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    Unknown to me, he was a very
    good friend of Mike. Mike was
    amazed that I knew Ralph. I got so
    excited when I saw Ralph because
    I had not set eyes on him since he
    lost his father – my uncle, and
    relocated to Tema with the rest of
    the family from Kumasi.
    Blindfolded with excitement and
    other emotions, I forgot to
    introduce Ralph as my cousin but
    hugged him tightly instead. I got
    lost in thoughts and lost track of
    Ralph finally tore me away from
    him and said jokingly, ‘Make sure
    you don’t squeeze the life out of
    me Iron Lady’.
    We all laughed heartily, I however
    failed to notice the jealous anger
    in Mike’s eyes and that he wasn’t
    himself. Mike did not enjoy the
    movie premiere as much as I did,
    and after walking me back home
    later in the night, something just
    did not feel right. I inquired what
    the problem was, but he just said
    he was stressed out. I thanked
    him for the day and went straight
    to my room. I tried calling to
    make sure that he was home and
    safe but he did not pick up. I went
    to bed with a troubled mind.
    Many days passed and then it was
    time for him to go to ‘Ho’ for his
    national service. That was about 7
    hours away from Kumasi by bus.
    It was as if there was a cold wall
    between Mike and I but he always
    insisted that there was nothing
    wrong. Despite this, I missed him
    Three months after Mike left, I
    never heard from him again. He
    would not return calls or
    messages. He blocked every
    channel I could reach him through.
    Even Ralph could not get through
    to him. And since he had no
    friends that I knew of, I ran out of
    options to get in contact with him.
    I did my best to leave him behind
    and live my life like I had done in
    the past.
    In my second year, I met
    Kwabena Ofori, a service
    personnel who doubled as the IT
    lab assistant, he was a fine
    gentleman and very punctual.
    Word had gone around that he
    was a “player” based off the news
    from where he used to be. That
    wasn’t my cup of tea as I loved
    the way he made me feel special
    whenever I was around him. He
    allowed me to be myself and not
    fake a personality. He adored me!
    Or maybe that was what I thought.
    What we had did not last long
    enough though. There was just
    one leaven that corrupted the
    otherwise fine gentleman. I could
    not bear that he never accepted
    how dark I was. He never failed to
    let me know how he favored slim,
    tall, fair women too. Though I was
    averagely slim and tall, he made a
    joke all the time about how hard it
    would be to find me in the dark
    should there be a power cut. This
    was because I was dark skinned.
    The irony is he is darker than I
    am! Most people found what he
    said amusing, but I did not. I then
    wondered if his keen adoration
    early on had been just an act. I
    spoke about him with my mum.
    She kept smiling all the while as I
    was pouring my heart to her, and
    she just said one thing I will never
    She said: ‘God loves us for who we
    are, not who we should have been.
    If his love is genuine, he should be
    concerned about who you are on
    the inside and not the outside’.

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    I just knew what to do – leave
    Kwabena to continue his search
    for a fair dame. He agreed in a
    heartbeat. He also gave me one
    ‘friendly’ advice – to do
    ‘something’ about my complexion.
    I was disgusted!
    Days later, I met him at Ababio
    Express, a hypermarket near
    Asokwa with a fair lady. He was
    lost for words when we met, but I
    said nothing. Now that he had
    gotten what he wanted, it was
    time for me to do same.
    In my search for love, I had
    sidelined my academic pursuits. It
    was time to go back and make
    them my priority again, I
    Soon I was in my final year and
    having a hard time with my
    project supervisor. Dr Anaba was
    a principled man. That we all
    knew. But I never imagined that
    he would make things near
    impossible for me. After
    submitting the fifth chapter of my
    project work to him and seeing
    him cancel everything I toiled to
    put up, with him telling me to start
    the project from the scratch on a
    hot Wednesday afternoon, I got
    fed up with school and cursed the
    founders of tertiary education. I
    decided to go to my Nana and
    have a hearty chat with her. She
    lived in Krofrom, a suburb not too
    far from where I school. Three
    blocks to my Nana’s house, I met
    Elisa, a girl I used to play with
    whenever I was on holidays at my
    Nana’s. She had grown!
    We sparked up a conversation
    with some old memories we had
    both shared together and I felt so
    relieved. She was training as a
    nurse in one of the renowned
    Nursing training colleges in
    Kumasi. It was a welcome delight
    to realize she still had her keen
    sense of humour. She invited me
    to her elder sister’s wedding the
    next weekend, and since I had
    nothing planned on my schedule
    that day I gladly accepted her
    At the wedding, which was held at
    a popular hotel around Asokwa,
    where I formally lived, Elisa, my
    friend and tour guide for the
    august occasion made it a point to
    introduce me to everyone present.
    I caught the attention of her
    cousin, Joe. He looked very
    familiar. He drew closer and
    engaged me in a hearty chat like
    he had known me all his life. Later
    I remembered that one of my
    childhood friends, Obaa Akua, had
    introduced me to Joe years back
    in secondary school. He however
    failed to make me out. I couldn’t
    blame him though, I had actually
    put on weight and looked curvier
    than I used to. As soon as I got
    home, I got in touch with Obaa
    Akua. Our conversation gradually
    and inevitably maneuvered to her
    secondary school sweetheart, Joe.
    Obaa, as she was affectionately
    called, did not hesitate to give a
    detailed description of what was
    left of her relationship with Joe.
    “That scoundrel just disappeared
    after playing with my heart. He
    did same to three girls in my
    school.” she ended.

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    Then he is not the right guy

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    Prosper Yeboah
    Prosper Yeboah
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    Let’s go, following!!!

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