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    mr drug

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    Whatsapp dventure

    episode 21

    after like 15 minutes of water rushing, she came back with her cloths on,,

    amina. tony you were just talking about going to the school clinic now right??

    me. yes.

    amina. can you please hold my hand, take me out to receive fresh air??

    me. sure..

    I quickly got up, Flora and dan has been quiet looking at us two, like a goat that just saw masquerade,,

    amina. Flora, let’s go out together, we are going to catch some air,

    Flora. wait amina, am still surprise here,, you have been sick since morning,, very sick, i that I even felt like crying, and you have been talking so weak also,, remember you haven’t been able to stood up of that bed since morning,,u only tried to eat a little out of your breakfast,, and you were unable to touch your lunch,, how come immediately tony entered here,, everything changed??

    amina. I don’t know either,, but I started feeling so strong,, maybe because he is my medications..

    everybody laughed,, but I think flora was still surprised,,anyway,, we all went out to the pitch side where I left chuks, amanda and sam,, when we go there,, we saw chuks and amanda but sam was no longer there,, there are more student around too,, all playing in the pitch,,

    me. were is sam,??

    chuks. he just left,,

    amanda. unbelievable, how was she unable to come here??

    Flora. her jesus did the miracle?(pointing at me)

    amina. manda so this is were you have been right?? and chuks you heard I wasn’t feeling fine, you didn’t even care to come and sorry?? even dan, came

    chuks. hey sorry ke. my sorry would make it worst na,, that’s why I looked for tony, because I know he can make you come here,,

    me. looked for who?? did you look for me, is it not me who came here my self?? abeg jare.

    Chuks. eeeeh yes nah. it’s still the same nah,,since mountain did not go to mohammed, mohammed came to mountain,, anyway am sorry dear amina, how are you doing now??

    Flora. all thanks to tony, could you believe immediately he came in, like a miracle, she started getting better, she even took her bath by her self,,

    amina. like I haven’t been taking my bath by my self,,? abeg am hungry, ,

    Dan. lunch time already pass,,

    me. let go to the canteen,

    amina. it’s boys turn to feed us today,,

    we all went to the canteen, sat down together and requested for snacks and soft drink,, which we took,, went back to the pitch played till its around 6pm the bell sounded for every students to go in, by that time aminas body was fine and she was not happy to leave me,, so we decided to see again today,, at our usual place, at the same time,,

    chuks has been happy through out time we spent with amina and her friends,, till we got inside our room,

    chuks. guys guest what!!

    me. what??

    dan. your parents called to tell you that you are going for overseas for your holiday!?

    chuks. far from that,,

    Dan. oya tell us nah,,

    chuks. I told amanda today that I love her,,and she said that she also love me,,

    Dan. did you ask her to be your girlfriend??

    chuks. yes.

    me. and what did she say??

    chuks. she agreed!!

    me and dan shouted and congratulated him,, he was really happy to must have found his first love, am happy for him too,,

    chuks. ( reach for his bag and grab his phone, switched it on,) let me call my brother to send me some airtime, I need to subscribe my phone now,, I want to go back to my whatsapp today,, because she promised to chat me tonight with her number,

    I also went for my phone to also chat on whatsapp, while waiting for the dinner bell,,

    —-» whatsapp chats «—-

    amina. thank you baby for today, you are really my medicine,

    Me. welcome my angel, please don’t sick again, you know I love you, just transfer the sickness to me ok..

    miss ade. can you come over to my place around 5pm?? I want to discuss something with you..

    can’t get you on phone tony,, you start coming now it’s already 5,
    hi tony talk to me…

    me. oh sorry ma, I was just seeing your chat now,, nd I can’t come now,,

    shade. oh my God tony longest time, I lost my phone, thank God I have your number off head,, I just bought a new one,, and am also back for holiday,, I need to hear from you soon,,

    me. oh sorry for your phone, and also welcome back..

    miss sandra. tonyyyyyyy..I wish you can come here now,, thinking about how you handled me the other day, makes me want to go crazy,, ..
    I wish you can come and do it again…

    to be continued…

    dedicated to my one and only ama

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    Funky DSTFunky DST

    Next episodes bro , wat a nice write up, keep it up bro

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    No be small thing

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    Miss Ade, Miss Sandra all wants to see Mr Love, divide yourself into two

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    Avatarumar Ismail

    not happening

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    U don enter one chance.

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