I got to the police station and had a brief chat with the officer who was extremely surprised to see me. Unfortunately he wasn’t willing to discuss Mary’s case in his office and so ended up asking me to meet him at a small drinking joint close to the station by 8pm.

I left thereafter and headed back to Mary’s house once again but neither she nor her sister were available. I turned and returned to Chioma’s apartment, tired and a bit nervous.

“hmmm, what a way to spend a day we planned being together” chioma smiled after i told her how the day’s event went.

“well don’t be too dejected, i believe things will soon get better” she assured me with a smile.

By 7:45pm, i headed out to meet the police officer once again. He was already at the bar when i got there and equally was the first to see me. He smiled and waved, i saw his hand, breathed deeply and approached him.

“you see your issue with Mary is quite a delicate one. The best i can do is to discourage her from reopening the case if she comes to me. But you know she could easily take it to another police station and then start up the whole process over again. The only good news about it is that the case might be flung away in the end if you defend yourself very well, by claiming to have settled her, but it still won’t stop you from going through hell in the process. The best advice i can give is for you to try everything possible in stopping her from reopening the dead case. Do anything possible my friend, threaten or use force if possible but don’t quote me or leave loose ends” he adviced and gulped down the second bottle of beer i bought for him.

As i drove back to Chioma’s apartment fifteen minutes later, i thought over the officer’s advice. He really was right, i had to do everything to prevent Mary from reopening the case if actually she was planning to do so. I truly wasn’t comfortable with the idea of using force since Jboy wasn’t available anymore.

“but I once offered her money which she refused accepting. I tried brainwashing her with fake love and it failed, all that is now left is the use of force which really isn’t easy, moreover i’m no violent person… How do i go about this mess?” i wondered as i drove back to chioma’s apartment.

To be continued.

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