Mary welcomed me happily when i got to her apartment. She gave me her usual killing hug before letting me in.

“i have rice, i have soup, what’s your choice?” she asked with a smile,

“just a cup of water please” i replied with a nervous smile. She quietly served me without asking any further question.

“so how are you dealing with Jboy’s stuff?” she asked curiously after a while. I breathed deeply and quietly told her almost everything that needed to be told.

“you are really a good person. You know some friends will simply move on without bothering to help” she said with admiration while i nodded and cleared my throat.

“so about the discussion i promised you. I’m now ready for it” i opened the topic bravely.
My new plan was to find a way of telling her a bit of the truth concerning my real feelings just like Chioma wanted even though i knew it was far from being easy. Since Jboy wasn’t available anymore and i had the slightest clue on how to carry on with the old plan alone. I had no choice than to restrategize.

“fine, alright” she breathed slowly, her expression quickly growing more serious.

“you know i have been indifferent to you since i got out of jail?” i murmured. She nodded curiously.

“it’s just as a result of the things that have happened between us these past few weeks. I can’t really explain further but do believe that I’m trying hard to reciprocate your love and everything. But it isn’t easy for me, so don’t just expect anything more for now” i poured out hesitantly while she stared at me with shock.

“you are kidding me right?, i don’t understand a word of what you just said?” she asked hotly, her colour rapidly changing.

“The promises i made while in jail was simply for you to drop the case and set me free, that notwithstanding, i do care for you from the bottom of my heart” i pleaded to calm her down,

“i still don’t get you, but i think i’m beginning to understand” she hissed with pain.
“so our relationship was never meant to be. You just came to take advantage of me like other guys huh. Now i understand, the breakup, pregnancy, abortion, get together and promises were just a ploy” she cried, while i freaked out.
I quickly regreted following Chioma’s advice. It was all wrong opening up to her so soon without being prepared for the resultant effect..
“Sometimes doing the right thing is not always right” i reasoned.

I quickly drew close and held her.
“please be reasonable and understand me. Those were my feelings for you but everything has now changed because i’m trying hard to love you. At least you can appreciate my honesty” i poured out solemnly.

“is our story really going to have a happy ending?, should i move on with my life?” she asked bitterly while i swallowed hard.

“please answer me, do i still have hope with you?, or am i simply wasting the little time i have left?” she asked seriously, her eyes melting with grief and disappointment. I was suddenly faced with a difficult question.
Yes it was difficult because my answer will definetly define the next stage of our relationship.

Unfortunately, i chickened out.

To be continued.

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