Hello dear friends. I have been getting calls and mails on this particular subject, and today we are having a little lecture on it.
So get your notepads ready {lol}

There are many steps
to making love to a woman, most especially the decent ones, so let’s explore them.

{1} The setting: the settings of your home is the first and important step in getting her to submit, because most women need to feel relaxed in
order to be in the mood. If she is
preoccupied with other obligations{like guilt or double mind}, she may need to deal with them before feeling like making love. The simplest way to help her relax is by encouraging her to talk freely. Ask her
honestly about her life, her day, and the things that are on her
mind. Show her you care by listening to her talk. Take your time and keep in mind she may have a lot to talk about. Playing soft music can equally be an added advantage as you get close to her.

{2} Give her the special treatment of time to get in the mood: All too often
we guys forget that women need to warm up slowly. It is this slow process that connects a woman with her sexual needs and so by gently stimulating her one
step at a time, her desire to make love is awakened.
You can do this by slowly and carefully touching her:

-Touching a woman can begin simply by touching her hair, her
hand or other non- sexual parts of her body. By initiating touch in this gentle and loving way you are saying that the parts of her body that do not offer sexual stimulation to you
are also important.
When you are offering this non-sexual touch, you need to spend an equal amount of time doing it as you would with any of the other activities involved with making love.
-Then slowly Begin kissing her, keeping your desire to devour her in check. Women are particularly stimulated when they are kissed, nibbled, and suckled.
You can kiss her mouth without tongue, and then with tongue. Kiss her neck, ear lobes, shoulders, and upper chest. The
long process of kissing her before removing clothes will
continue increasing her arousal.
As a guy you should remember that to
increase a woman’s pleasure you need to delay direct stimulation {like fingering}..

{3} Removing her clothes: When you begin undressing her, it should be slow and enticing. Don’t be in a hurry, and please do it with respect.
Also Keep in mind that sometimes leaving something on can be equally e----c.
-Begin by removing her blouse but not her bra. Continue kissing and caressing her through her bra, until she is ready for you to touch her b-----s directly. Use slow, rhythmic back and forth movements to stimulate the b-----s. You can circle them with your hands or mouth.
Slowly her ni.pples will become erect, indicating her arousal.
After stimulating both b-----s, you can then remove her bra.

Removing a woman’s bra however can be quite tricky. So If you are not sure on how to do this it can be an
awkward moment. Lol.
{The best way to learn how to do this is to practice when you are alone}

To be continued.

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