I earlier told you guys about frank’s plan on doing a little traditional family introduction on Joy’s head……

I really wished him well when he first told me about it, even though i really wasn’t 100% in support of the whole thing, which he even commented on a post here. It’s not like i do not like the girl, {hope you guys still remember how she sends him money in our season2A??}…….. However it is like frank is begining to think properly, and see my doubts, because just this morning, he told me that he isn’t really hundred percent sure of Joy’s fidelity….

According to him, he feels like she is into a dirty deal which is fetching a lot of money for her, and he thinks she may be into prositution or dating a rich guy in Ph city, where she gets the money, she sends regularly to him and her mum.

“my brother, if you later find out, the money your girl is sending you is from another guy will you forgive her?” he asked me today, and i replied yes ooo……

Friends i really can’t believe a whole frank can be conquered easily, or eat this kind of s.hit and still appear confused. I don’t know whether she is using love, or juju on him oooooo

or whether karma is slowly descending…..

The only thing Joy really have is beauty, she is neither educated nor from a good family, yet my friend is still with her……. Abeg make una advice oga frank oo, if una get any, before i go talk now, my oga at the top go begin to dey blame me ooo…..

{lots of suspence and twists will make up our season2b and 3}

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