Minutes later, we arrived at my apartment where i happily drank a glass of cold water before settling down on a sofa.

“we have a lot to discuss and plan but that should be later. Just rest and get your spirit back while i rush to the office. You know i have been away all day” Jboy politely said with a smile. I thanked him once again. He saluted and left without another word.

I went into my bedroom, threw myself on the bed and thought over my next line of action. I really had a lot to plan and do. I couldn’t figure out where to start.
I very much needed to settle things with Chioma. I couldn’t afford losing her, but Mary somehow was more of a priority. I already promised to visit her. A promise i made under duress or perhaps with remorse. I bit my lips deep in thought.
One hour later, i took a cold bath, dressed, warmed my car and drove out. I first headed to the bank, withdrew hundred thousand Naira before heading to a small restaurant where i had a quick meal.

“should i visit Mary like i promised or should i forget about it all?” i wondered as i ate. My life suddenly seemed confused. I knew i had to wisely get rid of the silly witch. “But through what means?”. I asked myself over and over.

Precisely by 6:15pm, I pulled up in front of Mary’s compound, alighted from my car and dialled her number.
“i’m at the gate” i said as soon as she answered,

“i’m coming out” she replied a bit coldly. I hung up and waited for her.
There i was, visiting a lady who almost ruined me, smiling as if all was well while deep down i felt like strangling her.

She showed up seconds later, unsure of herself as she approached me. I breathed deeply, forced out a smile and spread my hands for an embrace. My action surprised her. She stopped for a second, stared at me before falling into my arms.
“i’m so sorry” she cried.

Oh i felt like squeezing life out of her that very moment.

To be continued.

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