The happy madam pictured above is Maria Butzki, a married mother of two who is doing the

33-year-old Maria now lives with her husband, Paul Butzki and her boyfriend, Paul Gruman under
the same roof.

Maria claims when she got married, she didn’t realise how
much she’d missed him until they start living together. Also she couldn’t imagine living without her husband.
So she made a deal with both men by coming up with what
she called a “perfect solution”.

Maria moved Peter Gruman into her family home in Barking, East London.
As we speak the trio now live together with two children
under the same roof as a happy family…

In a recent interview, Maria, a real estate agent said:
“People might think it’s weird but I love both men and couldn’t
choose between them,”
“Peter is a great guy. When Maria first had the affair with him I
was just heartbroken. But as I got to know him, I realised we
have so much in common. We both adore fishing, and he’s like a surrogate dad to the kids.”

Hear what her boyfriend, Peter
Gruman, a construction site
manager said about the relationship:
“We all get on so well. It doesn’t feel as if I’m sharing Maria.
There’s no jealousy …it feels as if we are a team.”

On how they make love, hear Maria talk:
“The three of us never share a bed. Although I have a sexual
relationship with each man, that side is kept very private. If Paul is
out, then Peter and I might make love, and vice-versa. But both
men turn a blind eye and we never discuss it with one another.”

The trio started living together in 2012 after 3 years of Maria’s
secret relationship with her boyfriend.
Peter, the boyfriend sleeps in the living room while Paul, the
husband and Maria sleep in the bedroom upstairs with one of
their daughters. [naijagists]

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