Very early the next day, i dropped Chioma at her apartment before heading over to Mary’s house. I was very determined to talk and probably settle issues with Mary that morning before any other thing.

As i drove, the terrible dream i had the previous night came flashing back in my head. I shivered and drove on, praying silently.

After the wonderful sex I enjoyed with Chioma the previous evening, we had a quick dinner before returning to the bedroom for a good night sleep because we were very tired and exhausted. Unfortunately instead of sleeping peacefully, i saw myself in a burial ceremony of a young lady. I couldn’t make out her face, but neither Mary nor Chioma were present in the dream. I soon sprang up from sleep and never slept afterwards.

It was an under-statement saying that my soul was deeply troubled. My guilty conscience, the fear of the pastor’s revelation and Jboy’s life that was ended abruptly weighed heavily on my mind. I couldn’t believe one nasty sex ride could cause so much havoc in my life. Yea i frankly knew that i took the game too far by taking it to the church. That was the begining of all my problems.
“what was i even thinking. A church of all places” i scratched me head and sighed with regret.

I soon got to Mary’s house and made my way to her apartment, knocking quietly on the door. Her elder sister appeared and stared at me with surprise.

“hey good morning, i’m sorry for coming so early, but i really do need to talk to Mary please” i begged. She scoffed and breathed deeply.

“My sister has left town. She is now where you can never see her. She has left your life for good, so go home and enjoy yourself” she said rudely and tried to shut the door but i noticed what she was about doing and barged into the apartment before she could shut the door.

Nobody was in the sitting room, i rushed to the bedroom but still couldn’t find Mary. I checked the toilet. I checked everywhere but still couldn’t find her.

“I have no reason lying to you. Mary has left this town, and she isn’t coming back in a long time. Moreover what’s up with you?, why the desperation??. Don’t tell me God is already whipping your as.s'” she sneered.

My eyes instantly grew very red with anger. I boiled with rage, something pushed me and i went for her throat, throwing the obnoxious lady into panic with my behaviour.

“where is Mary?” i barked,

“she has left the country. She travelled to Kumasi to be with our elder brother. She’s in Ghana” she stammered with fear.

“what??????” i gasped.

To be continued.
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