“everything is now so messed up, isn’t it?” she asked. I nodded quietly.

“yeah it is. You shouldn’t have told her about the engagement” i replied sadly,

“i’m so sorry dear. I was carried away by anger, now i understand why you have been taking those silly steps. Mary isn’t reasonable at all, i’m now tempted to support your tactics” she said with guilt. I kissed her hair and smiled.

“who knows what she’s plotting this moment?” i murmured,

“yeah i guess we have to come out with something and be prepared” she suggested and stared into my eyes.

“but what exactly do we come up with?, i’m out of options” i hissed,

“well first i think you should try and beg her, perhaps she might feel compelled to forgive you. After all she claims to be a good christian, so i guess it’s time she shows the christian spirit by forgiving and letting you go” she added. I scoffed and shook my head,

“you really don’t know Mary or have any idea what she and her sister are capable of doing. Anyway i will give it a try but what if it fails?” i murmured.

“i don’t know” she shrugged.

“you remember the police officer that handled the case when Mary first reported me?, maybe he can be helpful in this kind of situation. All i need is to buy his support, we all know the police and their ways huh” i quickly thought out, nodding my head over the bright idea. Chioma equally nodded in agreement.

“but first we have to move over to my apartment immediately. I wouldn’t want anybody surprising us here. Let’s go and pack, you can finish making your plans at my place” she suggested and headed to the bedroom. I shrugged and followed her.

We finally got to her apartment an hour later with some of my things. Chioma really was right suggesting i move over to her place for the meantime. The past experience i had in the police station was still very fresh in my mind and i really didn’t want a repeat of it.

Thirty minutes later i drove over to Mary’s house but found it locked. I tried calling her on phone but she refused answering. Without another choice i drove out and headed to the police station.
I cursed as i drove, it was quite unfortunate admitting that she succeded in spoiling a day i was supposed to relax with chioma. I spent it running around, scared to the bone. Thanks to her.

To be continued.

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