I dialled Jboy’s phone number and waited for him to pick up my call.
“my guy!” i soon heard his voice scream over the phone. I smiled and breathed deeply.

“we need to see this evening, should i come over to your house?” i asked,

“sure just come. I will be waiting” he answered before cracking a silly joke. I laughed and hung up.
A sharp knock on my door quickly brought back my attention. I rose from the chair, went and opened the door. It was no other person than Mary.
I wasn’t happy seeing her but i managed out a smile.

“my love you really don’t try in calling or checking up on me. You hardly call nor show care” she complained as she walked into the sitting room. I kept quiet, saying nothing as i returned to the chair i was sitting before she knocked.

“well i came to check if you need any help. Maybe with your laundry or food” she said inquisitively, sat on my laps and stared into my eyes.

“no thanks dear, i don’t need any help for the moment” i murmured. She quickly frowned, and brought her face close to mine.

“you are not happy that i came” she asked sadly. I forced out another smile while i rubbed her back with my right palm.

“of course i’m” i smiled,

“so when are you actually seeing our pastor?” she asked, but before i could say anything my phone rang, drawing our attention to it. I was extremely surprised to see that the call was coming from Chioma. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“hello” i greeted with excitement,

“you know we really have to straighten things out?” she said slowly,
“so where are you?. I hope you are at home because i’m about three minutes away from your house. I just don’t know what is pushing me to do this” she softly said and hung up as if she wasn’t sure of what she was doing, equally giving me no chance to say anything.

My face quickly coloured as i slowly withdrew the phone from my ear. I was a bit lost or should i say indecisive. I even failed to notice that Mary’s curious eyes were on me until she coughed.

“what’s the problem?” she asked curiously.
I stared at her not knowing what to say.

A part of me was still angry with Chioma over what she did the previous day while the greater part of me was excited that she was finally about giving me a listening ear. I really was in love with her and knowing that she was on her way to my apartment was too much a surprise to bear.

Then i remembered she was just four minutes away and Mary was still with me.

“talk to me nau, what’s the problem?, who called?” i heard Mary ask again.

To be continued.
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