“hey wetin?” one of the bandits shouted at the guy who shot Jboy, while i shivered as i looked on speechlessly. I really was scared they were equally going to shoot Mary and I because the shots fired on Jboy was very surprising to me, but as i watched the other two bandits, it seemed they were equally as surprised as i was. It clearly showed in their behaviour. Of course they had their faces covered but their body language displayed their confusion. Mary and i simply stood not knowing what to do.

The guy who fired the shots made to drag Jboy’s body out of the vehicle but his colleague who asked the first question stopped him.

“you don mess up the car already, make we shift jor. Time no dey” he commanded, turned and jumped into the sienna car they came with. The two other bandits joined him without uttering a word and they instantly zoomed off, disappearing and leaving us all alone with my lifeless friend. I quickly rushed to check on him but unfortunately he was as unconsious as a dead lizard, while blood gushed out from his chest. It was a terrible scene to behold.

Some good samaritans quickly came forward and helped us in taking him to a private hospital nearby. Unfortunately the nurses on duty confirmed him dead, but i choosed not to believe them until the doctor showed up few minutes later and confirmed the news to us.

I couldn’t believe Jboy was gone for real. The only friend i had, gone so suddenly. I never believed life could be so short and surprising. I never believed a strong man like him can just so suddenly disappear. I cried ceaselessly.

“where do i go from here?” i wondered, feeling very bitter and responsible over the whole event.

“only if he had waited for me at his house” i reasoned.
“how do i continue living without him?, how do i face his family. How did he just go so suddenly, without living anything behind? Not even a child or at least a wife” i reasoned with tears.

I sat down in front of the hospital reception and went through my life. I wasn’t any better than him but he was taken away while my life was spared.

Why why why?

To be continued.
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