The task of meeting Jboy’s family, burial arrangement and everyother thing was squarely on me. I just couldn’t find where to begin, how to start or which way to go about it all. I was so lost and empty.

Mary wanted to lend me a supporting hand. She promised to help me with everything, but i simply refused to oblige her, instead asked her to give me a little time.
I pleaded with her to stay away from me for the meantime which greatly surprised her. She couldn’t believe her ears as i made the passionate plea just a day after Jboy’s unfortunate death.

“no you can’t be making such a request right now. You need me. We need each other. We need to help each other out of this trauma” she protested seriously, failing to realise that the trauma itself increased my disdain towards her. In a way i blamed her for my friend’s death because if she hadn’t been in my apartment that fateful day nor delayed us with her toilet perhaps Jboy wouldn’t have been attacked.

“well i have no choice than to honour your request, if it will make you better” she finally agreed when she saw how serious i was, wiped her eyes with a handkerchief before walking away. I felt her anguish but i just couldn’t do anything about it.

I summoned up courage and called Chioma soon after. It really was my first time of calling her after she unceremoniously left me at the restaurant hours before Jboy’s death.
I quietly revealed the news to her. She instantly screamed with shock.

“oh bloody hell!, and you are just telling me about it after how many hours huh?. I’m coming over” she cried and hung up while i hopefully waited for her.

Learning that she was coming sort of lightened up my spirit. Till today i really can’t describe the kind of love i felt and still feel for her.
Thirty minutes later she showed up at my apartment with tears in her eyes. She instantly hugged me, crying seriously.

“i can’t believe Jboy is gone. He was such a wonderful friend. I could have lost you too. Karma is now on you guys.It’s a pity Jboy paid with his life. You have to seek peace with God urgently” she cried, sending more fear into my troubled heart.

“do you?, do you believe in karma?, does it exist?” i stammered.

“of course the evil that men do often comes back to them. You see i wasn’t wrong condenming what you did to that lady. You have to seek peace with God my dear” she summarized seriously, while i nervously made the sign of the cross.

“could she be right?” i asked myself over and over.

To be continued.

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