Two known cultists who lived in my lodge were finally arrested by the police that fateful day, leaving me very surprised. I couldn’t imagine what the police had on them.

But they were however freed two days later probably due to lack of evidence. The school authorities though came out to claim that the police has gotten a lead and that the suspect will be revealed soon.
I was very speechless and stunned after hearing the announcement because i was still free without any form of harassment from the police nor authorities.

Nmeka’s case slowly died without the police solving it nor saying anything new to us. My fellow Students were then left with theories and assumptions on what could have happened. Many believed that the two previously arrested cult boys drugged and raped the dead girl while others simply kept sealed lips.
The crime remained a big mystery, most especially because no student could identify nor claim to know her. We also never got to know what happened to her body soon after because the authorities suddenly decided not to share anything to us.
I felt they discreetly managed to locate her family or just buried the case in order to save face.

I was finally left with my conscience and God to judge me and i knew a permanent seat was already waiting for me in hell.
I struggled to finish the rest of the semester with Nmeka’s image haunting me in everything i did. I saw her everywhere. She kept whispering in my head, playing with my mind. I lost focus. I did poorly in my exams. I was a shadow of myself.

My parents soon noticed the change in me during the short vacation i came home to spend, but couldn’t do anything at first, probably because they were stunned. Finally mum was forced to take me to a pastor who fired some serious prayers on my behalf.

“A strong spirit is overshadowing your son, but i just can’t see the reason. All i can do is just to pray for him” he told my poor mother who broke down in tears.
I really could have confessed that very moment but i just couldn’t, and perhaps all Nmeka simply wanted was a decent confession to everyone and to her family. There wasn’t any doubt i treated the poor girl like a fowl by dumping her body under a staircase….

Now how do i continue living with her image still haunting my mind??
I have to live with it until i confess and find her family..

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