We spent a long night at the hospital. A very restless night it was for us. I never slept because the place was so uncomfortable and creepy to me. Moreover i had no place to lay down my head.

Very early the next morning, Chioma was discharged. We returned to her apartment happy and relieved.

“Thank God the scare is over. You couldn’t imagine how scared i was when i got a call about the accident” i said and hugged my pretty queen.

“baby you know for a second i thought i was going to die. I thought it was all over as i saw the car heading to my direction with full speed. I couldn’t do anything. I just froze like a statue as it almost ran over me” she recounted quietly. I held her tightly, caressing her back.

“but there is something you need to do for me” she added, breathing deeply.

“just mention it dear” i encouraged her.

“i really need to see a pastor. A friend recommended one for me some days back, and you have to go with me” she appealed while i kept very still. I hated such a topic. I hated having anything to do with pastors.

“we have to go together. We need prayers above any other thing” she continued solemnly,

“i have heard you my love. Yes we will go but not today. You need to rest and get your full energy back” i answered calmly, forcing her to oblige.

I spent the greater part of the day with her before heading to the office where i got some files i was yet to finish working on and took them to my apartment. I really was lucky i wasn’t working for a private establishment. I would have been fired with the lazy way i was carrying out my duties which truly wasn’t very tasking.

Early the next morning, Chioma woke me up with a phone call.
“my love i had a very terrible nightmare, we have to see the pastor today. There is no need delaying, I have already booked an appointment with him. I’m coming over to your house” she informed me. I bit my lips and cursed.
I felt like declining to go with her but had no choice than to respect her wish.

By 11am, we were at the pastor’s office, where a special prayer was held for us. We prayed for about thirty five minutes or more yet the pastor wasn’t ready to conclude nor stop. He continued firing one prayer point to another while i halfheartedly closed my eyes and moved my lips. I already had made all my pleas and requests during the opening phase of the prayers and couldn’t just start repeating them all over again.

“please madam, can you leave us alone for a minute” the pastor said to Chioma after the prayers. She nodded, smiled at me and left.

“Dear brother in the Lord, i hope you know that as a christian it is required of you to pray ceaselessly?” he asked, while i nodded with guilt. It was obvious he noticed my low morale during the prayer session.

“besides you really need prayers sir because what was revealed to me is quite disheartening. I saw a woman shedding tears of blood for you” he revealed, sending me into great panic with his revelation.

To be continued.

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