a cheat!, I knew those things will surely get me and Heaven knows the damage that arrow will do to me and then I will be at her mercy till I finally release her.
    With lightening pace, I ran to her and grabbed her. I was shocked because I was able to hold her without lightening blasting me and before she could react, I planted my lips on hers. She wasn’t expecting it and tried to get me off her, I heard the speeding arrow and lightening heading towards my back and just before I got hit, I twirled in the air, together with her and the flying objects hit the wall facing us.
    We both landed on the floor and I was on top of her, I wanted to kiss her again but I was irritated by the fact that she wanted to hit me with an arrow and a lightening again.
    I stood up in disgust and looked away from her.
    “So the lightening that smoked me was all you, and here I was thinking it was some defensive mechanism from your dad. Whereas it was all you, you nearly Killed me and my mate because of your fvcking pride. You repel me, Ollie, you do. ”
    She didn’t say anything, she just remained on the floor, breathing hard. She later spoke after catching her breath
    ” No one is faster than me, or smarter than me in battle. You just proved why you were the chosen one. Anthea made the right choice, no wonder she speaks highly of you. Indeed, you are my match, my very match. Sit down William, I have much to tell you. ”
    “Yes, William, I am a very proud and vengeful person but everyone has his /her bad side. After thinking of the cruel things I did centuries ago, I realize that I shouldn’t be proud of them, My father, Zeus have always had a soft spot for me and usually grants me my request.
    I know you think gods and goddesses don’t exist anymore or you think they are just mythologies but they are real, and the lightening that smoked you proved it.
    Although, the gods are weaker now compared to their strength of those days because no one survives a bolt of lightening that comes from my dad but you did despite being hit twice, that shows they are even more weaker than I remember.
    gods get stronger and more relevant when worshipped by humans, but presently it isn’t so but I am getting stronger because of you and your little pack.
    I am the goddess of wildlife and the Natural environment. I created the werewolves and placed such power in Anthea to release to the one worthy of it. Centuries ago, she said she has found a kid with a unique destiny, a man blessed by Zeus himself.
    You were created to fight in battles, else you will become dangerous to every one around you .
    When you bit from Anthea centuries back, you accepted that destiny and since then Anthea has been creating battles for you but unfortunately she will be the last person you will kill to release me. I…… ”
    ” You still have answered my questions, what is my destiny?? ”
    ” Your destiny is to lead, your destiny is to fight evil, and most importantly your destiny to make me fall in love and finally take away my Virginity but you are far from that. ”
    ” I don’t care about making you fall in love, I don’t. What exactly did you do that made your loving father keep you here. ”
    ” I can’t tell you that… ”
    ” Tell me or forget about me releasing you from here. ”
    ” I can’t William…. If I do, you will ruin everything, and I will be stuck here forever. ”
    ” Then, I am out…. If you can’t tell, I am out. ”
    I closed my eyes and I was about leaving…
    ” William, wait……… Hera is the cause of my stay here….. She……. ”
    Suddenly, she started convulsing and started screaming….
    What the hell is happening??
    To Be Continued…

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    lil tunchilil tunchi

    love is in the air…..nxt pls

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