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    Eisode 1
    Fast walking foots hit the tiled floors making a clanging sound…
    A door opened and four people entered…three men and a lady..a lady was seated in the room already.

    The four of them sat facing the lady…
    “you know how this works girl, you flop, you swim in blood. You deliver every friday”. With that , they began to stand up one by one and with a final note, He said again “we are watching you”
    He moved closer to her while the other three remained standing..
    He took her face in his and he began to kiss her violently, he bit her lips, s----d her tongue harshly while she winced quietly.
    He made for her pants and jerked inside her forcefully that she cried in pain obviously she hates what was happening to her.

    Later, they all filed out while the other lady stayed back with the just addressed lady.
    “if you flop, i’ll run your water my self” obviously she is jealous of her or she wanted to be jerked that way…

    Steve sang-hummed his favourite song as he stepped out of shower.
    On a day like this, he never stopped to thank God for how he had made it so much- hes 25 and a millonaire, he own a big duplex also one of the biggest company in the capital but, there is a but..CHARLIE!!!
    Steve got charlie from his late father , charlie has been a great but old, very old car
    Yes it looks wierd for someone like him to drive a car like that but he thinks of it to be okay.
    His driver resigned willingly even though he got payed but the stress he goes through every morning to start the car is killing.
    Now he drives himself and his dog-sparrow to office every morning . Sometimes he has to push the car before it jeered up.
    Not that he couldn’t buy a lambo or agera , infact he could buy 10 in a minute but he never wanted to forget his late father who gave him the car.

    He bent a bit to collect his suit from his dog who’s been waiting patiently for him to finish his thinking and just have it.
    He somehow thought himself very lucky for the dog he owned – how would his life be without sparrow…he remebered what they had been through 2 years ago with Dan..hmmmmm.

    He swerved into one of his thinking again- HIS COMPANY
    Well, the company is fine and smooth, 80 workers under him and the percentage gain isnt going low on board but recently hes been having issues with the JETHOLD – another company in the same line with his, more like a competition,
    His company was still doing good but he knew that sooner or later if he didnt do something, they would kick him off the lane.

    He came back to life and sparrow was holding a key for him.
    “thank you”
    “hey charlie” i tapped his trunk lightly before proceeding to open my sit. Sparrow got in too and i started the engine .
    Slowly i nosed him towards the gate and in an instant, the gate opened automatically-i’m rich-

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    Episode 2
    I walked out briskly and smartly with my dog with two gaurds quickly running to my side
    “i hate this” i sighed
    I never really liked all this royal recognition .
    I walked smiling into the eight storey building with a big board where THE COMPANY is written on. My dog by side,
    A very loud and noisy “morning sir” came from everywhere and i quickly made for the elevator.

    I entered my office, took in the environment slowly before i went in.
    I said some prayers before i sent sparrow to goan call tony.
    Actually, tony has been a very good old friend or dad to me coz hes by far older than me.
    “morning sir” he greeted me as he came in
    “look, stop all this stuff uhn?…lets just keep it simple okay?”
    “okay sir”
    “Tony!!!”…i called him in a way to remind him he forgot something..
    “oh forgive me – okay steve”
    We both laughed at that.
    “so tell me tony, whats gon happen today?”…i asked sitting in my chair.
    “well” he was flipping through his book now ” theres going to be a meeting with the whole sector today by 2 also a talk with the market and field team by 3 and theres a proposal” he concluded.
    “what proposal” i asked
    “well…you must have heard about about the Tiang chin coporation coming in in three months time for the rail road construction and they have called in to know if we could supply them enough metal” hmm, i nodded “how many are we talking about”
    “50 thousand tons”
    “wow! Thats such a huge load” i was surprised .
    “i hope so too” he said this with a dropping eyes and i suspected what the matter was.
    “my source says the JETHOLD got the proposal too”
    Now the competition is going to get worse….

    I finished with Tony and he was about leaving when i called him again.”Tony, what are these” i asked pointing to a pile of office files standing as high as my table .
    “oh, those?…well thats the report from the fields and you need to sign them all_ Today.”
    “Are you kidding me?…no way ..i’m too young. Pls get me a secretary..please- Today!”
    “i’ll see what i can do” and with that, he left.
    I looked at my dog and back to the reports…

    Well i’ve had lots of secretaries but they leave anyhow..the last one got married and had to leave.

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    I humbly ask someone to pls invite people to comma read the story

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    Che DanseChe Danse
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    ride on ohhh. am seated

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    Life no be sweet o, but some people u know they hate o, so bring on clay fish o, we mix o, alright. Bring-it-on

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    hmmm his secretary will now capture his heart or what??? ride on

    my guys @maths @senatordaniel @fb-mhizlilygold @fb-joshuajohn @itzprince @trustbaze @jerrie @oneal32 @sabinto @myraruby

    erm mhizlilygold you help me see @fridex and his wife @qeenvick even @ladyg self!!

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    Episode 3
    Its a saturday and saturday means no work!
    I checked my mail if i had any messages or any unannounced visits but there was none.
    I was about to close my tab when a message popped in…
    Wow…who the hell could this be?
    I’ve not been involved in anything with anybody illegally…
    I called Tony..
    “whats up kid?”
    “iono yet…a mailed came in now threatning me i think its from an enemy and its got no name or whatsoever” i picked my words gently so as not to miss out anything .
    “Thats quite bad…forward the mail to me and i’ll see what i can do”
    “thanks” he always find something to do about every issue.
    “And i got you a secretary”
    “ya the best bro…book her in first seat okay?”…i dunno but i think i sound grown up when i’m giving others.
    “Aiit sir…be vigilant of your evironment and make sure you’ve got sparrow around everytime okay?”
    Lol…hes giving the orders now
    “Aiit sir”.
    And i ended the call. I stood up to check outside my window, i live in a Govt reserved area and i’ve got security also i’ve got a personal one too. Its gonna be alright…

    I looked at charlie from above and i was starting to feel its a bad car afterall and maybe i should get one.
    “what do you think?” we should get a better one right?
    He flipped his ear – he obviously hates charlie now and we both agreed to get another car so i made another call to Tony…
    “i think i should get a new car”
    “you think you should get a new car well certainly and i’ll see what i can do”
    “you know…” He ended the call already.
    And almost immediately a message entered my mobile and when i opened it, it was pictures of a nice agera. WTF!… Thats too much , not that i cant afford it but it kinda seems to big but what to do, He ordered for it already…
    Sometimes, i think Tony is my dad.
    Hes the best…


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