Believe me, It really wasn’t easy meeting Jboy’s parents who were so alarmed and bitter over their son’s death. I had to play a role i have never played in my life.

I tried to best to console them especially his mother who cried uncontrollably. I made promises too hard for me to handle. I promised to foot the mortuary bills and arrange for his funeral without thinking deep on the effect it will have on the little money i had left. I guess i was overcome with grief that very moment to think properly.

However the pain of losing their son never stopped them from asking prying questions, they virtually asked every necessary question to the extent of asking if he was engaged to anyone. I answered all the questions with great intelligence, making sure my answers were accurate and less upsetting. We really had a long discussion before they headed home, leaving me with the huge task of organising my friend’s burial just like i promised.

Seriously i never believed i would be the one burying Jboy In just a short length of strong friendship. Well that was his fate, such a bad one. He never got to enjoy life like he wanted.
Yea i was so depressed over the whole thing, but as a young guy i stood strong like a warrior while on the inside i shook like a frightened school girl.

Seeking peace with God was such a good idea but i just wasn’t ready because i was yet to find a way to wrap things up with Mary. I couldn’t go asking God to forgive and take me back while still nursing a deadly feeling for another person.
If as Chioma said, ‘karma was the force behind it all. Then i could be the next. so be it”

It really wasn’t as if i was ready to sacrifice my life so easily but who am i to fight karma or any dark force coming for me. The only solution i could think of was speeding up my plans for Mary and when it’s all over seek peace with God if i wasn’t dead by then….. So were the things in my mind as i drove over to Mary’s house for the discussion i promised her the previous day.

Oh and i forgot to add that I sincerely wouldn’t want anyone not even an enemy to be in my position.

To be continued.
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