“The officer made a strong point but it’s going to be very hard dealing with Mary which ever way you choose to follow. Or do you have any other plan?” Chioma asked as we discussed Mary’s issue on her bed later in the night.

“nothing really, just the old plans Jboy and i made way back, but things have changed and so it’s no longer useful” i sighed uneasily. She smiled reassuredly and placed her head on my chest.

“well i think you should forget Mary’s issue and deal with Jboy’s burial first, plus you know there are still much work waiting for you at the office. I suggest you deal with them before facing Mary’s issue, at least it also will give us time to plan and await whatever she is planning for us. My apartment is yours, so you are free to stay as long as you want” she advised seriously. I nodded and shrugged.

“i guess i have no other option than to abide and follow your suggestion” i murmured with a smile.

Days later, i travelled to Jboy’s village, discussed with his family, fixed the burial date, returned to the city and informed his colleagues about the burial arrangements. It really wasn’t easy at all but it was a debt i owed him as a true friend. His colleagues however paid for the coffin and ambulance that took his corpse home, while i footed other bills like the burial posters, pamphlets, entertainment, mortuary fees and so on.
My account almost emptied in the process but it was a little price to pay for a wonderful friend.

I equally was lucky that Mary never showed up her face nor surprised me with any trick as i ran around for the burial. Though i avoided her like a plague by staying away from my apartment and living with Chioma all through the period.

Jboy was buried two weeks after i moved into Chioma’s house and it was quite an emotional scene. Everyone who witnessed the event wept, especially as his body was lowered into mother earth.

“Life is nothing. We have to live each passing day with prayers and good deeds as if it is our last day on earth. We have to be prepared because we can depart this world any time, any day” The Reverend in charge of the ceremony preached as we bade my most loyal friend goodbye….

Surely life is nothing but mysterious….

To be continued.

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