Two days after Jboy’s burial, i made up my mind to go back to my apartment but Chioma fought very hard to prevent me from leaving.

“what’s pursuing you from my home. Isn’t it better you continue staying with me until you settle issues with Mary” she protested,

“you are right baby, but don’t worry. I can take care of myself. I can’t continue hiding from her. I don’t want to give the impression that i’m scared. I equally plan on visiting her this evening” i explained. She breathed deeply and shrugged.

“very well then, but i don’t see the sense in hurrying to leave my apartment which you know is very safe” she murmured with resignation. I kissed and hugged her.

On getting to my apartment later in the day, i was informed by a neighbour that two ladies checked up on me the previous day. The descriptions i was given matched that of Mary and her sister. I was a bit nervous over the information.
I couldn’t imagine what was their plan, showing up at my house but refusing to answer my phone-calls.
“What are they up to?” i wondered.

By 7:30pm, i freshened up, dialled Mary’s phone number again but as usual she refused answering. I cursed under my breathe, grabbed my car keys and headed out of my apartment.

My mind raced wildly as i drove towards Mary’s house. I was uncertain of the fate that awaited me there. My spirit was weak but i was determined to reach a compromise with her.
The only thing i prayed for, was to meet Mary alone in the house. I couldn’t stand her elder sister and i had no doubt that things would turn out badly if i was unlucky to meet the obnoxious lady.

As I got close to Mary’s apartment, i called Chioma to tell her about my movement and equally hear her sweet reassuring voice but unfortunately she didn’t answer my phone call. I breathed deeply, dropped the phone and drove on.

Exactly ten minutes later. I arrived at Mary’s place, knocked nervously on the door and prayed silently. The door was soon flung open by no other person than Mary’s obnoxious sister. She frowned on seeing me while i smiled politely.

My phone rang that moment, drawing my attention.
I stared at it for a while, not sure to answer the call or not, since it was Chioma who was calling.

“hey how far” i finally answered, but the voice that spoke to me wasn’t Chioma’s,

“good evening sir, your friend just had a car accident. Please can you come over to St. James hospital, at hospital road. I hope you know the place? Our sign post is lighted, once you get to hospital road, just drive straight you will see the place” a female voice announced, sending cold shiver down my spine.

“hello sir! Are you there?” i heard the caller ask,

“yeah i’m coming right away” i replied and hung up, while Mary’s sister scanned me with her cold annoying eyes.

Chioma never told me she was going anywhere that fateful evening, and I couldn’t help but wonder how the accident could have happened.

“First it was Jboy, now Chioma. What’s happening?” i wondered as i stood facing Mary’s sister.

To be continued.

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