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    Sky Bethel Chinonso
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    story tittle: TOO LATE TO WEEP(all that glitter).
    Main character..
    Mrs Edward..
    Veronica owes her entire life to Collins who picks
    her up from the gutter and brings her into his
    paradise. She allows her new life of affluence to
    get into her head,thus she becames greedy,proud
    and selfish. At the point when she feels that
    Collins is no longer meeting her demands as ought
    to,she coincidentally meets Etom in her mother’s
    restuarent. Etom spends a lot of dollars on her..
    Veronica gets carried away and falls for him
    Find out the grave consequences of veronica’s life
    of fantasy and what becomes of Collins..
    How real is Etom’s paradies..

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    Sky Bethel Chinonso
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    (all that glitter)
    Episode 1
    Writen by # Lyon
    The sun shone brightly at the magnificent house
    that monday morning. There was a large room
    with an air conditional that reduced the
    temperature of the heat. On the large family
    Room were three friends, Queen,Natasha and
    Veronica. They all were in mini skirt and
    bomshorts looking classic.
    They were amazing at the luxurious 4 bed room
    apartment Collins got for Veronica and her
    ” Incredible! ” Queen began looking at Veronica.
    “That guy must really adore you to have done this
    much for you and ur mother”.. .
    “Come on
    Queen, adore is an understatement. Clearly and
    frankly speaking, he idolize her.
    Vee, you better hold on to this guy real tight
    added Natasha who taped Veronica as to be
    They were through with the house inspection, so
    the three girls sat down with their glasses of
    juice which they had been sipping slowly while
    they looked round the house.
    “Take a good look at you, Vee,” Queen, the
    talkative one among them, began again. “This
    guy has really turned your life around. I mean,
    just less than six months ago, you were crying
    out ur eyes wondering how you were going to
    survive but now, you look polished. You can eat
    ad have whatever you want whenever you want
    without wondering where the money will come
    from. You also have the hope of a bright future
    academically. Come October and you’ll be an
    undergraduate. Girl, you are Lucky.”
    “Once again, Queen, that you are lucky is an
    understatement,” Natasha declared.
    “Veronica is much more than lucky,lets just say
    she is blessed. She is really blessed.”
    ” I totally agree with you,” Queen added in
    agreement. ” I wish i had half as much favour
    from men as she does but all i get are those
    stupid no-good guys who just want your body
    and then zoom off. But you know what, I know
    just the way to knock them off. Then they’ll
    know who Queen really is.”
    ” I trust you, when it comes to men, you ar the
    bomb,” said Natasha.
    Finally, Veronica, the cause of the whole
    celebration, who had said nothing but wore a
    bright smile on her face, spoke. “Really, girls , I
    thank God for this whole turning point. Who
    knows where i would have been right now, if it
    were not for Collins. Maybe i would begging
    under a dilapidated bridge because all the space
    in the good ones would have been taken.”
    Veronica looked up, seemingly staring at the sky,
    although all that could be seen was the ceiling, it
    was as though she could see right through it. Bit
    by bit, she began to recall how trible it had
    been for her just a few months ago. But now,
    here was she, having the time of her life due to
    her new luck.
    She wondered for a while what would have
    happened to her and her mother after her
    father’s death if she had nt meet Collins when
    she did. Her father had died leaving a huge debt
    for them to settle..
    During the period of his brief illness,after he ran
    out of money, he had begun to borrow loan
    from various people hoping to pay back when he
    got well.
    Unfortunately, he never did. The illness claimed
    his life. Immediately Veronica had to stop school
    to assist her mother at her ‘mama putt’ food
    canteen. A short while later, the landlords
    started coming with their palaver.
    First, the owner of the place where they sold
    food askd them to move since they were unable
    to pay their rent. They began to cook the food at
    home ad carried it in a wheelbarrow to their
    customers. Some of them worked as a
    mechanics,some were roadside mallams ad so
    Soon their house landlord was also demanding
    his rent. He had given them a two week
    ultimatum to vacate the premises peacefully or
    face his full wrath. Just then, when they most
    needed an angel to help them out of the ugly
    situation, Collins srang out of nowhere and
    touched their lives with his kindness.
    He had helped pay the rent and had gotten a
    better place for her mother to open a restuarant.
    And now she was scheduled to resume university
    in October and a beautiful house has been given
    to her and her mother.
    There was no way she felt she could show her
    emormous gratitude except by accepting his
    marriage proposal. If it were not for him, the
    landlord would have kicked them out of the
    house and they probably would have found a
    spare room in some abandoned uncompleted
    building, living the street life ad feeding from
    hand to mouth. She owed all she was now to
    Collins and thanked God for using him to bless
    She was jolted out of her reverie by bursts of
    laughter from her two friends. Natasha and
    “She has really gone far o. I wonder what she is
    thinking,” said Queen who had been observing
    her all the while.
    “What else, if not about Collins ad how he has
    transformed her life,” answered Natasha.
    Veronica finally drifted back to reality at the
    voice of her friends. She thought she heard them
    say something about her but she could nt be
    sure because her mind had been really far away.
    “At last. We thought you were not going to stop
    thinking. So tell us exactly what you were
    thinking,” said Queen.

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    am all ears

    Link to Available Episodes

    Episode 2-3

    Episode 4

    Episode 5

    Episode 6-11

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    ride on

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    senator daniel
    senator daniel
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    ride on

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    go on

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    Nice start

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    Nice start, please continue

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