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    first day in someone’s house and u are already being rude to the person

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    see this ingrate o, u are playing with fire

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    The return of school boy episode 4

    Me. Are you serious!!?

    Agbero. lower your voice pls. they fear this your wife no be small ooh!

    Agbero.weth man go do na. If you don’t have money you are like a piece of rag if you don’t know.

    Me . that’s true my brother.

    Agbero. permit me to go and take my bath .

    Me. You are free to do so (coughing hardly )

    Agbero . take water before you kill your self pls. Our teacher ones taught us that we should not talk while eating, so you have failed

    Me. hahaha, can i know your name or should i address you as a good samerita?

    Agbero. You can call me pasuma.

    “”Can I call you pasu in short name?

    Pasuma. you got it right. Let me be going. See you tomorrow.
    ** (he left with the empty plate that i used )

    THIS WORLD SELF! !! The person who fought me some hours ago is now my best friend. BUT WAIT ooh! Does it mean that I have lost my phone?
    How do i contact my form teacher?
    How do i contact my wives?
    How do i contact aluka? (Too many questions on my mind but who can give answer to my questions )
    I was still wondering when i slept off. I woke up around 7.25am in the morning. Rinse my mouth and also took my bath . I was about entering my room when i saw our wife coming out from her room(lol. Our ke!)

    me.good morning ma

    his wife.morning to you. How was your night? awesome ,,hope you slept well?

    his wife. yes my brother, i did

    Me.that’s good.

    *i left her and went back to my room meditating about the angel i saw just now.i don’t know that this woman is this kind gorgeous when i saw her last night.Jesus!! I can still remember the sensation vividly .i almost fall for her.
    *i was still wondering when i heard a knock on my door.

    Me.come in! !!!! The door is open.

    His wife. sorry for disturbing you.

    Me. disturb kee, you are not disturbing me as you can see.

    His wife.what will you like to eat this morning?

    Me.(here she comes again one on one in my skidoo resurrected alive) erm! Anything is ok by me.

    His wife.ok that’s good. Atleast i love your response rather than my husband own because he will been demanding heaven on earth to eat.

    Me.(love kee!) hahaha you are funny.

    His wife. I will be right back in a jiffy.

    Me. Ok.(she left)within two minutes I heard another knock on my door. I composed my self waiting patiently for her to open the door.

    Me. come in, The door is not locked.

    Pasuma. (he opened the door rudely ) ogbeni you never woke up?

    Me.(i know say if na she. .She no go open door like idiot ….na gorgeous thunder go strike that your mouth) since na… Good morning sir.

    Pasuma.morning to was your night?

    Me. Fine (i didn’t border my self to ask him back.he no be woman na)

    pasuma.ok let me go and brush my teeth.i just come make i check you.

    Me.ok na.

    *as he stood up to left i heard another knock on my door.(chai why now)

    me. come in.

    She sluggishly opened the door and saw her husband standing like soldier in my room.

    His wife.your food is in the dining table”(referring to her husband )


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    You are a fool

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Available episode links of any story can be found on page (1) . You will see 1 below., However for stories without links, the *arrow* or symbol beside the last page number below leads to the next page of the story.
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