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    Mike oven
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    Adeola y are u bordered about Alex…Shebi na Segun u love then face him

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    Love in making…haha

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    The same God will do it exactly 9 months o jare

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    Part 28
    It was Monday, alex woke up that morning feeling a little tired; he needed rest he thought. He went to the bath room to have his bath; shortly after he was dressed for work and headed down stairs
    ‘’Oga good morning’’ said one of the maids
    ‘’Morning anita; how was your night’ ’asked alex
    ‘’Fine sir; what will you like to eat sir’’ asked anita
    ‘’My usual; coffee and pancake and please make it fast’’ said alex
    ‘’Okay sir’’ said anita leaving his presence
    Shortly after he was done with his meal and as he was about leaving he called one of the maids
    ‘’Tell my wife when she wakes that have sent ebuka to go and pick her car’’ said alex
    ‘’Okay oga’………………..
    Two hours later, adeola came down stairs she was feeling tired and sleepy
    ‘’Good morning madam’’ chorused the two maids
    ‘’Morning’’ said adeola looking at the dark in complexion girls
    ‘’What can we do for you ma’’ asked one of them
    ‘’Remind me of your names’’ asked adeola
    ‘’I am anita and this is onyenma’’ replied anita
    ‘’Okay; anita and onyenma’’ repeated adeola smiling
    ‘’What will you like to eat ma’’ asked anita
    ‘’I don’t eat breakfast unless am sick; so don’t bother‘’ replied adeola smiling
    ‘’What about laundry and ironing’’ asked onyenma
    ‘’I Have some; when am ready; will call you’’ said Adeola
    She moved round the house and the compound; is this where she will be leaving for two years she thought. Her phone start ringing
    ‘’Hello segun’’ said adeola
    ‘’Hey babe sup’’ asked segun
    ‘’Have being calling your number’’ said adeola
    ‘’Sorry wasn’t with my phone’’ replied segun
    ‘’Are you coming over’’ asked segun
    ‘’Yes, will be there very soon’’ replied adeola
    ‘’Okay; I will be expecting you’’ said segun
    ‘’Bye’’ said segun
    ‘’Bye’’ replied adeola smiling and disconnecting the call. She has missed him a lot she thought and quickly headed to her room
    She was surprised seeing her car outside this morning and when she asked ebuka; he told her alex sent him to pick the car from her house. ‘’That is so thoughtful of him’’ she said loudly as she drove to segun house. Shortly after, she was in his compound knocking the enterance door
    ‘’Am coming’’ said segun
    ‘’Hey sweet babe’’ said segun smiling at her and hugged her
    ‘’I missed you’’ said adeola
    ‘’Miss you more; have not being myself ever since you left’’ said segun
    ‘’Me too’’ replied adeola smiling at him
    ‘’So how was the so called honeymoon’’ asked segun staring into her face
    ‘’Boring without you by my side’’ said adeola
    ‘’Are you sure; because I don’t trust that your figure head husband’’ said segun
    ‘’But you trust me right’’ asked adeola smiling
    ‘’Sure I do’’ said segun
    ‘’So what have being going on with you my love’’ asked adeola
    ‘’Nothing; have being so broke ade and I need money’’ said segun
    ‘’What about the money I sent to you before traveling’’ asked adeola
    ‘’Have exhausted it on my new project’’ replied segun
    ‘’I need money ade; see my house; see the slump am leaving, are you not ashamed of coming here’’ asked segun
    ‘’Segun you know that’s not my fault because I remember giving you six hundred thousand to rent a nice apartment’’ said adeola sounding angry
    ‘’Yes but remember a project came up then and I took out of the money; thay was then
    ‘’ade I need money now and I promise to you it for the house’’ said segun ticking her tommy
    ‘’Segun stop; I don’t have much now’’ said adeola
    ‘’What about the money you were given as wedding gift’’ asked segun
    ‘’So you expect me to give you the money given to alex and I; please what will I say when he ask for the money’’ asked adeola sounding angry
    ‘’Just tell him; you need the money for your store’’ replied segun
    ‘’Am sorry segun; I can’t do that’’ replied adeola
    ‘’You can’t or you won’t’’ asked segun sounding angry
    ‘’Anyone that is suitable to you’’ replied adeola
    ‘’I think you need to leave’’ said segun
    ‘’You are joking right’’ asked adeola smiling
    ‘’Do I look like a comedian to you’’ asked segun stand up and sounding angry
    ‘’Segun, are sending me out of your house’’ asked adeola smiling
    ‘’Anyone you want; I just need you to go so that I can go and fend for money myself; since you are refusing to help me’’ replied segun
    Adeola stood up, picked her bag and headed for the door
    ‘’Maybe kemi was right with what she told her about segun; him loving her money more than her’’ she thought as she drove. She was going to surprise him this time; since he is used to her begging him and sending the money; but this time around; he would be so shocked and it will be him begging her’’ she thought. She was brought back from her thought when she heard her phone ringing; she thought maybe it was him calling but when she checked the phone she discovered it was tonia
    ‘’Hello small mum’’ said adeola smiling
    ‘’How are you my sweetheart’’ asked tonia
    ‘’Fine ma and you’’ replied adeola
    ‘’Am good and how is marriage life treating you’’ asked tonia
    ‘’Fine and great’’ replied adeola
    ‘’When will you and your hubby come around’’ asked tonia
    ‘’Have missed you both a lot’’ said tonia
    ‘’Missed you more’’ replied adeola
    ‘’So when should I be expecting you both’’ asked tonia
    ‘’I will get back to you on that small mum after I discuss with Alex’’ replied adeola
    ‘’Okay; will be waiting for your response’’ said tonia
    ‘’Okay ma bye’’
    ‘’Bye’’ replied tonia
    Minutes later she was in her office when kemi entered
    ‘’Iyawo iyawo how are you’’ said kemi smiling
    ‘’Am good oooo and you’’ asked adeola collecting anjola from her
    ‘’Am not fine; see my baby’’ replied kemi sounding dull
    ‘’What happened; her body is somehow hot’’ asked adeola
    ‘’That’s what me and her father have being battling with since last week’’ replied kemi
    ‘’She is teething and it makes her run temperature, she doesn’t eat except to feed on breast and when I force her to eat; she vomit it’’ said kemi
    ‘’Have you taken her to see a paediatrician’’ asked adeola
    ‘’Yes; he prescribed some medications and we have being using it’’ replied kemi
    ‘’And you couldn’t tell me whenever we call each other’’ asked adeola
    ‘’I didn’t want to bother you with my problem’’ replied kemi
    ‘’So how was the honeymoon and how lavages’’ asked kemi smiling
    ‘’Fine ooo; my sister that place makes sense’’ replied adeola smiling
    ‘’Hmmm; I can see you enjoyed your stay’’ said kemi
    ‘’You can say that again’’ said adeola smiling
    ‘’So have you and alex resolved your misunderstanding’’ asked kemi
    ‘’Yes; he even followed me to see dad yesterday’’ reliplied adeola
    ‘’How is he’’ asked kemi
    ‘’Fine oooo’’ replied adeola looking at anjola
    ‘’Don’t be sick ooo my god daughter; you are healed in Jesus name’’ said adeola smiling
    ‘’Amen ooo’’ replied kemi smling
    ‘’Pastor Mrs; we need to be on our way’’ said kemi standing up
    ‘’Why the hurry’’ asked adeola
    ‘’I need to go and make my hair; I was supposed to make it since last week but due to anjola health, I couldn’t’’ replied kemi
    ‘’Which hair style do you want to make’’ asked adeola
    ‘’Shuku’’ replied kemi
    ‘’You and this your local braids’’ said adeola smiling and putting anjola inside the car sit
    ‘’So when will I see you’’ again asked adeola
    ‘’Maybe Wednesday’’ said kemi
    Okay bye………………………….
    ‘’Good afternoon madam’’
    ‘’Afternoon; your madam dey shop’’ asked kemi entering the shop
    ‘’My customer’’shouted a woman
    ‘’Mama sherere how na’’ asked kemi
    ‘’Am good oooo and you’’ asked the woman collecting anjola from her mum
    ‘’Am fine oooo’’ replied kemi
    ‘’I know see you last week again; why’’ asked the woman
    ‘’Teeth they worry my baby; she just they vomit and her body they hot’’ replied kemi
    ‘’Eya hope you done carry am go hospital’’ asked the woman giving anjola back to her mum
    ‘’Yes’’ replied kemi
    ‘’Which hair you wan make’’ asked the woman
    ‘’Shuku’’ replied kemi
    ‘’Okay’’ replied the woman
    ‘’Abeg I be wan ask you something since all this days’’ said the woman
    ‘’What is that’’ asked kemi
    ‘’That your friend way dey date that man wey they leave for my compound, them still dey or they don separate’’ asked the woman
    ‘’Dem still dey’’ asked kemi
    ‘’Wetin happen’’ asked kemi
    ‘’Nothing’’ replied the woman
    ‘’Tell me naw mama sheri’’ said kemi
    ‘’For two weeks now, na him house that girl wey I tell you dey sleep’’ said the woman
    ‘’How you take no’’ asked kemi
    ‘’You know na me and my husband they leave for the BQ and our room they very close to his room; the kind noise way we dey hear for their room for morning afternoon and night no be from here ooo’’ said the woman
    ‘’The girl they sleep there she no go home until yesterday morning when the man they tell her make she go and I no see her this money’’ said the woman
    ‘’Are you sure with what you are telling me’’ asked kemi
    ‘’Why I go lie to you’’ asked the woman
    ‘’I even see your friend this morning but you no say she no sabi me; if not I for greet her and tell her everything’’ said the woman
    ‘’e even be like say she and the man fight this morning’’ said the woman
    ‘’you know what; I need you to do me a favour’’ said kemi
    ‘’wetin be that’’ asked the woman
    ‘’anytime you see the girl and you no say they are about doing it; you understand abi’’ asked kemi
    ‘’yes naw’’ replied the woman smiling
    ‘’abeg call me or call me when you see the girl enter your compound’’ said adeola
    ‘’okay; but you know hmmm; you must settle me with credit money when the work is done ooo’’ said the woman smiling
    kemi removed her purse form the bag and gave her one thousand naira
    ‘’use it buy credit; and if we are able to catch them; I promise to balance you two thousand’’ said kemi
    ‘’no worry; you will see’’ said the woman smiling ……………….

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    Nice plan Kemi

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    spycy solex
    spycy solex
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    i like the way alex is handling the whole situation. nice story. nest please

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    Adeola you are blinded by lust


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