I was in my sitting room eating banana and groundnut with my eyes on the television set when my door bell rang, notifying me of Anita’s presence. I glanced at the wall clock, smiled and headed to the door which i quickly opened.

“wow look at you?. Good evening” she greeted sweetly, came forward and hugged me. Her succulent bosoms crushed on my chest instantly arousing my sexual urge.

“i really missed you. Just look at how good and beautiful you smell” I whispered softly, laughed and let her into my apartment. She quickly sat on the chair i just vacated, dropped her handbag and began eating the remaining banana i left behind.

“hmmm yummy” she nodded carefreely while i laughed. She just was the perfect company i needed, so carefree, sexy and naughty.
Staring at her with a smile i couldn’t help but think of sex. She was extremely attractive with her provocative attire. A pink singlet which showcased her front mechandize and blue jacket which hid her shoulders, plus a very tight fitting trouser which displayed her as.s like a showcase.

“yea she definitely is pretty. But who knows the number of guys in her list. Perhaps i’m number five” i reasoned with good humour.

“so you just gonna stand there and keep smiling cluelessly huh. So you won’t be taking me out?” she asked playfully. I drew close and sat by her side.

“no i just want to be alone with you. Hope i’m not being selfish?” i asked with a quiet smile. She shrugged and rolled her eyes.

“i have a good soup in the kitchen. I hope you won’t mind getting it ready?” i slowly asked. She hissed with a frown, stood up, pulled up her trouser from behind and eyed me once again.

“you too dey dull person. Must i serve you all the time?. Abeg make we go kitchen jor” she said with her usual half serious, half playful voice. I stood up, cracked a silly joke and dragged her to the kitchen.

We had a very quite meal together. Though I did most of the talking while she listened, smiled and contributed little.
An hour later, i took a quick bath before she took a long one.

She finally came out from the bathroom unclad to join me in the bedroom where i was waiting for her wearing only my knicker.

“so how do you want this night to be?” she asked as she stood facing me, rubbing a sweet smelling cream over her body. I swallowed hard, flung away my knicker and stared at her hungrily. She really knew how to make my spirit very high.

“so how about the phone you promised me?” she suddenly asked, slightly killing my spirit with the question. I thought fast and scratched my head, while she quickly joined me on the bed, grabbed my joystick, tapped its tip twice before wrapping her warm mouth over it. I instantly saw myself in paradise.

“your visit was a bit unexpected but i’ll will give you the money first thing tomorrow” i managed to say with eyes closed.

She quickly turned, slowly sat on my chest, before moving her waist back slowly. The front part of her kit.ty brushed my chest, then my jaw and into my mouth it went.

“eat to your satifaction. The night just got started” she said sweetly. Her mouth still on my joy.stick, su.cking it hard and sending me into the deepest ocean of pleasure.

Oh the pretty hot damsel was nothing but an original sex machine, too hot to be anyone’s girlfriend or wife. At least until she gets to Mary’s age and becomes a born-again christian.

To be continued.

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