“please i just got an emergency call. I’ll be back” i nervously explained to Mary’s sister, turned and ran out without bothering to wait for her reply.

I didn’t know what to think as i roughly drove to the hospital almost colliding with other cars in the process.
“God please don’t let something bad happen to her. I can’t afford losing anyone again. I just buried my best friend days ago” i cried passionately.

I got to the hospital twelve minutes later, and was directed to the emergency room where i found my sweetheart lying calmly with eyes open. I breathed deeply and rushed to her side, kneeling beside the bed.

“oh precious, what happened?” i asked nervously. She weakly smiled and grabbed my left hand.

“i’m ok my love. It was just a minor accident. I went to buy recharge card across the street, suddenly from nowhere, a car ran into the shop almost killing the shop owner and i. But we were lucky to escape with just brusies. Though i fainted due to the impact of the accident and was brought here. The nurses Revived me, after which i begged one of them to call you” she explained weakly while i heaved a sigh of relief.

“thank you God” i breathed.

“the bills has been paid by the useless driver. He was lucky to escape the accident without a scratch. So how did it go with Mary?” she asked curiously,

“i never got to meet her because i recieved the information about the accident as soon as i got to her apartment and so had to run back” i replied.

“seriously i’m a bit frightened. It’s not as if i’m superstitious but this accident got me worried. Remember how she warned me weeks back, using Jboy as an example. Do you think this accident could be related or linked to her in a way?” she asked curiously. I gasped inside, but covered my fear with a reassuring smile.

“don’t let such idea get into your head. It was just an ordinary accident that happens everywhere” i murmured reassuringly. But deep down her question embedded in my mind.

Could it be that Mary has a mysterious power or force protecting her interest?” i wondered.

If it is real then i might also in danger. I could be the next. I have to be careful, very careful” i concluded and kissed Chioma’s forehead….

To be continued.
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