“but how do we go about the hot injection?. I like the plan but just asking” i murmured. Jboy laughed.

“it’s just simple. After you must have drugged her. I’ll come over with a chemist friend who will do the injection. Very simple” he explained. I breathed deeply and stood up,

“thanks man, i have to get going” i said, shaking hands with him.
As i laid on my bed later in the night, i thought about the plan and the consequencies. Surely it was a very dangerous plan, something capable of ruining my reputation and career, but my heart was strong. I was very determined to carry it out to the last.

My thoughts were soon interrupted by my phone which began ringing. I smiled as i grabbed it. As usual Chioma was calling just to say goodnight to me. Such a wonderful lady she was.
“Had i met her earlier, perhaps i wouldn’t have been in this mess” i reasoned as i answered her phone call.
After a very stressful day at the office the next day. I had a quick meal in a small cafe closeby before heading to Mary’s apartment. I really had a hard time locating the isolated compound which stood at the end of a dirty street, poles away from other houses. It was my first time of visiting her.
Parking my car in front of an old gate, i calmly dropped a piece of paper she used in writing down her address for me weeks ago, breathed deeply and alighted from my car. I dialled her phone number which rang twice before she answered it.

“i’m in front of your house. At the gate” i slowly informed her, praying she comes out. She hung the call, saying nothing. I was lost and stunned. Breathing deeply i dialled her number again and again but she refused answering. In desperation i tucked my handset back in my b----t pocket, raised up my head to see her rushing towards me. Her face bright with joy.

She drew close stopped and stared at me with uncertainty. I smiled and hugged her.
“i’m very sorry dear. Forgive me. I have realised my mistakes. I spoke to the pastor yesterday” i said softly, my heart pounding furiously.

Such decietful words they were but enough to make her melt in my arms with joy.

To be continued.

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