“I should be the one apologizing my love. I’m so sorry for everything” i murmured tenderly.

“i should have been more reasonable. I’m so ashamed” she cried softly.

“let’s go inside the house dear. We are creating a scene here” i suggested calmly. She drew away from me and grabbed my left hand. Together we went into her little apartment. A two room apartment which was moderately furnished. I couldn’t help but look around the house, taking mental note of everything. I felt it could be useful in future.

Her elder sister was in the sitting room as we walked in. I was very uncomfortable seeing her. There was something in her that always made me uneasy and it equally looked as if she was capable of reading my mind. I however noticed she wasn’t married, but wasn’t very sure anyway.

She smiled faintly as we walked into the room. I calmly greeted her.
“good evening” i politely greeted.

“you are welcome. I didn’t know you would come. I’m surprised” she said and laughed. Mary offered me a chair.
My phone soon rang, breaking the little tension in the room. It was Jboy calling.

“what’s up, where are you?” he asked as soon as i answered his call.

“At Mary’s, keeping my promise” i replied,

“ahhh, alright meet me at the joint when you are done. You know we have a lot to discuss and a drink of freedom to share” he said with a quick laugh.

“cool i’ll be there shortly” i answered and hung up.

“we have a nice soup, will you care to eat?” Mary asked curiously. I shook my head,

“no thanks i ate before coming” i answered.

“you know my sister is scared that our relationship won’t work out. She feels it’s all a lie” she said with a question look, her eyes all over me.

Just like her sister, she was a bit doubtful of my true feelings but i also was stunned that she could even think something serious would ever work out between us. Not after all that has happened.

Yes she was a bit doubtful but needed only few sweet words to be convinced. I had to lie. I had to use whatever means necessary to buy her over once again, in order to stay out of jail and get rid of her once and for all. It was a hard task but also the only way out.

I spent almost thirty minutes pouring out my love, plans and goals for her. Such decietful words they were but so convincing and touching. Her sister listened without saying a single word to me. I couldn’t help but imagine what she was thinking.

Mary was utterly convinced by my lies. As i stood to go she gave me a cute kiss.
“nothing is impossible in the eyes of God and no sin is beyond forgiveness if you atone. I have forgiven you, but you still have to confess your sins to God. You have to meet our pastor. I love you sweetheart” she said to me with love and true feelings. I swallowed hard, nodded and left without another word.

I was so shaken and filled with guilt as i left her apartment. I really wasn’t cut out for all those lies. Nervously i switched on my car engine and headed to the Joint to meet jboy. I couldn’t beg God to help me because i was already damned.

To be continued.

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