Una don hear the story of these movie producers wey go use
person house to shoot movie scene?

They needed someone to act the role of a gate man so they offered the Aboki at the house some money to act the role. The director gave the Aboki a brand new cutlass and told him to give a pretense chase behind the ‘main actor’ who was acting the role of a thief who later repented.
They told the Aboki: “If you hear me say “action” make you run
after am o, just do things exactly as I say….you hear?”. The Aboki nodded in affirmation.
As the Director shout “action”, na so actor take off and aboki begin pursue am round the compound,
as dem dey reach fence the director see say the pursuing
scene don do, na so director shout “cut, cut, cut”. O boy eh,
una no go believe am! Actor still dey hospital as we dey yarn dis
story ooo!!

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