“please let’s get down to the many thing” i managed to plead after a minute had gone by. She obeyed, climbed down from my body and laid on the bed.

“it’s now your work” she smiled seductively, arousing me more with her sexy smile.
I quickly climbed down from the bed, turned and positioned her for a sweet d----e pie.

“ahh don’t wound me oo. You are always rough” she moaned, while i smiled and took my time to caress all over her back, a.ss and even b.oobs.
I sent her body on fire with my magic touch, she soon became so wet that a little part of her k.itty juice dripped down like urine. I nodded with satisfaction, Slowly pulled on a co.ndom, murmured a prayer for it not to burst, drew back and slowly penetrated into her.

She really was so dam.n hot and sweet. For a second i just froze inside her k’tty while my head rotated with pleasure.
Oh the pu.ssy is the sweetest place to be, only that sometimes it lands us into more problem that we do regret tasting it in the end.

“c’mon add more fire, show me your strength. You need to make me c-m” she urged me seriously. I breathed deeply, rotated my waist slowly before slamming her with all i got.

“fikpia fikpia fikpia” i flogged with no holds barred,
“yes yes yes” she screamed with abandon.

Oh it was such a wonderful moment. I forgot about Mary and my problems, forget about Chioma and my pains as i lashed Anita with all my might.
We did two rounds before we fell on the bed breathing heavily,

“i hope i tried?” i asked as i stared into her eyes.
“yes. You made me to c-m and it has been quite a while” she smiled with satisfaction.

“i like you very much, that’s why i keep coming back after your many promises and disappointments. Perhaps because you are my type. So young and employed already” she added softly. I closed my eyes and said nothing.
I really didn’t know what to say moreover i equally remembered the new phone she was demanding and i truly wasn’t capable of affording her choice of phone that very moment due to my numerous problems.

I knew she was looking forward to it and i couldn’t help but wonder the type of excuse i will give her this time around.

To be continued.

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