The next day i briefed Jboy, giving him the details of everything that went on between Mary and I the previous day. He was pleased.

“so how do we give her the drugs?. When do you think will be perfect?” i asked,

“well remember i said it could be done within a week. It’s all on you” he replied.

“ok then, saturday night will be better. I want it done as soon as possible” i answered. He kept quiet for a while, perhaps thinking how possible it would be.

“so what’s your plan?. Remember she isn’t supposed to eat anything within that time-frame. How do you intend keeping her hungry by that hour. It sounds hard oo. I would have preferred it done in the morning?” he asked.

“remember Kano state football team {kano pillars} are coming over to the state for a football match on saturday?” i asked,

“yes and what has that got to do with the plan?” he curiously asked.

“a lot bro. I will pick her up from her apartment on saturday morning. Have some rounds of sex with her. Then in the afternoon, i will buy her some light snacks which we will eat together before heading over to watch the match. On our return, i will serve her a drugged cup of fruit juice before notifying you to come over with your chemist friend. It’s a difficult task but it really is the best i can come up with” i explained convincingly.

“well let’s pray it works well. I’ll bring the sleeping stuff tomorrow morning” he murmured and hung up.

I was happy and angry with myself. I knew what i was about doing wasn’t right but had to do it to avoid an unending regret.
Early the next day as i dressed for work, Jboy brought the pills and wished me luck.
“i’m by your side bro” he smiled as we shook hands.

On getting to the office, I told Chioma that i will be travelling to the village to spend the weekend. She instantly believed me, asking no prying question which really was a big relief.

I had the sleeping pills, Chioma out of the way. The only thing left was completing my plans which were now in the final stage.

Deep down i was very scared.

To be continued.

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