Seriously weird things still happen daily in our communities, especially in poor neighbourhoods, that often melt peoples heart. Incidents which are hard to believe because of its appalling nature.

The most intriguing of them all is the sufferings, child abuses, neglect and poor treatment which children from such families face, most especially from their parents who brought them into the world.

Just last week, a local mechanic from my hometown} lost his second wife, who died in labour “giving birth to her ninth child” {& the thirteenth child for him}, leaving behind her eight young children all alone in this harsh country.

The funny and most painful part of it all, is that the man is denying responsibility of his late wife’s pregnancy, even though his third wife is equally pregnant.

This is just but one of the sad stories happening in our villages, which i seriously do think our legislators should look into, instead of advocating for child marriage.

Can children from such families value their parents?? How will they face life??
Child Child2

Infact terrible things are happening….

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