“I seriously do love you. I don’t know what else to say in order to convince you” i said softly, searching Jenifer’s eyes.

“You don’t understand. All i’m saying is that what you are doing isn’t right. Moreover your friend Tony is very much in love with me and i love him too. There’s no vacancy in my heart right now. Please just do the right thing, go and forget about me” she pleaded solemnly.

“no i can’t” i answered strongly, frowning my face.

“very well then, Tony will get to hear of your disturbance. I can’t hide it from him anymore” she threatened and stood up. I equally stood up and faced her.

“yea do the right thing and tell him. It makes no difference to me” i breathed, kissed her left cheek and hurriedly left the apartment.
It wasn’t as if i was escaping or something. I only left in order to give her the breathing space she needed in thinking over my advances.
I knew she wasn’t going to tell Tony anything.

As i headed to my car, my phone rang again. It was still Tony calling me. I breathed deeply and answered.

“oga Tony” i hailed,

“where are you?. You haven’t been answering your calls” he asked.

“oh sorry. I left the phone in my car, so where are you” i answered,

“i’m just leaving your house, thought you were there” he said.

“fine let’s meet at Prestige hotel. Let’s chill out there for a while” i suggested.

“no i rather go home and sleep. My day was stressful and hard. Jenifer also isn’t helping at all, she’s been acting so strange lately. I wanted to discuss many things with you but we can leave it for tomorrow” he said and hung up. I shrugged, switched on my car engine and drove home.

Tony wasn’t a graduate like me. He equally was about two years older. However he made good money when he left the country in his early twenties. He came back few years later to establish in Benin city. He had a good number of buses plus properties scattered around town. We both came from the same village which helped in making our friendship very strong.

As i drove home, I thought about him, his girlfriend and my plans. I sure wanted the girl which truly was the highest act of betrayal any man can do to his friend. But i cared not, hissing as i noticed that my joystick was half erect.

I tried making it go down but it refused. The little love play i earlier had with Jenifer truly was something else. I was so close in getting the treasure.
I hissed again, grabbed my phone and called Selena. A call-girl{prostitute} i befriended during my final days in the university. We constantly did favours for each other and that helped in sealing our friendship.

“Eminem how far?” she greeted as she answered my call.

“are you free??” i asked,

“yes oo” she answered,

“just come over with a friend. Please she should be as beautiful as you are” i said playfully.

“we will be there by 9pm” she answered, laughed and hung up. I smiled to myself with satisfaction.

There is nothing like spending the night with two experienced bit.ches….

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