“oh my God” she screamed with joy, her eyes shone with great excitement.

“please say something. Will you marry me?” i asked again,

“oh yes yes yes yes yes yes” she sang with happiness. I licked my lips, took the ring from her and calmly slid it into her third finger,

“you are forever mine, my love” i breathed while she smiled and kissed me with great intensity.
I was so happy over the action i took. I felt it was one of the best decisions i have ever made in my life.
“once Jboy’s burial is over, i’ll meet her family and start up the marriage proceedings” i reasoned.

“my love, you know we are almost late for work, or do you have other plans?” she asked, bringing my wandering mind back with her question.

“yeah you have to get your things because you arn’t spending the night here. We got to celebrate your birthday and our engagement. Double fun huh?” i said with a smile. She rolled her eyes, breathing deeply.

“so where are we going?” she asked,

“first we go to the office from there we head to a nice restaurant, after which we wrap it up in a hotel” i suggested, licking my lips.

“oh no, i beg to disagree. Spending a quiet evening with you is all i need, and your apartment is enough for that. We don’t need a hotel or restaurant my love. Moreover you have many responsibilities with little money, i havn’t even asked how you plan on pulling it all off” she said seriously with a slight frown. I looked into her eyes with great love.

“okay the hotel is cancelled, but the evening in a restaurant isn’t” i pleaded.

“whatever” she smiled with a shrug. I drew close and kissed her.

We finally went to the office like a newly wedded couple, wasting no time in announcing the great news to our colleagues. They were all happy for us.
My only regret was that Jboy wasn’t there to share my happiness and i really felt bad and guilty thinking about it.

By 4:30pm, Chioma and I left the office and headed to a newly built restaurant at the other end of the town. The scenery was superbly cool, quiet and awesome. Exactly the kind of environment i wanted.

“so tell me the truth, what suddenly made you propose to me?” Chioma asked with a cute curious smile after we had settled down for a wonderful meal. As i made to answer, my attention instantly got drawn to a lady walking into the restaurant. She equally noticed my stare and frowned as our eyes met. She was no other person than Mary’s obnoxious senior sister.

To be continued.
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