I quietly finished my drink, left the restaurant and headed to my apartment where Mary was waiting for me. The last thing i wanted was allowing her spend the night with me.

Her face wasn’t bright when i returned. She frowned expecting me to apologize to her, but unfortunately i wasn’t in a good mood. All i wanted was to rest.

“the way you are treating me isn’t right at all. You are behaving as if i’m forcing myself on you” she complained as if she didn’t know the obvious, but before i could answer, my phone rang. It was Jboy calling.

“o boy!, i thought you told me you were coming?. Wetin come happen?” he asked,

“guy time still dey nau, haba. I’m coming” i answered,

“abeg show for gate. I’m at the front of your house, waiting in my car. Hurry i don’t have all the time in the world” he commanded and hung up. I smiled and drew close to Mary.

“we have a lot to discuss but it will be tomorrow. I’ll come to your house by 3pm. I’m about going somewhere with Jboy, but you should come along. I’ll beg him to drop you at your house” i seriously said to her.
She simply shrugged without another word, went to my bedroom, brushed up herself and came out to the sitting room three minutes later.
Together we headed out of my apartment to meet Jboy who was extremely surprised to see her.

“hmmm who am i seeing?” he laughed politely, eyeing Mary as we entered his car.
Suddenly from nowhere a black Sienna car stopped in front of us. Three guys jumped out in a commando style with Ak47 rifles.

“Jesus” Mary screamed in panic,

“get out from the car. Fast fast” they screamed at us, cocking their guns in the process..
Mary and i quickly obeyed and jumped out of the vehicle, but Jboy wasn’t so lucky.

As he nervously made to unfasten his seat belt one of the bandits misunderstood his intention and fired two rounds of fire-power on him without warning.
He instantly went unconscious. I couldn’t believe it was real.

To be continued.

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